Diddy: This Is My Block

In the words of Ma$on Betha, “Do that Puff Daddy shit, son!” Diddy’s back in the Big Apple and is kicking the promo campaign for Last Train To Paris into high gear. December 14th. He pitches his lullaby on Broadway with Mr. Softee (December 14th), and runs up on some poor sap. December 14th. Hey, you can’t knock his hustle. December 14th. In case you missed it, Last Train To Pairs pulls in Decemb—ah, you get the point.

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  • Agent J

    That dude CRAPPED his pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Agent J

    and Diddy is a freakin joke

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  • killakev92

    lmao love or hate him
    dude has aura

  • mac DIESEL



  • alonzo

    I guess all negroes look alike! dude had no clue who this black man was until Diddy said his name! I swear all kinds a dudes be running up on me selling their mixtapes in NYC so I don’t blame the dude for not wanting no part of the harassment! ha!

  • A Chick

    hell nah, Puff is stoopid lol!

  • who

    what a fool

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Who is gonna buy that trash? Dolphin teeth ass nigga.

  • stop it

    That white dude was gone. He had to say “I’m Puff Daddy!!!” That’s how it is in NYC!!!

    This shit was hilarious!!!

  • Beezy

    Hilarious! I’m not into dude’s music, but this was pretty damn entertaining

  • People hate this guy? He’s fuckin hilarious!

  • meTHATSwho

    LMAO @ puff… keeps it entertaining. Last train to Paris… i dunno bout that shit…

  • Lu

    hate him or love him….Diddy is the man…I respect dude and his energy..His zeal and passion for life is unmatched

  • lol

    Jigga wins.

  • RoeLuv

    I’ll always respect this man’s hustle,but I really don’t get this Dirty Money concept. Good luck on the 14th bruh

  • BK

    LMAO at the white dude thinkin he about to get jacked or somethin like “this some bullshit!”

  • Polka

    This is the Diddy we all know and love. Fuck yeah.

  • Belize

    Don’t matter. He was wack then. Only reminds us how bored Biggie must’ve been to hang out with this nigga.

  • Y.G.R.N.

    damn.. between this and the Bugatti Boyz spectacle.

    who’s gonna sit Puff down and tell him that he’s going through a midlife crisis?

  • Diddy knows what entertainment is about…LOL, f*ckin’ hilarious! Where’s episode II?

  • powww

    SMFH!!!! can’t believe he said “givin y’all that interesting content, which only I can do” <– J.Cole wrote 'coming home'…he pretty much didn't write shit for this album…as always

  • Señor paco

    I like tacos

  • i am starting to like dirty money cause i think dawn and whats the other girl,s name might be able to blow a little something…something…?i might buy the cd.

  • P.diddy

    Make sure yall go cop Last Train To Paris on the 14th, or i mite murk myself……..LETS GOOOOO!!!!

  • this nigga said “What these niggas know about a double scoop of vanilla?”…………….that shit got me dyin for no reason, WHAT IS THERE 2 KNOW ABOUT A DOUBLE SCOOP OF VANILLA!? what is the secret im not in on? and y is he gettin ice cream on winter nite in nyc? hes in a jacket, u dont eat ice cream wen ur freezin. y is the ice cream man even on the block tho!? this video is wild

  • Señor paco

    Mr jones one dumb ass nigga talkin bout ice cream. Where r the tacos

  • fran

    Respect this man’s hustle,but I really don’t get this Dirty Money concept. Good luck on the 14th. Come listen $ dl his stuf at http://bit.ly/hdVgW3

  • There is something about Puff that I love. In my opinion, beside Jay-Z, I think Puff is the greatest to ever do it. He’s such an icon and I idolize him. http://yodonbleekraps.com/

  • Yung Silv

    hes a character and a half and funny as hell dont take this too seriously


    ima buy the album just because I like the advertisement

  • hater

    hes going to do souljaboy numbers….13k….ti is doing 200k

  • MinajBangher!

    Hardest Hustle besides Jay-Zs and 50 Cents hustle!Album will brick though………..

  • Derrt

    Puff Diddy is hella funny. S/O Janelle Monae Kansas Native

  • MusicFan103

    I think he has ALL the right to walk around and say he owns that block! He stays there, office there, and it makes half a bill! Thats success if you ask me! I respect him!

    If you haven’t heard the prelude to his new album with Dirty Money, you’re LOSING!
    Click here! http://diddy.it/hzaS4Y

  • bigjay2501

    this video was funny. but it is cold as hell in nyc, i dont know why this fool eating ice cream

  • roffle wtf was that? the end was too crazy “Swag swag swag” *dead*

  • Gordon B.

    This dude is a joke, can’t knock his hustle but the music he’s making is garbage, what’s the last good thing in music he’s been involved with, BR’s Life Story back in 2000?
    Why doesn’t he just quit fooling around with this shit, it’s not like he needs it and he’s obviously done for.

  • What a lame promo, diddy is a fag

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  • this is hilarious Diddy always doin his thing.
    CHECK OUT DIDDYBLOCK part DEUCE!! http://diddy.it/DB2WTW

  • Ashin Kusher

    this isnt even funny. guy is a joke. nowhere near back on his puff daddy shit. albums gonna bomb, he should be grateful drizzy gave him somewhat of a hit.