• s

    what instrumental is this playin in the background? anyone know the sample? i forgot what it is! comw on hip hop heads answer!

  • JD

    jay elec,jayz,dream “shiny suit theory”

  • s

    oh wait its that jay z jay elect song! fuck yall

  • dashing

    Same sample Just Blaze used for Jay Elect’s “Shiny Suit Theory” Don’t know the sample though.

    A little surprised with this one. Cons kinda bodied this verse. Best thing I’ve heard from him in awhile.

  • sideshowRaheem


    The sample is from both song is “Ain’t Got The Love Of One Girl (On My Mind)” by The Ambassadors. Check the link: http://youtu.be/iUsTuJgA1gI

    Also Pete Rock already used that as a sample but I can’t remember the name of the song.

  • sideshowRaheem


    Nevermind I found the Pete Rock song that used the same sample. Check the link again: http://youtu.be/OCZVMMh4S9U

  • JD


  • s

    nuff respect. u know ur shit

  • Cold Blood



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  • DJ Rhude

    Good shit B.Dot, Cons been in the underrated file cabinet for a long ass time

  • Consequence is smooth. this is hot!

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  • B Dot’s Father

    Fool got the fakest teeth in the game.

  • Belize

    Not bad.

  • Why does he fuck with good music if he is opposed to the way they are living? i always feel like he is taking sneak shoots since that freestyle he had when he said “my labels getting soft since amber rose and tyler swift” fuck this nigga.

  • David

    pete uses this beat in the song called “One in a million” shit is SICK. when i heard it. i was like SOUNDS FAMILIAR. good stuff