Power 105’s Breakfast Club Talk First Day

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While our own YN held down his duties on his first day at Shade 45, The Breakfast Club kicked off their new show at Power 105. Angela Yee, Charlamagne, and Envy discuss post-show thoughts and upcoming plans with VIBE.

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  • ABC123

    Angela Yee needs to step up the gym game, nip this in the bud now before it gets outta hand!

  • Royal

    please tell me that Elliot wilson isn’t the new morning host of shade 45. He’s so sucked up. I bet he walks around with his nose held high. Next time it rains, he’ll drown his insides out. Leave Shade 45. None of us shade 45 fans like you at all. We dealt with you for Angela Yee’s sakes.

  • haters are annoying

    @royal then leave the damn site

  • ben

    who listens to the radio anymore? angela can get it, even though she is not photo friendly.

  • Black Shady

    Always thought Angela Yee would be a freak in the bed. Always wanted to hit LOL

    but she quit Team Shady…shame

  • the One

    This won’t last !

  • They need to make their shows downloadable like Cipha and Rosenberg. They run the Morning show Game

  • dani


    why is it when a man is a public figure, they can look like shit and be fat and shit…
    but a woman has to not only be good at her job but also “step her gym game up” ??

    i’m tired of this sexist shit.