• K-Lam

    this is horrible…..

  • wow

    this nigaz a trick….

  • As A Man Thinketh

    Let’s keep it 1000% PERCENT REAL! This dude Graph is TRASH!
    Seriously, him being on every blog is a BLATANT display of flunkyness and some sort of favortism/nepotism. This cat HAS nothing remotely interesting about him. His lyrics are middle of the road, he doesn’t look like a star and he voice does not stand out at all!

    I’m not a hater and I rarely comment on these boards but enough is enough. I listened to about 45 sec of this and knew..garbaje, trashe, dookie (im old school..lol).

    The internet is a gift/curse. It allows a lot of people to get on their grind and do them, but these blogs support artist/cliques that the PEOPLE do not sponsor!

    ie – Graph, LEP Boyz (WHO ARE THEY?!), Termanology, Curtain (he have a cpl decent tracks), Cory Gunz (i dont care HOW ill he’s metaphors is – he couldn’t make a SONG to save his life – and this cat has had like 3 DEALS!) Chip The Rapper, whatever his name is, Big Sean (his goatee is too big…lolol), Donnis…shall i continue?

    I can keep going but i was starting to get personal (big sean), but these cats I named don’t have the vote of the listener/people/buyer….but the blogs continue to give them the homeboy hookup.

    There are A LOT of refreshing artist out there doing their thing – Blu, J Cole (but he better learn how to make song), J Elec, Billy Drease Williams (dope cat from Buffalo), Fashawn, Wiz, etc.

    I don’t know man – im just venting bc Graph is just uber-wack to me and I’m sick of seeing him and other like him with no real Hip-Hop value (y’all can use my term..lol)


  • wickwickwack

    he´s “stuck in the matrix ”
    yep this was just bad …The Autograph tracks that leaked 5,6 years ago were the dopest shhh he wrote
    This is what happens when u keep an artist from dropping his debut !

    Lets see what he does now that he´s off blackhand

  • Yousef(LilWayneSucks)

    Who the fuck is Grafh? & that cheap ass whore?

  • stop it

    @As a Man Thienkth

    I feel you. It looks like the internet blogs be playing some wack niggas that’s affiliated with somebody, but if an unknown/unaffiliated hot artist comes along I think they’ll get play on this sight, maybe. I think damn near all the wack rappers you named take up space for nice new niggas, but I’m on the fence with Big Sean, because I ain’t really felt nothin’ he did yet, but I could give him a chance on the strength they didn’t drop his single yet??? I think he probably gonna be one of them ghost writers with a deal ass niggas.

  • Uh Huh

    Grafh is a dope mc, this just isnt anywhere near his best stuff… I bet if this nigga was part of the YM brand, all the haters wud have a change in opinion of dude’s lyrics. Why dont some of yal take some time out ya day and just TRY to write a verse that niggas wont laugh at before yal hate…..

    and @As a MAn
    your OPINION almost had some “value” until……….” JCole (but he better learn how to make song), ” After that utterly ridiculous statement everything you wrote just flew out the window.. How dare you?

  • @As A Man Thinketh

    THANK YOU! This was pure basura. couldnt even sit through all of it. Grafh was a dude that was considered NEXT at one time, but just fell into obscurity. If he had to make a comeback, that was one of the worst choices of beats to jump on, plus that lackluster collection of lyrics and delivery did absolutely no favors

  • @Uh Huh

    Thinketh did have a point. J.Cole is a really good artist, but what he means is that J.Cole needs to write a song that can carry his buzz for a really long time. Who Dat would only get seldom played around here. All I Want Is You still gets play around here but its Miguel’s, not his. How the hell Willow Smith come in and gets more radio play than you and you’re on the same label, and she came after you?

  • Belize

    & dat bitch need to lose some weight.

  • Uh Huh

    ^ oh i get it now yal mean as in pop crossover gimmick appeal!! GTFOH wit that bullshit man.. Cole is real hiphop. Sayin he cant make songs is absurd!! His whole catalogue is nothing but great songs. But if u are judging him off Who Dat then im talkin to the wrong people. LOSE/LOSE

  • @Uh Huh

    NObody said he was a bad artist at all or crossover appeal, the bottom line is this: They’re are good songs, great songs, and classics.

