Big Boi, Drake & Kanye Top TIME LP List

TIME released their annual top album list today and rounding out the top 10 are Big Boi’s Sir Lucious Left Foot (#9), Drake’s Thank Me Later (#5), and Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (#1). Read what they had to say about each below.
Kanye West can seem like an attention-hungry young child who constantly tugs on his mother’s pant leg, saying, “Watch this! Watch this!” But once Kanye got our attention, instead of a simple somersault, he delivered the musical equivalent of a one-handed back handspring. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy layers complex computerized instrumentation over Yeezy’s effortless flow, moving from the heavy hip-hop of “Power” and “Monster” all the way to the poppy Michael Jackson tribute “All of the Lights.” Beyoncé, Jay-Z and others guest on several tracks. They don’t drop by just to deliver a verse or chorus; they are as integral to the tracks as Kanye himself. This is most evident on “Lost in the World,” a collaboration with Justin Vernon of the indie group Bon Iver that fuses hip-hop with rock until they morph into something else entirely. And that something is probably going to be played at every bar and dance party for the next six months.
The central theme of Drake’s debut album is his newfound fame — which is an interesting choice, considering it’s his debut album. But instead of extolling the celebrity lifestyle, Drake spends much of Thank Me Later grappling with his unexpected stardom. And for good reason: the rapper (real name “Aubrey Drake Graham”) went from self-releasing his music on the Internet to signing a record deal with Lil Wayne faster than Lady Gaga can change meat costumes. He lives up to the hype; Thank Me Later contains more hit songs than you can shake a bottle of Cristal at. “Find Your Love” made TIME’s list of best songs of the year, and “Fancy” was a close runner-up. Drake’s screed against “superficial gold-digging bitches” and women who take hours to get ready is the catchiest thing this side of Kanye. Not bad for a Canadian former child actor who had never released a full album before.
Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty doesn’t have a hit single. This was a problem for Jive Records, which refused to release it — and then, when Big Boi took the disc to Def Jam, argued with the new label over allowing Big Boi’s OutKast partner (and former Jive labelmate) André 3000 to appear on the tracks. But the very thing that dissatisfied Jive is what makes Sir Lucious Left Foot so original. It’s an amalgam of beats, chants and raps mixed together with exacting precision. Big Boi deftly jumps between musical styles — from the booty-shaking “Tangerine” to the rock-influenced “Follow Us” — and his raps come so fast, he seems to never pause for breath.

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  • shady

    Recovery? Relapse?

  • Hater

    Where the stans at

  • cli-city..

    Recovery was pretty bad……Kid Cudi should have made this list though…

  • Damn, every human doesn’t have to like eminem

  • Cold Blood




    too many EM haterz for no reason at all!!!

    Honestly in my opinion Kanye’s album was terrible too short and only a cpl ok songs.. Drake’s album was weak!! Big Boi’s album was average as well..

    RECOVERY should be number 1 for 2010.

  • herbsaac

    Hilarious that ‘TIME ‘gets it right more than MTV BET RR any internet fucking blog out there.. HAHA!.. Duh Big Boi’s album was the best album of the year.. beat out the gay fish and the white boy.. beat out lloyd banks rick ross gay-z(if he had one) he beat everybody.. man sir lucious was so dope and under appreciated.. fuck anyone who thinks diff


    SO FUNNY that a magazine ran by mostly.. nah cant do it.. people get too sensitive when white people bring up the race card unless they say everyting right.. oh well.. good judgement by TIME magazine.. shame on all the supposed music judges and blog sites.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Yay drake ! Anywayz TEFLON DON is going gold next week people i cant wait.




  • Mac Diesel

    EMINEM BOTH ALBUM SUCKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





  • Spivey

    Drake isnt going anywhere haters…

  • mdot85

    Good picks em is nice..but creatively speakin kanye and big boi put out better albums

  • dsfa

    em doesnt suck…but we havent been getting his best effort. too much singalong shit coming from his corner.

  • x

    You come to the comments section and all you read are a bunch of uneducated ignorant idiots talking

  • WTF!!?!!

    For Real Though!!! Kanye Wasnt Even That Dope Too Short And It Wasn’t Kanye In My Humble Opinion….Hip-Hop Commercialy Been Amazing This Year But T.I,Kanye,Drake And Em All Were Under Par…But Recovery Was Still Better Then All Those 3 LP’s And I Aint Even An Em Fan Well i Was In 1998-2004…Bun B Keep Doing Ya Thing!!!

