• Sony Music Intern

    Amaya u fuckin up THIS ISNT THERE FIRST SINGLE i hate you ur always getting shit wrong someone fire this chick asap

  • kghj

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  • Sony Music Intern are you stupid? read what she put..

    Coming off their first single with Bun B & Lloyd

    MEANING following their first single.. damn can people not read nowadays? Anyway good track by the outlawz, their stepping up their game again. Come visit http://www.makaveli-board.net the biggest tupac community on the web where you can talk to over 3000 members about the latest 2Pac news, discussions and downloads. Also other great stuff.

  • Belize

    Crazy dope, but isn’t it Outlawz, not The Outlawz? #JustSayin

  • Belize

    Dope, but isn’t it Outlawz, not The Outlawz? #JustSayin

  • Belize

    Isn’t it just Outlawz, not THE Outlawz?

  • Belize


  • Is my gay belize not belize gay?