Fat Joe Discusses New Mixtape & Album

Yeah, Fat Joe’s Darkside Vol. 1 flopped. But so what, the Don’s back at it and he tells Global Grind that he’s working on a new mixtape and album.

In one of your last interview you said you would be releasing two more albums after Darkside Vol. 1 and then retiring, is this true and why two?
I don’t even know, that’s just shit I said. I’m working on a new album now, but it’s not even a Darkside album, it’s a lifestyle album. We gonna do Darkside 2 and maybe the lifestyle will be put out together, Darkside 2 as a mixtape, and the other album, lets not just called it a lifestyle album, will consist of all types of music. Not just underground, hardcore, but everything. The new music is due out around June. I can guarantee there will be some hits on it. It’s got production from Jim Johnson, Rico Love, Scott Storch and I’m going to reach out to Scoop DeVille.


Sidebar: Fat Joe Salutes Tech N9ne

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  • RAM

    clearly jocked biggie wit dat portrait smh



  • BK

    “Yeah, Fat Joe’s Darkside Vol.1 flopped.”
    AND the one before that…
    AND the one before that…
    Nigga done already got the hat-trick of fuck ups! Guess it’s true what they say. Rappers don’t retire; they fade into obscurity. I see you Joey… or not.

  • Nigel D

    I guarantee you B.Dot wouldn’t call album released from G-unit a Flop. Darkside Vol.1 is contender for album of the year and you still had to put flop up in there just to please 50 cent disgusting

  • B.Dot

    yeah i would. and what does 50 have to do with it? joe shit did flop sales wise, doesnt mean that it wasnt good album…which i bought.

  • DR

    ^^ wtf you talkin about it sold like shit how could it possibly be album of the year

  • Nigel D

    DR you are a fucking idiot so what you are basically saying sales>>>>>>>>>>quality of an hip hop album. BY DR standards Drakes Thank Me Later is a better hip hop album than Illmatic cause it sold more

  • DR

    no not true at all but what your saying is that album sales mean nothing which is bs. the fans buy the albums and if no one buys it means it most likely sucks. banks only sold 45 first week its still a good album. you dont have to do kanye numbers to be good but 13k total come on

  • herbsaac

    How could it be album of the year? The cuts on darkside vol. 1 were dope.. especially the one with PREMO on the beat.. if yall aint hear that you spent wayyyyyy wayyyyyyyyyyy too much time listening to bullshit like soulja and drake

  • DR

    I wont deny i’m being a hater now i just dont really enjoy joeys music… still could be called a good album so i retract me saying it sucks but still album of the year.

  • Nigel D

    ” it sold like shit how could it possibly be album of the year” In your opinion Darkside cant be considered for album of the year because of the numbers it, that is just stupid and Yes albums sales means nothing to me and it shouldn’t for the listener only in hip hop will you see n1ggaz clowning each other for first week numbers its obvious yall n1ggaz spend too much time on thisis50.com

  • ZoomZoom



  • ZoomZoom


  • fuk waka

    fattt joeeee… havnt heard from him in a while.. y dont u start of with lettin lose some remixs b4 u go on to a mixtape nd album… no1 is gonna bother to download ur shyt unless u prove u still got it!!

  • hatin is for sucka’s

    i cant believe he’s puttin more albums, the next one is gonna flop to

  • Belize2

    Darkside went dumb hard..prob one of his and the industry’s most underrated album. Damn shame how niggas be sleepin on this cat..maybe cuz he light bright, and he don’t kiss men like weezy

    *kanye shrug*

  • DR

    zoom zoom those are different generations of fans completely…

  • Nigel D

    Its funny the only way joe can put up “decent number” is when makes hit songs but you niggaz complain about everytime he puts them out. So he went back and gave people a very solid album with some east coast sound and yall still hate, only in hip hop i swear

  • Hudes

    How the fuck do you say nas lost partna?
    Illmatic came out fucking almost 17 years ago. Music was different back then. And it’s because of nas (we all knew this) why EVERYONE has stepped up lyrics since he told us hip hop was dead. Illmatic has done more for hip hop in every way than drakes cd. Please. Fuck numbers.

    I woke up early on my born day
    I’m 20 years blessed
    The essence of adolescent leaves my body now I’m fresh in
    My physical frame is celebrated, I made it
    One quarter through life, some godly thing created

    Raise your right fist to the sky

  • Darkside vol 1 was one of the best albums i bought all year besides Kanye.