    Take Kanye West for example: (and this in terms of songwriting)

    Good song: Fight with the Best
    Great song: Diamonds are Forever
    Classic: Jesus Walks

    Now, Fight with the Best which was during his early days was one of those tracks where you’d be like “Yeah he nice, but he can do more.” Diamonds are Forever was a really really great record where peeps could be like sonically it was awesome, i just wish he stuck with the subject matter more. Jesus Walks was undeniable. Even though he could have still stuck with the subject matter a bit more, it was inescapable. Christian churches played this song at their sermon’s (i witnessed this firsthand) even though the song lyrics weren’t really what a church would play like that,

    My point? J.Cole has a lot of good songs, and a few great ones, but J.Cole will tell you himself he’s not where he’s supposed to be yet. That’s even the reason Cole World hasnt come out yet, he feels it doesnt have those big big songs yet.Im by HipHop heads all the time and mad niggas was tlaking about Friday Night Lights when it first dropped but now, not so much. He doesnt have that strong staying power yet. I want him to, but he’s not there yet. YOu get where im coming from now?

  • Uh Huh

    ^^^ sorry bra but FNL is the only mixtape that im bumpin rite about now..Front to back..”See World” in my opinion is a great song and a classic… but yea i feel you he sorta, he doesnt have that big ‘hit”.. But the sad thing is with the way bullshit music is nowadays.. I cant even picture a Cole song gettin radio play. But really its up to the so called hiphop heads to just support the nigga regardless of radio or not.. I know i will be, n i have a feeling that these so called hits nowadays wont be played at all some years down the line… Timeless music> Radio spins…..ANYdayALLday

  • @Uh huh

    true talk, with the right push he can still get there

  • As A Man Thinketh

    I love that I started the dialouge…this is what we NEED in the culture.
    I like J. Cole…but im a bit older and in the artist i like and respect, i need more than just a “freestyle” mixtape type of song. I’m giving JC the benefit because I FEEL he has it in him.
    All the dope MCs/Rappers can make songs…whether its a club or cerebral record.

    But talk about the future of culture…carry the torch y’all!


  • Uh Huh

    ^ bra all his mixtapes are nothing but songs… not him rapping on instrumentals…. Actually songs on beats he produced… Im picture im getting is that you havent really listened to dude you are just “talking” without any facts or evidence to back up ur claims….il do ur research for you since i have windows media lol
    FNL- coulda been an album imo
    See World- Deep Track. True story of a 5 year old gettin raped and killed
    Before Im Gone
    Cost Me A Lot

    Can I Live- Classic
    Grown Simba—This wat most niggas first remember Cole for
    Light Please-Possible Classic
    The Whole Warm UP actually

    Imma stop ridin for the nigga now… DL his mixtapes.. its only 3.. then make ya opinion ive done enough co-signin for the day lol

  • Word

    Cosign @Uh HUh

    Dude got songs but they too real for the radio to wanna play. Nobody wants to hear “See World” or “Losing My Balance” on the radio on the way to a party. They wanna hear something to take their minds off the problems the world has just to focus on whats in front of them like BMF, Lose My Mind, ummmm Whip my hair….but before, radio stations cuold play that real shit and itd be cool but if you play it now it aint gonna get you any ratings and you gonna fold. The mind state has changed i think. There are a lot of theories for why music is what it is now, thats mine…but it changes day to day cuz everything changes you never know what might influence your theory next.

    Buuut, Cole my favorite artist right now. I hope he blows and stays himself but i know that aint possible. One can dream though

  • @Uh Huh

    No idea why you think im just stating stuff to say it, especially when i gave you a briliant breakdown as well. Tell you what. If you think im talking about pop this and that, whats your top 5 alive? I say alive cause i dont want to hear BIg, PAC, and all that right now. Ill wait

  • Uh Huh

    Kanye-Graduation solidified it
    JCole—–who has countless songs lol
    honoralbes…Old Em and Old Wayne…

    now wats ur point?

  • @Uh Huh

    Now I can tell you off of those that you named that if they didnt have those “big” songs, they wouldnt be where they are today, and the masses opinion could have even differed.

