Kanye West Named MTV Man Of The Year

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Kanye just got an ego boost today as MTV has named him their Man of the Year. You’d be hard pressed to argue that. Not too many other rappers can piss off a former President, a television network, and still manage to put out one of 2010’s best albums. Congratulations, ‘Ye.

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  • x

    not suprised, he dominated 2010 with Em. when is saw Eminem was 2 i knew Ye would be 1

  • MinajBangher!

    BULLSHIT!!!!Not deserving at all!That should be EM!!!!

  • dsz

    Man Of The Year<——————-0.o

  • Ебарь

    F*ck Kanye, F*ck MTV.
    Em №1

  • BreeZii

    Of Course Is Obvious, Yeezy is The GOAT, This Year He Surpassed ,Hov, Pac , Biggie,, Everyone , and i dont want to ride his dick that much, but is the truth,, If he died right now, he would be the Greatest Rapper AND PRODUCER to ever Live, Its A Fact

  • bob

    LOL at some of the em dickriders

  • your pusha

    ricky rozay wins it for me, but on the mainstream level, kanye is an obvious choice

  • UltraKid

    I agree with bob…..The Em dickriders love for him is disturbing….I’m a Kanye dickrider but you don’t see me crying about some bullshit list….

  • Mandy

    no. it should have been em and thats the truth. kanye is NOT the man of the year.

  • Donn

    Yea you Em Stans dont want anyone else to shine. Eminem was the top sellin artist of this year and of the decade. Got ten GRAMMY nominations. Billboard named him artist of the year. He had two number one singles. WTF ARE YALL MAD AT?

  • phil

    People are mad because Kanye is an arrogant fool. He had literally TWO singles that flopped like a fish. Runaway? Sucked dick and barely made it on the billboard. Power? Sucked horribly, a five year old could come up with those lyrics. His album has twelve songs that nearly all have features, and that’s the album of the year?
    Hahaha. Give me a fucking break.

  • King Izzy2West

    Em fans gotta quit hating. kanye killed it this year em just did em nothing special

  • fuk waka

    im a huge EM FAN! BUT

    good fridays, MDTF, his videos, his creativity and much moreeee
    I SAY… they got it RIGHT! well done MTV!

  • BEN 10


  • thadon

    Kanye west cd was a wack ass ep. Only 3 good songs he aint saying nothing no substance. He is not a rapper. “Ill leave ur face looking captain crunchy” gtf out of here! He is just a dope composer/producer NOT a rapper he’s above the soulja boy list.

    He’s number in this “rapper” list<<<<
    Kanye,justin bieber waka flacka,far east movement, soulja boy, jerk boyz, Lmfao,pit bull, t pain ,
    #nuffsaid_cant deny the truth

  • the One

    Wow these Em fans are too much…. Em did his thing but it was the same thing he always does except this time he did it sober. Now if your talking about re-inventing yourself and re-inventing the game come on people you have to give it to Kanye. Case in point how many artist have you seen use ballerina dancers in there performance since Kanye?? Also you got people like Diddy trying to be a broke down version of Kanye… Dude re-invented the game this year and took hip hop to a whole new level.

  • Nathaniel

    em sell a lot of records and had big pop singles.

    what kanye does for hip hop culture, pop culture, and just sheer influence on entire genres can’t be paralleled. his innovations… it’s ridiculous. he generates interest (word to 50) and media frenzy while always delivering worthy product.

    the Power video
    runaway the short film
    good fridays
    the critical acclaim and commercial success (so far) of his album. AND the way he brought so much of hip hop, legends and current stars, together in hawaii to work on music this yr. this is history making shit. the production on the album. etc etc etc

    and wait for the tour. it’ll be crazy. AND the monster video.

  • TVA

    What did Em do other than drop and album and sell a bunch of copies and do 4 tour dates with Hov? Ye made a 90 second music video then a 45 minute music video to accompany an album that had vocals from everybody including Elton John and was co-produced by hip hop legends. Started a series of weekly drops that had the internet nuts to see what was coming next. Had media outlets checking his twitter like he was CNN and had breaking news but was talking about over indulgent flossing shit and pulled off a major PR comeback of Michael Vick proportions after having one of the biggest cultural meme’s of last year with the “I’mma let you finish….. greatest _____ of all time” on top of getting name checked above 2 wars and one of the greatest natural disasters in our nations history as a President’s worst moment in office.

    Em came out and dropped a record and sold a bunch of units like he always does even with the 3 mediocre albums.(Eminem Show, Encore and Relapse) nothing special to see here.

  • UK-London

    Kanye= Gay of the Year
    kanye good producer but as rapper =wack

  • “Ill leave ur face looking captain crunchy”

    Kanye west cd was a wack ass ep. Only 3 good songs he aint saying nothing no substance. He is not a rapper. “Ill leave ur face looking captain crunchy” gtf out of here! He is just a dope composer/producer NOT a rapper he’s above the soulja boy list.