  • Mitch 3K

    Darkside bricked so of course he’s gona change it up next time, lol

    Fat Joe must a realised listening to kids on the internet is career suicide

    :”Drop a street album joey, we want that real shit Back!!!!” – Internet rap fans

    album comes out and sells like 10 copies and look how quick he’s back to the “This album has something for everybody” steez……….

    Moral of the story : Aint nobody gonna keep dropping quality music just so you guys can illegally bootleg it, these dudes gotta eat to, I expect the next album to have “Make It Rain 2” as the single, SMH

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Fat Joe Discusses New Mixtape & Album…What did we do to deserve this punishment?

  • rrahha

    Fat Joe’s last album was banging, i bought it…and I bought Banks’ HFM2 also cause that joint is banging too…I SUPPORT REAL HIP HOP!

  • @Mitch 3k Yeah you rite! Why pay when you can download for free? Only support real hip hop like no mercy. Boot leg the hell out of telfon don dont respect fake nigga period! The only song i heard off joe lp is slow down and aint about money. Joe seem like he bout to evolve or sell out in dis interview pick one hater. smh

  • Hate2Death

    How dare you crumbs! Frontin on that Darkside. Enough. Listen to the album first.

    Most of yall bitches that do the complaining never advance a judgement of your own, you just catch the latest hate off a trending topic, yall reason and conclude by precedent and other bullshit you just make up. Most of yall judge rappers based on thier names, and not thier work, and then you don’t praise or hate the music……….but the rapper instead. Just silly.

    Fat Joe’s album isn’t album of the year but its damn good, and based off listening to alot of bullshit this year it shoulda sold alot more. Fat Joe came in the game hard and he gets more lyrical every damn time no bullshit. LIsten to that track with Fat Joe and Pun off that Funk Flex Vol 1 that track still go hard, Pun stole the show as always but Joe had some tuff bars on it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2CkcszDIBg

    Stop letting these rappers tell you who and what not to like, yall are all men just like they are. You can listen to it all (for free for those in the know) and make a conclusion for yourself before deciding if you’re gonna buy it or hate it.

  • Hate2Death

    @ BlackPanther, listening to music dictates who you are? If you bump Maybach Music you suppose to be a snitch or a pussy? You go around puching people for listening to Ross now? No one gives a fuck what you, me, or the next man is listening to in our car house or MP3 player and why should they? You’re only cheating yourself with that mentality.

  • Chris

    Ha. Nobody noticed the sidenote. He saluted Tech N9ne and stated he was “the biggest star in America” and “a marketing genius”.

  • Mannnnnnnnnn, what tha FUCK is this nigga Joey talkin’ about??? “Lifestyle album”?!?!? What are u, promotin’ condoms or sum shit? NOTHING on that album was “lifestyle” like. At least this album didn’t end up on MTV2’s Mixtape Daily…Now THAT shit was embarassing…Every album you’ve had since that TS album with “Lean Back” on it has flopped and WILL flop as long as u exist in this industry…FOH with that bullshit. Give it up and jump into directing videos or something…

  • Belize

    Bet Puff paid him to have that pic painted Biggie Style…..

  • YaDig

    Dude needs to stop rapping.

  • wtflol

    Fat Joe is fat <—this statement is more interesting than his entire career.

  • King Carter

    The reason Fat Joe’s album sales are so low is because He gives You 1 Hit per Album.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    z104 King Carter?

  • Regardless of what anyone says, Fat Joe has left his mark in Hip Hop history.

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  • LikeJordan45


    I love and respect NY rap as much if not more then most but it baffles me how this cat is still “relevant” his last album was pure garbage…as was the one before it. I got Bronx niggas who can’t even stand Joe Flow anymore…STOP PUTTING OUT ALBUMS. DROP STREET ALBUMS. PUT TOGETHER A HOT (FREE) MIXTAPE. MAKE GOOD MUSIC AND REGAIN A BUZZ NIGGA…AND JUST BECUZ TREY SONGZ ON YOUR SINGLE DON’T MAKE YOU HOT! JUST BECUZ YOU STEALING WEEZY FLOW NOW DOESN’T MAKE YOU RELEVANT. I’ll always respect Joe and he definitely solidified his place in the game and in Rap history but if he quit today I would be GLAD.

  • gangstabiz

    the darkside flopped as far as sells go but that was one of joes best albums!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of the best albums in 2010 str8 up it wasnt watered down like all this other shit thats out we need to bring back the hard underground music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!