Dirty Money On The View

Diddy and ’em are everywhere, and this morning, the train made a stop at The View to perform the single, “Coming Home”. After the jump, Puff Daddy speaks on his six children and last night’s performance on Letterman.



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  • Belize


  • postman

    i cant hate on them…no matter how hard niggas hate, that shit doesnt stop these niggas from poppin up everywhere.

  • @postman Ha! yeah i seen him on every tv show thanks to rr! smh
    He the best @ promote his project so no hate will come from me!

  • mikey

    interscope gonna lose alot of money with all the money they spending on promo..
    or maybe Diddy payin for it himself?

  • postman

    they only put in 4 mil. get back a little bit from record sales and theyre touring overseas..he named it that title so them euros can get a little more jiggy with it. i know them russians love, ive talked to a couple. so thats more money from shows over there…puffy’s smart. niggas dont make bread like that in the states like nowadays. i would take my talents overseas too..

  • postman

    plus niggas is getting mad like puffy was suppose to come out with some nice ass rapper. that hasnt been the case since shyne and mase. the reason im not mad is because i seen this shit coming a long time ago.

  • Diddy gets funny when they ask him questions about his parenting skills

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  • dan

    i have to say its a pretty dope song. not that lyrical and he most likley didnt wirte it but yeah i cant hate.

  • RunGame

    awful. Somebody tell this nigga that the album ain’t poppin. lol He swares it is…lol

  • powww

    j. cole beat, and hook. yup

  • illusiveteachie

    i love the song and the messange behind it.those women from “the view”were making him nervous anybody agree?