Dirty Money Performs For The Troops

Diddy & Co. were in Fort Hood, Texas yesterday as part of WWE’s Tribute To The Troops special. The show airs on NBC this Saturday (Dec. 18) but here’s two performance clips from the crowd. Hoo-rah.


UPDATE: Diddy thanks the troops below.

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  • Not A Drake Stan But

    Kaleena Ass Is Fat As Shit

  • Ha! What a great gift?

  • iloveM.I.A.

    Dats a good look….my dirty money so clean after rinses in washing machine


  • B Dot’s Father

    Boo that man!

  • Belize

    So they’re going to torture the hard-working ever-sacrificing troops? Disgrace!

  • Able Danger

    All their ears deserve Purple Hearts.

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  • ColoradoKnight

    Able Danger says:
    Sunday, December 12 2010 at 9:49 PM EST
    All their ears deserve Purple Hearts.

    LMFAO! HAHAHAHAHA! I don’t need to even comment after that. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • ColoradoKnight


  • Conway West


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  • King of Queens

    Shout out to Diddy for doing his thing for the troops. Not a fan but it’s cool when people show love to the troops. HOOAH.

  • jim

    Rookie of the Year Danny The Kid: The Everlasting Hangover http://www.datpiff.com/Danny_the_Kid_The_Everlasting_Hangover.m175124.html

  • Donn

    Great album. Ppl gon say wat they want but hey wont change the majority result. I saw the sales predictions and Diddy is gonna be just fine.

  • Word

    NIgga how you see the sales predictions the album aint even out yet. You cant predict shit if the album not even out I swear niggas make anything up. Remember when they predicted that Kate Perry broad to do massive numbers and she only did 100 something? Dont believe everything you read gullible ass nigga. smh.

  • Mr.G

    them haters cant tell u nothin!!! get to the level my boy diddy is at !!!

  • mac attack

    Havnt these men got enough problems without this crew of shit turning up for karaoke?

  • So many haters

  • Atmosphere

    Diddy needs to sit down, He has been just the most god awful rapper for years, he needs to stop

  • Donn

    Lol @Word. Ever heard of Hits Daily Double? You know the place that predicted the sales of Kanye and Nicki that was posted by RAPradar. You just played yourself lol. Also subscribe to billboard.biz if you have money to subscribe that is lol

  • Devil

    Soldier: Shit man…this is worst than fighting those damn arabs…

  • B Dot’s Father

    Regardless if he sells, he still sucks. Nicki Minaj sells records and she’s the fakest act since Milli Vanilli, it’s a horrible era we live in, I bet if 2pac and Biggie were never murdered, they would of killed themselves by now.

  • postman

    i went to the show. it actually was an wwe event and they showed up. it was a bout a 15 minute set. not bad. when he did all about the benjamins, i aint gonna lie, i was rapping myself lol

  • Word


    I played myself? Lol how you just asked me a bunch of questions but didnt even respond to mine. How can you predict album sales of an album THAT AINT OUT YET? What the fuck are you talking about…delusional ass niggas smh. The album only just came out today so what you saying? HIts daily double dont even got it up yet. And if you seen it, then what they say about it? And when it flops, i hope you got your explanation for it ready lmao

  • Word

    And they posted Kanye and Nickis sales predictions after they had been out a couple days….not before the album even came out! Lmao look who played themselves now. Diddy album just came out today so how can you predict they sales?? Dont even respond, aint shit for you to say

  • Donn

    Lol the album came out today?? LOL

    Check the release date genius (50 Cent laugh)

  • Word

    Nigga you still ignoring the fact that you didnt see no predictions shut the fuck up. 13th in some areas, 14th in others, 15th, and so on. Fact is, you made the comment yesterday as if you can see the fuckin future. Anyway, when they flop we’ll see.

  • Word


    Take a look for yourslef *laughs straight to the bank*

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