    And Shady Jus Sign Slaughterhouse Nigga

  • fuck u

    TIME !!!!!! who !!!
    Big boi ,Drake,kanye ===>joke list big+drake+kanye= 400+400+100=900k
    Eminem=750k +3.5 million right now
    Recovery =pop/rap/rock

  • mac DIESEL




  • wheres that flockaveli?

  • WTF!!?!!

    Ice Cube-I Am The West
    Fat Joe The Darkside Vol. 1
    Rick Ross-Teflon Don
    The Roots-How I Got Over
    Nas And Damien Marley-Distant Relitives
    B.o.B-Adventure of Bobby Ray
    Kid Cudi-Man On Moon 2
    Joe Budden-Mood Muzik 4
    Lloy Banks-H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger for More)

    My Top 10 Albums This Year!!

  • Nicholas

    thank me later makes it but MOTMII, Recovery, Teflon Don, and Pilot Talk didn’t….Can’t say I agree but whatever


    @X and @fuck u

    YOur posts are 100% accurate… really Recovery 3.5 million how could it not be on the top 10.

    Makes no sense to me..

  • hatin is for sucka’s

    no recovery ? interesting lol

    good job drake, kanye, big boi

  • hatin is for sucka’s

    kanye west should be drowned in acid

  • Yung Silv

    teflon don big boi and how i got over should all be over drake by a lot

  • original will

    Sir Lucious Left foot was one of the best albums this year I havent heard kid cudi’s album but the singles are great I doubt that Cudi would release any trash music like his mixtapes are literally like albums the crazy thing about it he has the hood on smash too That Maniac shit is heavy right now real heavy

    like YN posted this the other day is there 1 terrible kid cudi hook like I dare a nigga to name 1 song that guy is on to where its like man this shit terrible

    and to justify Soulja Boy-Speakers going Hammers is terrible right now

    like niggas got that freestyle he did with asher roth on they mix cds and even the song where he rapped like too short the beats that nigga get is crazy and the ideas he does on those beats


    Kid Cudi is some shit period! Kanye fell off, lyrically at least, drake’s album was half R&B, Sir luscious left foot was trash!, this list is horrid. makes me sick. what factors contributed to them getting these positions?? and how does the best selling album of the year not even make number 10? I smell bullshit!

  • feining liquor often

    finally, big boi getting some respect for the best album to drop this year. i was a huge reovery fan at first but it kind of wore off.

  • not fucking around


  • Nicki’spussy

    I totally feel MBDTF is the most overrated album ever..,…the difference btn graduation n it is just the awesome beats but lyricaly it is a weak album i would pick no mercy instead of it…,yeezy used to tell stories with his raps but now he acts like hes some kind of nas…which he aint even half….big bois album is average and drake half of the album doesnt cut it for me

  • WTF!!

    Are these muthasuckers scared of Kanye’s whinny azz or something?

    cause clearly that was not the best album in 2010
    but who cares 2010 music was whack anyways

  • ATLien

    Big Boi delivered album of the year, Kanye and The Roots were close too, then Em, B.o.B. and T.I…. I don’t think Drake’s was that good to be honest, he’s more R&B than rap.

  • tacoman

    i dont know why you have to be a stan if you like eminem. I just cant believe that people can sit there and say that kanye’s or big boi’s album was better than recovery? Half the words em used these guys dont even know what they mean lol. I am not a hater i liked kanye’s and big boi’s album but i dont understand how you can exclude recovery from the conversation. forget the fact that he sold more albums, the beats are dope and the lyrics and delivery are on point. I used to read a lot of these comments and write a few but the last 6 months i see this shit and it just makes me want to stop reading them. in 20, 30, 40 years lets see who’s name still gets brought up. i dont think you will hear of a lot of these rappers. it does not matter if eminem is white or black or chinese or mexican or whatever he is and will always be the best rapper dead or alive. That just my opinion and i would like to think a lot of people agree with me.

  • #justsayin

    ^ In 20, 30, 40 years, people will still remember Outkast and Kanye West, at least as much as Eminem


  • Post no billz

    @ more hit songs than u can shake a cristal bottle at… Makes me believe that the writer has no fuckin clue what he is talking about.. Congrats to drake yeezy and big boi though..