    Lupe-if Lupe didnt care about the “big” songs and such, he wouldnt have even been so concerned with LASERS the way he is now. Lupe dropped a lot of tracks, but got a huge increase of fans from Kick Push and Sitting Sideways. it opened a lot of doors for him but he hasnt fully been able to recapture that same energy and so the label has been doing him dirty. He still needs that “big” song to get the push he needs. a lot of cats will say “LASERS feb7th” or “FNL2 Oct2nd” (example dates) but when those sales come in, itll be a different story and even Lupe will complain.

    Jay- Self Explanatory, had (and has) a ton of “big” songs.
    Nas – Started on the Cole route but it was the big songs that took him places, no denying that.
    Kanye – Had a hell of a buildup and has countless big songs. If Kanye was still like the way he was in the Go-Getter days, you wouldnt have even mentioned him in this convo.
    J.Cole doesnt have that big song yet, Lights Please has that classic feel and it will be a classic, but as that song came and went, it hasnt pushed him to where he needs to be yet.

    Em and Wayne – See Jay.

    So if HipHop was strictly about the skill aspect, how come no one ever puts Mos Def, Common, immortal Technique, or Raekwon in their top 5’s? Because besides skills, you got to be able to write big songs that translate to other people and in different aspects of their life and its got to be catchy sometimes. If my pop died and my girl left me and i became homeless all in the same week, im not going to want to be furthered taunted with a song telling me about how its a cold world out there, you feel me?

  • @Word

    And it s not really about being too real for radio, not everything on the radio is pop stuff. A lot of other genres play real stuff on their radio station as well at times. it just so happens that HipHop is in a funk somewhat. i will note that its getting better. We just got to work on balance

  • Uh Huh

    Ok i feel you sorta again…. See the problem isnt the artist or their songs…its the radio not playing the real songs.. When people realized its money in rap thats when shit fucked up. The labels want to make money and a radio hit is wat will spawn that. Thing is a radio hit nowadays is waaaaay different than back when the above artist were on the radio.. Now it has to be a pop song… And they still had to go away from their true artist form to get the radio play. Hence the saying “Do you listen to music or do you just skim thru it”. You had to talk about money hoes cars clothes to get a hit…back then. Thats why nas wud say jay sold out n sold his soul etc etc because they both knew the formula but unlike jay nas wouldnt conform…except for “you owe me”..which now is seen as a huge fail. But now to get on the radio u have to some popish teenie shit to get spins from the rap side and for Cole to do that then that wud misrepresent really his whole catalogue… and wit Lupe he actually was/in his label stituation/war becus he didnt want to produce a corny pop record. So my theme sentence is …..Pop back then= Moneyhoescarsclothes. Pop now= pop beat teenie lyrics tight jeans lol…. Niggas aint tryna do that so like i said before its for the real hiphop heads to support real music n not the radio bullshit niggas listen to nowadays.

    So you tell me now… name 3 current rap “hits” and what the fuck they are about becus i cant even think of one becus i been said fuck the radio years ago??

  • i been posting but none of my stuff looks to be posting

  • Uh Huh

    tsk tsk this was a pretty good convo.. catch ya on the next post

  • definitely man, everytime i try, its telling me “duplicate” ill try on another post and forward it

  • @Uh huh

    damn aint working on other posts either

    Short story of my other post was the 3 you asked for: So appalled, Monster, and Im single in terms of songs that arent full BS per se.

  • sight

    yo graph


  • B Dot’s Father

    That bitch is just trying to leave the club, he hops on her for a pic, she like “whatever, hurry.”

  • niggas is trippin

    man that shit went hard as fuck get the fuck outta here with that garbage coming out your mouth

  • niggas is trippin

    grafh been around since 50 dropped and grafh off blackhand dude is the president of blackhand how can you be off your own company dude. if u don’t know shit maybe you should research a nigga before you think he is and internet sensation. nigga got a track produced by kanye called damage is done that goes super hard has more credibility than 90% of the rap game but the industry is so flooded with garbage that he has to water down to try to appeal to the trash that is out now. just research food, bang out, damage is done, ego trip, broader lines and one love research the oracle part one mixtape and i don’t care mixtape nigga please