Jeezy Claus Hands Out Gifts (2010)

It’s that time of the year again, and along with V103 radio host Ryan Cameron, Jeezy Claus kept the tradition going and handed out Christmas gifts to underprivileged kids in Atlanta. How thoughtful. As for us, all we want this holiday season is TM 103.


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  • A Chick


  • Bryan

    This is like the third post since August with Jeezy giving back. That’s good and all, but where the fuck is TM103? I’ve always been a huge Jeezy supporter, but this shit is getting old. In August 2009 when I saw him and Lil’ Wayne in ATL he had posters up that said “TM103 Coming Soon.” That was 16 months ago.

    First he was gonna release it in May and “dominate the summer”

    Then it was August.

    Then it was October.

    Then it was December 14.

    Now what?

  • 416 malvern

    Nice keep it up jeezy

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    TM103 is not coming out cuz LA REID is stupid. U invest millions of marketing dollars in Officer Ricky. But U aint trying to invest in the guy that has SOLD MORE then William L. Roberts SMH. Jeezy cant trust the President of Def Jam South aka Khaled cuz he is Ross’s friend.

  • puerto-black

    he gave you trap or die, put out 2 classics (TM1, recision) and got ALOT niggas of they ass

  • Ok But

    He Got No Buzz Thats Y His Shit Ain’t Out Ross Still Got Buzz (New Mixtape Coming On The 24) Maybe He Should Joined Him Instead Of Dissing

  • puerto-black

    “you still living in your mommy house, are you shittin me? you could be part of a billion doller industry”

    “niggas contempt with a pair of jordans. me? ima stack my bread up like jordan”

  • James

    He always helpin out the community. That’s whats up

  • Belize

    lmao @ “Jeezy Claus”. Always glad to see niggas givin back!

  • Real good look! Jeezy had a buzz with lose my mind. So getting one isnt hard to get. He is the only rapper who not afraid to speak his mind. Just like em the way he drop sumbinal diss.