    He’s number in this “rapper” list<<<<
    Kanye,justin bieber waka flacka,far east movement, soulja boy, jerk boyz, Lmfao,pit bull, t pain ,
    #nuffsaid_cant deny the truth

  • “Ill leave ur face looking captain crunchy”

    He’s number in this “rapper” list<<<<
    Kanye,justin bieber waka flacka,far east movement, soulja boy, jerk boyz, Lmfao,pit bull, t pain ,
    #nuffsaid_cant deny the truth

  • Nathaniel


    well said. i didn’t even mention the news media being all up ye’s ass. he’s been fighting them, too. from lauer, to two presidents. he’s the man of the yr, hip hop wise. it ain’t even an argument.

    i swear these crackas (and niggas who think they crackas) *big rube* stay tryna hand hip hop and rap music over to eminem. well y’all can’t have it, b. sorry. we (yes, we blacks) are too strong. we ARE hip hop niggas, in every sense and facet of the word. YOU’re only customers. ha!

  • Nathaniel

    not ALL crackas… (and niggas who think they crackas) …but a lot of y’all. peace to eminem.

  • Word

    FIRST, Lemme say this. GOOD SHIT KANYE. Congratulations, when I saw Drake at 3 I knew itd be Em or Kanye at the tope spot and it was you. Congrats. Good year..

    WITH THAT BEING SAID, I hope you happy you fucking faggot. All this dude cries about is when the media hates on him or whatever. Now everyone sucking his dick again so you better not bitch not ONCE. Great sales, great reviews, average material IMO (College Dropout was way better) but everyone kissing your ass now. Thats the only way this nigga will ever be truly satisfied. When everyone is on their knees suckin his dick. He swears everyone is against and that white people dontt care about him or black people, yet look at all the great reviews by these WHITE people, great sales cuz you know for a fact white people bought this shit, and now MTV on your dick? Thats the white mans favorite entertainment station. All im saying is from now on STFU about the media not fucking with you. Please and thank you.

  • not fucking around

    Its funny that people even get into this MTV BULLSHIT, MTV has no credibility what-so-ever so it wouldn’t surprise me if they picked LIL B… Ye had sum unique sounds but most of his lyrics were doo doo compared to previous efforts from kanye… im sick of hearing him whine about his problems, it obvious that he creates alot of problems for him self (ie t.swift) because he is such an over the top asshole, so why the fuck do i want to listen to lyrics like that when its always you kanye whos making a mess yof your like? grow the fuck up dude stop making black ppl look bad! kanye over rated

  • Word

    Congrats again though

  • Word

    And MBDTF is barely Hip Hop. Its good music, but its not Hip Hop.A couple tracks like Monster and So Appalled are, but Lost in the World is hip hop to you guys?

  • not fucking around

    b.o.b. deserves this more then kanye, first year out and hes got the most top ten singles of any rapper this year, had 2 in the top 5 at once, opened for em and jay, got 5 grammy nods, C’MON SON!!!! he just went gold too

  • not fucking around

    @WORD said
    “He swears everyone is against and that white people dontt care about him or black people…”
    i feel you homie…. but its not like kanye does any thing to make this better, year after year he makes abad name for himself and black ppl in general then he whines about racism and shit when he is the biggest nigger of all

  • King Jugganott

    That’s what’s up. His CD was a straight Masterpiece!! He did Good Fridays and put a twist on it and now people are trying to do what he did. His disk is moving hip hop forward while Eminem put out some shit that’s just flat Hip Hop. Hip Hop is about growth bruh…not just putting out dope beats and rhymes…when you are in Kanyes, JayZ or Eminems spot you have the money…so now it’s about moving the art form forward. Eminem is doing the same shit that Nelly, MC Hammer, LL Cool J and the likes of Nas have all done. Raped the game for the cash and the didn’t move it forward consistantly. Kanye, Nicki, Wayne, Drake…Currenensy are moving that shit wider and changing it. I’m just saying. MTV got SOMETHING right. Congrats Kanye

  • WTF!!?!!

    Hold Up (Nate Dogg Voice)..

    Well Congrats To Kanye Man!! Big Kanye Fan But I Thought MBDTF Was Fuckin Pop/RnB More Then It Was Hip-Hop..In My Eyes The Album Was Below Average!!..i Think My Nigga!! Nas,Llyod Banks,B.o.B,Bun B,J.Cole And My White Nigga Em! Been Crazy This Year I Aint Been An Em Fan Sice 2003 But Damn Nigga Was Crazy This Year….All In All My Top 5 Men Of The Year (No Homo)
    4.Bun B

    But Im Not Hating Respect To Kanye!!