  • VooDoo

    The Grammys robbed Mos Def of hes Best Rap Album last year and gave it to Eminem, this year there gonna rob The Roots, and there probabbly gonna give it to, B.O.B, Drake, or Eminem! NIGGAS GETTING ROBBED

  • TheRealNicholas

    When will people learn quality over quantity , just because so rapper sold more albums does not mean aint bad

  • Android

    I think these are general albums and not jst hiphop.

    MBDTF>_____ .CC!
    That album is art.
    And to the bafoon that claims Ye fell off(lyrically), haaave yoouu lost your mind! You heard Chain Heavy? Thats my bitch? And yeah mbdtf is short but g.o.o.d friday isnt done ,WTT next.

    One question, wheres RECOVERY?lmao! Marshall? Stanleys?!

  • This line seems misleading… “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy layers complex computerized instrumentation”


  • Damn Homie

    funny.. when Em was doin shit like “criminal” and “kill you” niggas and media bitches hated bc they thought it was bad for society.. now a nigga do music that was more rounded on the last album and talked about his life in a more in depth “cleaner” way and they don’t want that.. they like where the old eminem.. stupid shit..

    Ye’s album is way overrated.. “cuz they don’t understand you.. it don’t mean that you nice.. just means they don’t understand all the bullshit that you write.. “.. -jay-z

    Drake.. straight R&B homie.

    Big Boi- double edged sword… he looks mediocre because he always worked with 3000 whose on another level. BUT without 3000 no one would give a fuck about him now.. so he really cant win. I mean he is ok.. but never been lyrically outstanding.. his flow is somewhat unique with his voice too… but I don’t know.. I have a heard time cycling through a whole album of just that nigga.

    Here’s the breakdown of what really happened in the review at times.

    They jumped on the bandwagon with the Drake shit bc he was the new artist of the year and had a lot of R&B hits.. so they pandered to the youngsters in an attempt to look hip by placing him on the list.. THEN you have YE.. he is a BIG NAME.. and he had a lot of bad publicity and public missteps.. BUT now he has become the guy that everyone hates.. and if you like him… then you are a rebel.. goin against society.. gives you an edge.. makes you seem like you are about the fray.. WITH the BIG BOI joint.. shit didn’t sell.. is kind of out there in the universe by itself.. its cool to say you like it and listen to it.. OF COURSE NO BODY DID OR EVEN BOUGHT IT FOR THAT MATTER.. its like when niggas say.. “yall don’t know hip hop.. I listen to mc such and such.. lil’ pookie… gun clipz… underground king rey rey… ” niggas no one heard of.. cuz they think it makes them look like they are more into the music then the next nigga.

    List are stupid anyways.. like who gave these niggas power to decide for us all?


  • Donn

    Damn Kanye is winning, thats 3 honors

    SPIN MAGAZINE, TIME, ROLLING STONE and a few others i think named his album their #1 album of 2010. And Myspace named it #2. Eminem made Itunes top selling album list, his album was the top selling album on Itunes this year. Both were good, well naw i take that back, Kanye’s was great, and Eminem’s was good. Kanye challenged HipHop’s sound and pushed the envelope more which is bigger in my opinion

  • Damn Homie

    Donn- your gynecologist called and said its time for your yearly exam..

    You need a saddle the way you ride Kanye’s dick on these forums.

  • west-east

    kanye is good producer but wack rapper
    he can’t fuck with eminem and jay-z or royce
    i put kanye in same liste with wayne


  • Donn


  • Donn

    @Damn Homie
    And u need one for the way you ridin’ mine

  • haters are annoying

    ^change tampon now

  • Agent Zero

    @Everyone bringing up sales numbers for Em, it don’t matter. They’re not talking about numbers. They’re speaking of quality. 3.5 million or not, Em’s past two or three albums have been below par from what we’ve been introduced to. I don’t think Drake should be on the list and Big Boi made a solid, unique album. Kanye made a unique album, too. They deserve their spots in the Top 10 for the year.

  • Word

    Whoa, Drakes album should not have been on that list. PERIOD. I can name several better albums but CONGRATS anyway. Big Boi should be number one, Kanye maybe number 11. That album was greatly overrated. All i hear is production this and production that, what about the fuckin lyrics?! He wasnt saying nuffin groundbreaking in any song. College Dropout >>> MBDTF by faaar.

