• herbsaac

    Dude.. I hope this dude takes back over the game.. Been one of my first into the ventures of super smart rhyming.. Damn this dude kills.. writing this as I listen.. Talib has so many branches in the game.. Jay said it best about him… But us fans know whats up with this dude.. Kills.. EVERYTHING.. Back it upp.. back it up.. Dude keeps it realllllllllllll and in this case.. keepin it real goes right………..

  • Just cause you got the dragon rep doesnt mean you spit flamesss ohhh shit manggg
    talib is on it get em’; ;P -Kushington slater”

  • Fucking devil worshippers ! lol

  • iloveM.I.A.

    Wassup with that pic…he looks funny



    its official Talib is done. this track is horrible “beep, beep” lol

  • Thank Me Hater

    Talib got the lyrics for days….it’s just his delivery that gets me sometimes

  • Thank Me Hater

    Wow….I tried to give it a chance because Talib is dope but…..I almost threw up in my mouth from listening to this track

  • pressure

    ^ You’re an idiot, with terrible taste

  • Able Danger

    Top 5 Alive… Say Something.

  • daffy

    May not translate to $.. but in terms of respect in the game, not many have more than him imo.

  • BelizeanNUtsInYOmouf

    Man..i fuk with this, why? Cuz that old talib shyt was mad gay

  • Belize

    Dope!! ^^^Another dickrider?

  • faraway

    chek out the next best artiste to blow up in 2011


  • mike

    damn this is fire

  • illusiveteachie

    i like it cause he could he spit fire…..