New Mixtape: Yo Gotti CM5 (White Friday)

Gotti’s album Live from the Kitchen, has now been pushed back to January 25, 2011, but today he releases the fifth installment of his Cocaine Muzik mixtape series, which will be a prelude to his delayed album. Download and tracklist after the cut.

Download Here

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  • Word

    Whtie Friday?? So original.

  • CHAN

    Im so tired of the coke references. Its not cool anymore.

  • ^^Dam yall bitches take everything so seriously! If the music not yo type or dont appeal to you dont stop by and leave your watermark! Dude been grindin for a while i will defintly be cop n Live from the kitchen! Gangster music is a last of a dying breed cant stand pop. Gotti, 36,Wayne,Jeezy,Gucci,Waka.

  • MannyBricks

    Cocaine Crazy. King of Memph10 in d buildin. Mr Fishscale Dreams

  • Belize

    smh @ the title. -_-

  • CTE

    Yo gotti mixtape>Telfon don. He need a buzz with a hit like women lie men lie. nigga knocking it cause of the title? it a mixtape not a album dam download and judge on the music not the name hater!

  • Uh Huh


  • Word

    Gotti stans mad as shit lol relax its the internet…go get some pussy

  • Lawson

    dam i had know clue this was coming out

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  • @Word It the internet go get some dick lol. Coicaine musik lames gonner cop it d-boyz gonner abuse it. Track 2 and 3 are monster zed zilla got mad skillz!

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  • ?Wow this should have been album Great job?

  • Big Meats

    Look in the meer!!! ::Yo Gotti Voice:: lmao

  • KnawledgeBorn

    Gotti Turn Yaself In