    And Em got a lot of mixed reviews so i aint surprised he aint on here. Em, Ross, Nas, BoB…they all lost. Was Janelle Monae even on it? Damn how did Drake slip through the cracks? I swear his album wasn’t better than Ems, Ross’, Nas’, BoBs, or anyone elses. Dude put out a okay album but whatever.

  • @Donn?Cosign? Ha! Never thought i would type dat shit. You never can please everyone b/c their is to much competition. Em has 10 or 11 nomination! How can any of his fans be mad? Greedy ass stans will! If you think other artists should put all dat work into their album and be left dry? KILL YO MOFO SELF!!! Jay in my opinion had the best album of the year. Blue print was crazy good. So my conclusion is correct!

  • Word

    @Black Panther

    Cosign. Thats real talk, there ARE other people who put out great albums. Em cant win ’em all…it aint even fair.

  • bic boi

    eminem has been dissed fo every album he puts out, saying its not good and than years later theyd go back and call it a classic… same with recovery and shit….. listen to becareful what you wish for he sais it all, and by the way drakes album sucked dick, it was too gay

  • Bryce Ayyy

    Greedy ass stan fans? Nigga this ain’t a buffet?

    It’s called giving respect to where respect is due. When mentioning albums of the year you can seriously not mention recovery?

    “Not Afraid”, “No Love”, “Love the Way You Lie”? If they want to mention SMASH singles. This summer even on down you couldn’t run the fuck AWAY from his collab with Rihanna on the radio. No Love had Wayne heads and others alike going nuts…

    You telling me Drake’s, weak excuse for a debut can be granted a spot? Riiiiiiiiight. My nigga kill yourself. Too many features, trying to hard to make another “So Far Gone” instead of just doing him. “Fireworks” trying to make it have the whole “album tone setting” feel like “Lust for Life”. And shoot me if “The Resistance” didn’t sound EXACTLY like “The Calm”. Nigga had “Cece’s Interlude” like it’s the sequel to Bria’s, shit was a fail. I like Drake but he didn’t live up to his hype with this debut. Other niggas are just satisfied based on biased opinions without actually giving a fair and honest critique of his artistry.

    Jay’s Blueprint…my nigga that came out in the 4th quarter of 09 so it would be mentioned in TIMES “09 Best albums of the year” clown.

    @Donn, I agree. I think both albums (Kanye and Eminem’s) were great, but Kanye’s album was art and inspirational as a whole. His songs, sound and the way his album was constructed was nothing less than artistically & authentically a masterpiece. I think Em’s on the opposite end of the spectrum because he doesn’t make Kanye’s type of music…that’s not really his feel but his new experimentation with producers definitely helped him evolve as an artist as well. But Kanye’s just a visionary period with his shit.

  • DJ HzD Brazil

    In eminem words…

    “Nothin’ can stop and nothin’ can change it
    you better just make new living arrangements,
    if you think your the top and king of the castle
    You about to get thrown off the throne and ripped a new asshole
    All I hear is, I’m best at this an I’m best at that,
    but I don’t hear my name No man brought up in rap
    and I don’t usually trip or dare get caught up in that
    but when they say one of the best, im nowhere thought of as that
    Not even the same league as Jay-Z
    Nas, Pac, Biggie or maybe they’ll name me
    Somewhere down at the bottom right after AZ
    or say “he ripped that Biggie verse or that Jay-Z
    Yo, his verses were crazy on that Renegade beat
    but I ain’t never bought no whole CD of Shady
    And I all I hear is pop tunes come on the rad-i-o
    And they play ’em 20 times in a row daily”
    And that very well may be the same reason they don’t say me
    when they speak on hip-hop legends which has amazed me
    Cause I thought the formula was to hit mainstream
    and make it big-big-big-big-b-baby”

    That’s why all that hate makes me sad, cuz they know that’s he’s not a simple rapper…
    but that kind of people are worse than the stans…

  • ^^ The actual lyrics are dope but his delivery on that song was fuckin HORRIBLE!!! i wish he never goes back to me thats when he was at his lowest…

  • hatin is for sucka’s

    @donn co-sign

  • cvz1

    whoever says MBDTF is overrated i completely agree. kanye will never top college dropout, not many people can. but MBDTF is nowhere near college dropout lyrically.

