Nardwuar vs. J.Cole

Live from Vancouver, Nardwuar chopped it up with J.Cole. As usual, The Human Serviette has another hilarious interview with more props than Carrot Top.


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  • coco loco

    hair line is FUCKED! look at the way its growing in.

  • Mischief

    Lol. Very unorthodox interview but crazy funny.

  • D

    Crazy hahaha

  • still best rite now!!

    @coco loco lmao

    Nardwuar always has dope interviews tho…

  • Chex

    J Cole, my Aqua brotha

  • Brahsef

    Nardwuar has the best interviews. He knows an obscene amount of pulp culture and is just weird as fuck haha.

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  • dope interview

  • 106


  • Cant wait for his next single

  • JAYE

    i normally hate Nardwuar interviews but this one was funny. how can u not like J. Cole?!

  • Reg

    one of the best Nardwuar interviews prolly only bested by Pharell or Drake…

  • faraway

    chek out dis dude i been hearin bout

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Fuck off faraway….

    NarduAR is your favorite rappers favorite interviewer.

  • Shooga

    @Reg Watch Snoop’s interview.It’s crazy funny 🙂

  • illusiveteachie

    that was very funny dressed up in those spaced out clothes….ha…ha…ha…