Inside Pharrell’s Miami Crib

Don’t you wish you lived like a N.E.R.D.? Photographer Todd Selby brings his cameras inside Pharrell’s $14 million Miami pad for an inside look. More flicks after the jump. Guess P’s a family guy.

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  • JD


  • O Joooeee


  • Now thats a fuckin house!!!!

  • bumpy johnson


  • Dope pad no doubt and the ill artwork all over the shop is the icing on the cake. Very Fresh P.


  • still best rite now!!

    fuck my life!

  • ^Hell yeah thats a fuckin house!! Dude a billionaire so he got money to blow toss me a stack skate boy p!!!

  • Word

    Dude a big ass kid lol Not in an offensive way either, nice house though no doubt. Aint nobody gonna hate on a house they cant even afford




  • puerto-black


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  • 3rdRail

    Dope artwork: Murakami, KAWS, and one Harring!!!

  • ripper

    Man, I need to start learning how to make some fucking beats!!! I am in the wrong profession. I hope Skateboard P put away as much as he spent on the mansion….If not, can u say foreclose is imminent in the next 3-5 years.

  • Donn

    DAMN THIS CRIB GO HARD, don’t bother trying to tell these ppl bout ART, they don’t even know who Murakami is lol

  • Wow, a straight up playground for the creative mind. I dig it

  • LOKO



  • Luger Lu

    Nice house in Miami, But how about you and your team come back 2 Virginia every once in a while and do something. Its a shame that all of these talented people here in the 757 & 804 are havin a hard time gettin on when we have people in the game from here not even coming back and lookin out. Timbaland Missy and them aint been seen here in forever aint no tellin when the last time yall been here the clipse show up every blue moon. But then again yall prolly do come here but it has nuthin to do with showin love here and thats a shame. Look out for Va for once. Everyone say get on your grind but when you have influential people in the game that can give you a push or at least shine some light on the city (cites) here it would be easier. Atl, NY, LA etc dont have a problem doin it!!!

  • @Donn gay nothin google kant solve pussy.

  • Belize

    Dope as fuck. That’d one cool place to live.

  • 4da ppl

    nice house…i heard dis dude gona b the next Star Trak artiste..

  • 4da ppl

    chek out the next Star Trak artiste..


    Pharrell is the epitome of cool.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Co Sign Luger Lu

  • grime

    this would be cool if dude wasnt 37.

  • grime

    @ luger lu now you know nobody is in va cause they really want to live here.

  • annnnd people still find ways to hate

  • King Jugganott


  • Gamble

    Nicee…i actually posted some of these this morning on

  • haq

    P is a bitch, but he got style, u gotta give him that.

  • meTHATSwho

    lol at the comments… love the crib… shits unreal…

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  • Donn

    So it’s other ppl’s responsibility to put you on lol
    If any artist wants to get put on, do the ground work that all these other ppl did to get out of where you are. Stop being lazy and spending your McDonalds check on new shoes and clothes and pay for studio time, mixing and mastering, purchasing beats, flyers, ad space, etc. Niggas always want hand outs

  • Luger Lu

    @grime what does people living here gotta do with them showin’ love here? they from here on their early work all you heard was VA This Va that but now all you hear is (flatline) nuthin. and even in their early work you barely heard va! All them niggas who on and aint even doin shows here or nuthin or even shootin a video hear can eat a dick. I dont even listen to Timbo Nerd or whatever period no more. Pusha had to get down with Ye just to stick around. Do the clipse even have proteges from VA? but whatever they dont have to live here to show love. they dont mind showin love to other cities but when it comes to hometown love………………. At least Chris Brown did his community service here lol but whatever. Them so called Va ambassadors can remove the title from there name cause they aint doing shit for VA.

  • Saving my pennies. One day imma have a crib like that #Beleedat

  • Gamble

    Check out the Fast and Furious 5 Trailer ft. the Rock and Tyreese

  • Luger Lu

    @Donn Its not others responsibility but come on everybody needs a co-sign and if these garbage niggas from everywhere else can get a cosign from ppl in the industry i know the people in the industy from here can look out. Dont nobody get on by theyself. Im just sayin look out for niggas where u from

  • Luger Lu

    @Donn and where the fuck did that Mcdonalds comment come in at! So every aspiring rapper gotta work at mickey d’s and wear all that bullshit huh? And the people here who are rappin actually do put in the ground work but you can only go so far so try and think about what you are sayin before you respond to somebody you think is a kid. We dont need them for real cuz we can do it but it wouldnt hurt if they showed some love point blank. Like i said artist from the ATL do it, NYC do it and LA even Louisianna niggas. Even Texas niggas look out for each other down there but hey…….

  • I will say Pharrell needs to step his art game up. I see KAWS artwork at every high fashion store. Original Fake anyone?

  • daisy

    Christmas is coming !! Still alone this year??? Come to

    🙂 _________ Bla c kw h it eF li rts. C” 0- M _________ 🙂

    which gives you a chance to make your life better and open opport unities for you to meet the attractive sin-gles and treat you like a king or Queen. Come to find the special one for the special new year !!!!!

  • Donn

    Mann please, four of my ppls got signed in VA
    Red Rum

    And i know all of em’ and they didn’t need no cosign, they got they asses outside of VA and did work in NY, Miami, they didn’t stay in VA hoping to get put on. Excuses, excuses, I’m saying this cus this is the real world, all that cosign BS is out the window. U don’t need no cosign from no one. Do ur thing and use the internet to ur advantage.

  • wow

    “look at me yall im the lord of the rings musical cocaine bought me all these things” -Pharell

  • D!A!E

    i wouldn’t even know where to sit in that bitch!

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  • Big Mak

    Grown as man with cartoon characters all over his wall. Nobodys fucked with him in a musical minute. All those Game tracks he did were whack.

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  • Luger Lu

    Who is Audra, Dez, Red Rum and Dice? And what lable are they signed to? Thats what im sayin they had to leave…… With people in the industry from here they shouldnt have to leave!! They should be good stayin here and pushin’ it but there aint no support factor here cause the big heads in the industry from here dont even support. They turned Atl into a hotspot, they made NYC a hotspot in the 80’s L.a became one in the 90’s The whole south became one in the 2000’s. Those niggas can do it here in Va as well.and cant nobody say that they cant because its possible.

  • WOW NICE!!!!

  • illusiveteachie

    that is a very nice house …but i don,t care for that silly art work of his…..yuck….yuck….

  • OMG


  • YaDig

    That red chair with the feet is boss

  • LukeTheDuke

    i can appreciate this

  • LDF

    @LugerLu everything you say sound like it’s coming from a scorned female. Don’t nobody on the face of this earth owe you NOTHING. So what if people get cosigns and folks from your city don’t? If you rely on somebody to fulfill your dreams then cut out all this bullshit back and forth and go get a 9-5.

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  • JBiggs

    Damn, this nigga Pharrell got the penthouse at the Bristol….just drive down Brickell Ave and look for the white and aqua building that looks like a cylinder LOL…..

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