• ODC

    Feels so authentic being there’s where Pac was from, his peoples, hometown.
    It also sounds like verse they used from his early days in the bay before Death Row.
    In fact this sounds like an original, the production fits it as an original song from that era.
    Simply dope, though i i don’t co-sign the negative aspect.

  • Post no billz

    I think pac always fucked with spice1 he sampled him on pour out a lil liqour.. Spice1 is some real og west coast shit..

  • Belize

    Yall stop usin Pac’s name for attention.

  • Yup

    I don’t suck 2pac’s dick!

  • Doe Jangles

    This song came out wayyyy back in the day on one of the “Makaveli mixtapes”. Spices’ verse was on there back then too.

  • Hornsby32

    Man, this song makes me miss Pac. Has that real old school feeling to it. Something you can just roll down the road with the windows open. RIP 2PAC.

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  • MinajBangher!


  • studiothuggizmz

    songs old but classic! these youngstas are tardy spice is a legend & him & pac were friends check spice old records & videos!

  • Monk


  • EsatD

    Fuck Pac!

  • old bay

    Confirmation this is an original song except Spice last verse…..stop using Pac for attention lmaooooo. Spice and Pac been rocking. Bay niggas ain’t never had to do that. Spice got like 10 original songs with Pac I think. I hope they drop an all original musically produced album by Pac with the real features like this song. Them 90’s drums is nasty!!

  • Del

    Jealous got me strapped… i keep my hand on my gun cuz they got me on the run

    another classic cut off of Amerikka’s Nightmare… check it out young’n

    oh and this is dope!

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