Wiz Khalifa “Black & Yellow” Turns Gold

With numerous renditions already made, it is no surprise that Wiz Khalifa’s big hit struck gold. And if that isn’t enough for you Taylor’s, he’s working on the remix with Snoop, Jeezy, Juicy J, T-Pain and more. You know what it issss.

Sidebar: Wiz Talks To BET

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    lets make it plat, T.G.O.D !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Hmm its funny I always hated this guy cause how he looked (no homo)… I never checked his music out. But now I might have to because of this. Striking Gold is a blessing nowadays!




    GO WIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fuk waka

    even tho i dunt really follow this guy.. gotta say dis track is fire..
    i wanna WEZZY remix to it.. he will destroy this shit…

  • mac DIESEL

    WIZ ” BLACK & YELLOW ” >>>>> J.COLE ” WHO THAT ” & ” BLOW UP ”


  • hatin is for sucka’s

    the song is not that great

    congrats though wiz

  • So happy for Wiz. HE done so much in the past few years. he deserve this time to shinne <3

    btw, you guys gotta check out the making of Diddy/Dirty Money's new album.. this shit is hot. l could see a lot of DJs doin a lot of mixes with the songs on this album: http://diddy.it/eABt10

  • Sho Nuff

    Why are yall bringing up J. Cole in this post??? #DickRiddinFaggots….. Salute Whiz, keep smokin

  • Wack just like the rest of his fans.

  • Post no billz

    Already.. Dam.. That record is huge out here..

  • Citylivin’

    damn y’all, how do J.Cole cum taste??…..all on that nigga dick…….anyway doe *Katt Stacks voice*…..salute to all the quick to judge and criticize muthafuckas on this site who said this song wasn’t gonna do shit…..let’s not forget about the “all he raps about is weed” losers too.

  • ZoomZoom




  • 106

    Congrats Wiz. He not fuckin with Cole though don’t matter how many singles he sell.

  • Sho Nuff

    Terrible argument, doesnt even make sense. One doesnt have anything to do w/ the other. Drake>>>>>>>>>>Whiz then since Drake making more money and they came out the around the same time……. Shit sound dumb dont it???

  • Campbell

    This aint the only song he got..he got way harder shit than this….it go hard tho…hard as fuck loud

  • This Shits ALWAYS on the damn radio over here on the West coast…Purp & Yellow’s my shit tho..Congratz Wiz..

  • Congrates to the young nigga. This shit remind me of souja boy turn my swag on. I guess you cant hate on a catchy song lol! Remix is going to straight fire!

  • Donn

    I don’t like this song but i do wanna congratulate the dude for doing what alot of ppl can’t do these days. Do ur thing Wiz

  • Dope song, congrats to Wiz, for the record, he’s not fucking with Cole, but yeah I’m glad for his success. He’s cracked the top 10 on the itunes chart, this song started out a promotional single, so good for him, it’s doing this well. The remix line-up sucks though, he wanted to expand the buzz he should’ve got Drake, J. Cole, Wale, & Kid Cudi on it, maybe Wayne too

  • Big Meats

    beamer benz or bently went gold…look how album went….goes to show that u cant really rely on single sales…..by the way J.Cole’s on a whole other plateau

  • i said YERR

    mad funny how i was on here in august and allllllll of you faggets were hating on this track.

  • Devil

    I can’t believe niggas now a days think songs like Black and Yellow are “dope”.
    I rather listen to old shit than to listen a song from this new wack ass “rappers”
    J. Cole, Wiz, Soulja Boy, Drake, Jay Electronica, Asher Roth etc…all of them are a bunch of pussies that can’t even spit…fuck the new school!

  • Black Shady

    lmao @ saying Wiz is better than Cole

    Wiz is wack. lyrically he’s worse than Soulja Boy. and his “taylor groupies” just ride his dick becuz of “how cool” he looks. Yall disgust me.

    Congrats to Wiz, Gold single is nice. but fuck his fans.

  • XIserveIX

    @Black Shady
    Stop… Soulja is not better than ANYONE lyrically. Wiz isn’t a lyrical genius or innovator, but his lyrics aren’t terrible.

  • Belize

    Congraulations, Wiz!

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  • Boywonder

    he officially mainstream..

  • Itz Yourz

    Congrats on the hardwork paying off.

    Self-made…I respect that!

  • i just wish peeps could get this type of energy into making their ALBUMS sell like that. Artists make art. I wont paint a Picasso and sell you the corner piece, would I? nah i would want you to see the whole picture…..

  • original will

    wiz look like a 20 y/o version of Lil Boosie Uncle in that pic

  • Jax

    @J.COLE LOST AGAIN…Cole didn’t have a head start. Actually Wiz did. Wiz been out longer and has aready had two albums. Its actually bout time he did something considering. He won’t be round long though cuz Wiz = BLACK & GHETTO, BLACK & GHETTO, BLACK & GHETTO, BLACK & GHETTO, BLACK & GHETTO, BLACK & GHETTO, BLACK & GHETTO, BLACK & GHETTO, BLACK & GHETTO, BLACK & GHETTO, BLACK & GHETTO, BLACK & GHETTO, BLACK & GHETTO, BLACK & GHETTO, BLACK & GHETTO, BLACK & GHETTO, BLACK & GHETTO, BLACK & GHETTO

  • get it right

    you putting j cole in the same category as soulja boy ruins all credabilty you have. you should lose the privildge to comment
    @jcole lost again dumbass wiz khalifa had a debut album already in 06 how did jcole have a headstart

    you ignorant people call yourselves fans of hip hip..smh

  • Donn

    How long till all his hiphop fans turn against him for making it in the mainstream. They like u till u come up and everyone loves u lol.
    Cole be careful. HipHop blog fans are the worse fans to have. They only like rooting for you as long as ur underground. The minute ur single shoots to #1, or gets credible recognition, they turn on u and say u sold out

  • Real Deal

    @Donn that’s almost true. But look at eminem. A great rapper from the underground that went to #1 and people started riding his dick harder

  • hmm?

    @ black shady
    hmm? your comment is completly hippacritical. first its wiz is wack then its congrats wiz but fuck his fans? foolish. theres a reason y wiz has more success than cole cause he has more fans! he probly has the most loyal fans too.

    congrats to wiz. no matter how mainstream it gets ill still be a fan cause ive been listnin since prince of the city

  • @Realdeal You aint never lie lol! @Donn fans only call artist a sell out if you leave your target audience. cudi get a pass since he always make hippy type of [email protected] shady KILL YO SELF!!!

  • johnny

    That black and ghetto comment had me rolling…..

    I’m not gonna hate the single is catchy but I havnt heard anything else from this dude to make me say wow, or even follow him like that….I give everything a chance but if he been out since 06 and had a debut…..and y’all wanna compare him to cole.. Y’all bugged

  • not fucking around

    Wiz didnt make this gold STARGATE DID!!!! Yo Artists be taking producers for granted, any time a beat this popular the artist really need to be out there thanking the producer and shit cause i dont care who was on that beat the shit would have went gold

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  • ELL

    black shady use sorry mutha fucka!!!!

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  • ricardo

    you bad

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