  • hatin is for sucka’s

    Sometimes, on a rainy day, I like to blow cum bubbles

  • STAN


  • Belize

    Time knows absolutely nothing. Remember, these the foolish crackers who said Gayne was the best rapper alive. It’s like The Source—take all this shit with a grain of salt.

  • jayjayjj50

    Eminem fans are a bit delusional if they thought relapse and recovery would be on this list. These are the same critics who gave relapse a 59 out of a 100, and recovery a 63 out of a 100(for the record I like recovery, relapse not so much). The point is, after giving eminem those terrible scores on Metacritic why would these same critics turn around and put eminem on their top albums of 2010 list. To the people bringing up sales, why would that change a critic opinion on a album. If you think a movie sucks, is that opinion going to change after you read that it made 100 million opening weekend.

  • CTE

    ^^I listen to that shitty album recovery! That album was wack to the max! It was too overated. People only brought it cause em stamp his name on it. Em hardcore fans need need to grow a pair b4 they end up like stan! smh

  • Word


    You’d be surprised. People think Avatar is the greatest movie ever and the sales show, but I think that movie sucked ass. So your right. Although, I like Titanic and thats the second best movie sales wise so…

  • LOKO


    lmao i can tell you a southern head cuz you said brought instead of bought. no offense im just saying

  • WTF!!?!!

    @jayjayjj50 Co-Sign

    I think recovery was dope and i aint like em since 2003-2004 nigga gets made respect from me!..kanye i love man he my dude but 808 and MDTF have both been bad in my eyes i want the kanye who revived hip hop with Collage Dropout in my eyes breathed new air into hip hop because before that it was all eminem,50 or jay.

  • Señor paco


    Faggot ass stan. Drakes album should have been number one

  • k


  • Señor paco

    @ word.

    Faggot ass stan drake is number one

  • Señor paco


  • CTE

    @Loko nah actually im from cali. And also Fuck You and yo hoe family! P.S i meant to spell hoe(whole) that way so i can fit in to yo sterotype! smh

  • Gordon B.

    If you want to stay in the hip hop game Kanye you better drop a hip hop album, you can’t tell me with a straight face that the album as a whole was hip hop, there’s pushing the boundaries and developing but this guy isn’t making hip hop no more while he’s pretending to be hip hop.
    The album was creative and all and I knew straight away that it would be praised to high heavens by critics but I didn’t like it except the first song which is ruined by the intro, power was ok and Jay’s verse on So Appelled was fire but that’s about it.
    Drakes album was trash to me, I didn’t like one second of it but Big Bois album was brilliant, he isn’t the most lyrical guy (far from not lyrical though) but he makes it sound good and the beats he picks are always on some futuristic shit out of Mars.
    Leaving out Recovery is something I don’t understand though, and people who sell some records doesn’t mean shit but if you sell 3,5 mil in this climate no matter who you are you have a great album on your hands because people don’t buy albums they haven’t heard, or very few do and you can’t sell 3,5mil today without people loving that album.

  • Kanye is The GREATEST “ARTIST” of all time! HE HAS BEATS AND LYRICS! Mbdtf creative and artistic.second favorite artist after J.cole!

  • 1st of all kanye need,s to explaine what that album is all about cause from what i was seeing when i saw the video it seemed downright weird and strange so he is probably the only artist that doesn,t belong on that list….

  • casper21

    Big Boi’s album was hot, can’t hate.

  • bic boi

    @DJ HzD Brazil what song is that from?

  • Glad Big Boi is getting more recognition.

  • nick2bbury

    wow I never saw such a group of people who love one rapper it’s funny. Eminem is one of the best rappers of alll time, imo MMLP is like the 2nd/3rd best rap album ever, but….this album is whackkkk. Great talk about the same shit over again and then throw a random bitch on the hook, or sing on the hook. Dumb as fuck.

    Kanye West on the other hand made an album of pure substance. Every song you can find a background meaning to. Blame Game is one of the realest songs I’ve heard in a while, honestly it’s beyond hip hop because it’s a multitude of genres incorporated into one amazing symphony of sound. Stop hating and start appreciating peopleeee

  • nick2bbury

    Woww I’ve never seen such a crazy group of people who just are so set that one person is no matter what better than everyone. Eminem is definitely one of the greatest rappers EVER, imo MMlp is 2 or 3 best rap albums ever, but nowadays, the songs he’s releasing are kinda weak, with the same shit said mad times, just throwin bitches on the hooks, or singing on them…whackkkkk.

    on the other hand Kanye West broke out of the genre of just hiphop/rap. Honestly every song on the albun has so much substance, like Blame Game is one of the realest songs I’ve everrr heard. The album’s production and content all have so much depth, All of the Lights has to be one of the most captivating songs I’ve heard recently. He kinda sorta transcended rap and created such an amazing symphony of sound, combining various genre’s and making it work. People need to realize the work and creativity and stop hatin and start appreciating!

