Lil Wayne Gives Fan’s Mom A Wheelchair

That Lil Wayne sure is a nice guy. While serving time on Rikers Island this year, he bought one of his fan’s mother an electronic wheelchair. Better yet, let Weezy tell it:

When you hear the Southwest Airlines tagline “You’re now free to move about the country” the one time that you could really appreciate it, is if you were to loose that freedom.

Stricken with failed knees, and an ill-fitted wheelchair that set her up for a horrible fall from a church ramp, Evelyn Austin, had become a prisoner in her Williamstown, Nj home, confined to her bed for almost 2 years.

I came to know about Evelyn through a series of letters that her Daughter Ronda Austin had written me while I was incarcerated.

This is their story. God Bless Austin Family


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  • Yousef(LilWayneSucks)


  • ZoomZoom


  • travs

    good for wayne, that’s a nice story

  • etetew

    not really a fan but thats sweet of him

  • yard_warrior

    well done weezy

  • Wow the g.o.a.t give back to fan? amazing!!

  • reallyb

    these rappers need to promote this kinda stuff, WELL THESE RADIO RAPPERS…. FOR THESE OL YOUNG ASS NIGGAS dats fucked in the head, NOT ALL… life becomes greater when u help each other out, with things.

  • Belize

    Nigga must’ve been bored as fuck. Kinda reminds me of the whole T.I. savin fan from suicide shit. Nice tho I guess.

  • Cold Blood



  • Life After Death

    congrats Wayne, even if you hate man you got to admit it was nice and selfless of him to give back.

  • Fuck Ya Life


    Very true. I’m not even a fan and that was a cool thing to see. I don’t even see how anyone could say anything negative about that.

  • Jabo

    I dont like wayne at least on a rapping level. But i give him lots of respect for helping that lady out.

  • King JuggaNott

    Nuff Respects!! Love it!!

  • RJ

    I’m a huge fan of weezy and this kind of thing will bless Wayne in a long run…May God bless him and The Austin Family.

  • Later

    Cool guy!

    I’m glad everyone agrees that that was nice and kind of him I guess there’s hope for haters afterall

  • Android

    Mrs Austin prolly had herself another tumble, when that WC broke down and fell apart 2days after it was delivered. L0l!


  • Eyerone

    i can respect that. im sure more of these types of things happen all the time with rappers, whether its someone like jay-z or someone like gucci man. it sucks that there is hardly ever any coverage on these events..

  • supppppp

    weezy a real nigga for this… Pac used to do this type of shit back in the day, RIP..

  • cynthia

    There y’all go again with that bitchassness, and then they try and say something good. Stop hating on people. Grow the f-up. I think it was a very nice thing you did Wayne, because like the lady said you didn’t have to do it. I know that came straight from the heart.

  • the One

    I hope all you bitchass mofo’s who think making it rain is cool take note as your money could be used for better things. Maybe even life changing!

  • mac DIESEL



  • Donn

    Mannnn rappers and stars do stuff like this all the time, its just not advertised, cus all the media reports is bad shit that rappers and stars do. Not the good things. The media controls the public’s perception of an artist. So many artist who do this all the time but u’ll never hear about it…..


  • @Donn shut the fuck up! Good look eminem do stuff like this all the time. smh

  • ifuckinhatehaters

    weezy is a good man !

  • Cool i rather here about stuff like this then rr reporting what rapper got caught with. What next a toy drive?

  • Donn

    @Black Panther

    I agree, this right here is good shit, gettin’ tired of hearing bout ppl gettin’ locked up


    nice lookin weezy i aint a big fan but i give you props good to see a rapper using is head and money towards something great…..

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  • Bri

    My boo has a lovely heart!

  • man i love that lil wayne more now for doing this and reporters need to report the good stuff and not the negative side of a person all the time..and 50 does nice thing,s for people also but all you hear reporters reporting is how he did this and that and nothing postive..nough …said ….tho…