New Video: Jamie Foxx x Drake “Fall For Your Type”

[vodpod id=Video.5098599&w=425&h=350&]

Jamie and Aubrey are literally falling as they finally release the viral presentation for their duet. The Best Night Of My Life begins December 21.

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  • 1st

  • Drake couldn’t do a song with Sade so he got Jamie Foxx singing like that bitch.

  • gus

    drake pulled a weezy and went cheap green screen on this.

  • AltDog

    If you haven’t heard the reference track version that Drake sent Jamie that has Drake only, you lost.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Co- Sign AltDog

    Drake kicks the shit out of Jamie on this track………what were u thinking Drake? oh yeah thats right….


  • This was solid, and even though i prefer the reference version, its still a solid video as well. definitely digging the concept as well, you know that chic will be the death of you and yet, you go for her anyway.

    on a side note: peeps writing songs for R&B cats is nothing new to the game, its just that the songwriters these days have been getting some ego. i remember the days when they would only be mentioned in the liner notes and wouldnt speak on it. the way it is now kind of diminishes the singer’s value.

  • Truth be told..

    @AltDog,@Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Hell yea, Drake destroyed him in every part and way. I straight up couldn’t even finish watching the video just hit pause after Drakes part came on..Man must suck being an artist hearin’ someone smash your shit first and then have the balls to still run with it. Even if Drake threw his version out and did nothing ever with it, I still wouldn’t have put out this record and video forsure, If I was J.Foxx. Fucks up your rep and ego..

  • I thought dis was drake song Tml? Well dam i hope next year everbody toss the *green screen* and actually be creative wit it. smh

  • Belize

    Ee gad. Shit sucks. Jamie can do better.

  • Yung Silv

    when drake uses shit at the end of every line w/ that flow he uses in poppin bottles and this (he does it good on paris morton music) it makes his verses suck

  • Sony Music Intern

    light skinned women FTW!

  • johnny

    Finally they switched the mobile layout back to what it was thank you B.DOT…..that layout yall had was wack. Keep It classic

    Ohh and the song the reference track is ipod worthy this is ehh

  • hands

    how is this a viral video? it’s both mad expensive and it’s on BET. that word viral is thrown around super loosly. a viral video is like when someone does some crazy shit and puts it on youtube and then a gang of people forward it to their friends and it spreads virally. to this day not many music videos have gone viral but every artist and every label calls their cheap online videos “viral,” which is really incorrect but this is a straight up expensive bet video so even that version of the term doesn’t fit.

    sorry if i’m nitpicking.

    i think this record is corny. it’s a drake song with a drake beat with jamie singing most of the parts. if jamie wanted to use this song he should have had one of his own producers or even 40 redo the beat in his style and he shouldn’t have sang it like he was trying to sound like drizzy. he’s reaching with this.

  • wes

    Drizzy shoulda kept this track for himself- his demo version is CRAZY- jamie doesn’t do it justice

  • hatin is for sucka’s

    Tim Lee VA Stand Up co-sign lol

    drake’s version > this

    oh well get that money lol

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  • both these niggas wack!! worst video and worst fukn lyrics in the world fukn homos……. just stop singin drake ur fukn wackk get back to ur nickolodean shows fagget……… weezy needs to get rid of this fagget dropp him have a sick ass rapper take his spot even fukn diggy

  • Black Shady

    waack ass shit

  • Mars

    get that green screen bullshit outta here and be on a real set damn

  • Ace Boogie


  • Ace Boogie


  • confurious

    yo drake reference (fall for your type-same mistakes) track waaaaaaay better than this shit, jamie trashed the song…

  • Ms Molly

    I can tell you why…Cus yall always thinking with whats between your legs.

  • dll32

    Track and video are dope. Well done Jamie

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Eh it’s not bad. My thoughts are the same as when I heard both versions of this a long time ago. I’m gonna have to agree with everyone else and say that this would have been much better if Drake kept it for himself.

  • Keith

    You know how people sometimes complain that the movie ruined the book. In this case, for me, the video ruined the song. Whenever I listened to it, I thought of the “type” I always fall for, which is the hippie type of girl–you know, the ones you always see at the farmer’s market. But now the video makes me always associate this song with Victoria’s Secret type models.

  • Chi-Town

    Is that a Kat Stacks (better version) and Jennifer Lopez (lesser version) look-a-like in this video?

  • dan

    kinda dope. pretty surprised

  • Mike

    jessica burciaga is like my wife !!! niceee

  • CapricornReligion

    Do your thing Jamie, I aint Mad at cha. Nice video too but….. Im sorry, This will ALWAYS be Drake’s song to Me.. But overall wether its Jamie’s song or Drakes, EVERY DUDE can relate.. I understand it but, I always act Like I dont Lol… Its always that same type of girl… I already know how that Movie ends but… Yet, I always press Play Lol… Anyway like I said Good Video but its Always Drake’s Song to Me….

  • hatin is for sucka’s

    this is SO gay

  • Gamble

    Check out funny Kevin Hart and jermaine Dupri video

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  • Devil

    Am I the only one that thinks that DRAKE was the one who fucked up the song with his squeaky-I’m-swallowing-some-cum-while-trying-to-rap voice? His part was super wack, the rest is a little bit listenable…specially when you have nothing to listen you’re like “eeeh…let’s hear this shit one more time to see if I can start liking it some day”.

  • Life After Death

    Pretty dope

  • Sc_R

    Niggas stopped beefin in hip-hop cause the bloggers do it for em

  • EB Dubois


  • drizzy drake wizzy wack

  • Da Truth


  • Close minded

    @Sony intern …. I feel the “type” they reffering to is lightskin woman and how bruthas always fall for that type or not even just lightskin but
    more exotic or of a lighter complexion in a different race Otha than Black

  • i knew i heard this song i don,t remeber jamie singing on there…cause i have it in my zune hd…

  • shawn

    There are a few reasons why Drake chose Jamie to do this:

    1.) Drake CAN NOT SING LIVE if you haven’t noticed; he’s an autotune R&B singer so get that shit down.

    2.) Jamie is the better singer; there’s no arguing in that.

    3.) This track is fucking serious, considering all of the mechanics and electronics put into the song and #KillYoSelf if you think the version with Drake alone is better and will sell to the public.

    That is all

  • Eh , i think this version is better . Drakes version is good too but . . Plus , i agree with the whole “green screen ” deal but , ya’ll gotta be more mature abt it shit .

    @ shawn – aye , i agree with you .