  • Nujerz

    Drake wack ass album doesnt belong any list… Big Boi and Kanye dropped good albums.. I still find it strange that for the most part it was hiphop media (mag, website, blogs etc) that when it reviewed Recovery gave it high mark as opposed to mainstream critics (except RollingStone)..

  • deetruth

    the reason we call you em fans stans is because you ALWAYS BRING EM INTO SHIT THAT DOESNT HAVE TO DO WITH HIM…………em isnt the standard for rap stop acting like he created rap this list isnt based off of album sales so chill the fuck out and recovery was not good enough to be album of the year stop sucking eminems dick wtf

  • dsz

    who give fuck about gay art like kanye i dont inderstand his montality lycris+flow+freestyle=0
    to compare with Eminem or jay-z and old school
    Music industry= business (best seller =win everyting)
    if recovery sucks tell me how sell 3.5 million 3xplatinum in world
    if wack album sell 3.5 million (top itunes billboard ..) why drop art album and sell 400k!
    wack rap game = cop rapper(ross)+wayne+drake+nicki+gucci mane+kanye+dj khaled+birdman+young money bullshit+wacka folka hh+…

  • Djordeh

    man on the moon 2 is #1

  • Black McJagger

    lmfao Recovery WAS NOT THAT good

    POINT BLANK period

    there is a reason why it’s name was not mentioned on a lot of peoples list

    just because you like playing with scissors and cutting crap doesn’t mean the rest of the world
    does to

  • bjbsa

    i would put Kid Cudi MOTM2 over both em and kanye. Both of their albums are overrated and its just because of who they are. Arent people getting tired of Em’s angry rap. Sure Drake may make r&b and cudder may talk about depressing shit and wee, but at least they just started doin it. Em has been on the same stuff for 10 years

  • Dr N Black

    Bp3 was and still knockin Relapse and Recovery. Bp3 made everybody step they album game up. Why you think Eminem made 2 albums in less than a year or even a year? Cause Jay gave these rappers the “BLUEPRINT” to follow. Realtalk!

  • get it right

    recovery was solid but it definitely wasn’t the best hip hop album. i think that big boi’s was my favorite of the year because it was it’s own thing but it was way under appreciated. one thing i completely disagree with is kid cudi’s album, i felt it was a disappointment but that’s just my taste. i like kid cudi but i like music that’s more lively and not depressing because then i get put in a depressing mood.

  • powerful

    white folks bought eminems album, but it is far from album of the year. it was descent though.

  • Timothy Adems

    Recovery doesn’t deserve the grammy nods or any accolades. Bottom line: It’s some of Em’s weakest material. I’m tired of these Eminem fans lauding this crap. Isn’t it enough that “Relapse” actually got a grammy? Em WAS an unbelievably dope spitter, but no more.

    Oh, and record sales and dj spins do not make music good. (Look at Kesha and Flo Rida’s shit). I mean come on. Please go listen to Jay-Z, Nas, Pac, Kanye, Common, ATCQ and B.I.G’s early material and then listen to “Relapse” and “Recovery.” The difference is clear. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. EMINEM ONLY SELLS BECAUSE HE IS WHITE AND DOESN’T SAY “NIGGER.” As racist as it sounds, its the only logical reason a rap artist can release subpar material and still push so many units (see: Vanilla Ice).

    Also, I give major props to Big Boi, Drizzy, and Kanye. All three albums were powerhouses. I think Big Boi actually should’ve been bumped up a bit. Yeezy definitely on top.

  • bang

    ^^like seriously im black but i still know eminem is one of the best MCs to ever do it…MMLp,SlimLP,Encore,the eminem show,those are solid albums all of them are classics…..those albums was full of poetry more like big storytellin and pacs energy…i agree recovery and relapse were average albums but u cant say he sells coz hez white



  • eminemisthebest

    eminem is the best but kanye is the best shit eminem love u

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