• (the fake) haters are annoying

    I call shenanigans. It was the Illuminati.

  • Brahsef

    He didn’t do the beat justice

  • BongBong

    People gotta wake up! Willie is next up. None of these new cats can fuck with him lyrically!

  • mcbreezy

    @ brahsef

    are you kidding me? …the lyrics are too dope


    cold dude with the the flow he is

  • Belize

    Haha! Dope!

  • Rhyme

    that’s crack.

  • still best rite now!!

    Nice title, decent lyrics, but no substance! wtf this track have to do wit John Wilkes Booth besides gun talk?

  • icyhot

    sort of sounds like obie trice

  • Willie the kid is still in my top 10 MC, already

  • Nucky

    Best new cat bringing it. most lyrically sound, not weirdo, and vastly underated! XXL has to to put in their freshmen list!