    Dont Hate…Appreciate!!

  • Bill

    Fuck MTV!!!!!

  • Belize

    It WAS more Em’s year, but Congratulations Kanye. Also deserved it.

  • What the FUCK are you Kanye dick riders talking about? It’s amazing how stupid you idiots can sound trying to recite the hype and buzzwords Kanye West throws down your throats as if they mean anything. He’s a “cultural” phenomenon? He “influences” pop culture?

    Let’s get something straight, the only reason “pop culture” gives a fucking rats ass about Kanye was because of the Taylor Swift incident (which was hilarious), that’s it. His two singles did squat on the billboard because they weren’t that great and nobody was feeling them. His album was poor, it was nothing more than a feature packed mess which we’re all expected to think is some great album because Kanye thinks so. Not happening, and I’m not buying the hype. The lyrics were shit, the beats were meh, and the ideas behind the tracks weren’t as impressive as he thinks they were. He then made a 90 second video which was in slow motion, using green screen, and showing off completely fucking random objects and images that he believes are connected because he’s some far left fuck wit who’s obsessed with the idea of being an “artist”. Again, you have to be an absolute Kanye stan to think that video did anything beyond being a complete waste of 90 seconds.

    And his 40 minute video? Again, same thing. Slow motion shit, random images that we’re all supposed to think are revolutionary or groundbreaking simply because Kanye thinks so. Ballerinas in a video, THAT’S what you think is groundbreaking? So if I threw in twenty odd circus clowns juggling apple pie and puppies in synchronization and slow motion I would be a pop culture phenomenon and my music would be groundbreaking? Fuck off.

    Does anyone here realize that people make fun of Kanye? Most everyone outside of hip-hop (and a considerable number of hip hop fans too) thinks he’s the most arrogant son of a bitch they’ve ever seen and couldn’t care less about what he does. They aren’t impressed by him in the least and they see him as nothing more than a man baby who cries when he doesn’t get what he wants.

    I’d also just like to point out that most of the people who say he’s “legendary” or “the goat” have no fucking idea what that even means. The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, The Rolling Stones, Tupac and Biggie, Jimi Hendrix, Micheal Jackson, Mozart, Beethoven, Frank Sinatra, these are just a few of the truly legendary artist(s) in this world. These artist and musicians never once said they WANTED to be legendary or some fuckin overly artsy artist, they just wanted to make music they felt was necessary or interesting. And not all were legendary because of their music necessarily, but sometimes because of who they were, what they did, what happened to them, how much popularity they achieved, ect.

    So yeah, keep sucking down the love juice from an artist who will never be considered truly great by anyone with half a brain and a shred of common sense.

  • Truest

    Men lie Women lie MTV lie numbers don’t.

  • sideshowRaheem


    I their is so much wrong with that lengthy comment it’s staggering.

  • Kofi


    If you honestly think the The Rolling Stones didn’t say they wanted to be legendary you’re a true fucking retard. In fact almost every artist you named had an ego especially Micheal Jackson and Frank Sinatra you fucking idiot.

  • blackmamba

    what did em do besides drop an album?…nada
    ye had good fridays, an album and a short film
    btw…MBDTF > Recovery

  • the One

    So let me get this straight your telling me that billboard and popular opinion decides on what’s groundbreaking and what’s not?? SMH So let me ask you this, was Ready to Die a groundbreaking Cd?? If so how many tracks off it made to the billboard hot 100 better yet how many commercial hits came off it? When I say commercial I’m not talking hip hop commercial I’m talking main stream commercial like Vanilla Ice and Em Em ? Just curious maybe you could help me…

  • blackmamba

    having no billboard hits means nothing…have you seen some of the crappy songs that do chart?

  • @the One

    Haha, whoa whoa whoa, let’s take it back here. You think Vanilla Ice and Eminem are mainstream (the two white artists too, racist much?) AND KANYE ISN’T?

    One second please…








  • the One

    Actually this shows me how small you really think … This really has nothing to do with race were talking numbers and how credible numbers really are. Although if you want to take it to the race thing we can do that to although it’s really a whole different subject in itself.
    Pick your poison Black I can play on any side, but we talking about numbers and what is groundbreaking so let’s keep it there for now. SMH
    Lol! Some dudes…

  • Nathaniel

    lol they goin in on Black. carry on

  • Nathaniel

    niggas gotta be able to separate their personal dislike for a person/artist from how relevant the artist is, and how they manipulate music history. it’s really that simple (not easy), but yes… that simple.

  • WTF!!?!!


    Kanye Won Stip hating Ebery Artist Wants To Be ‘Legendary’ No Matter What Anybody Says In My Eyes Em Did Alot THis Year Home From Home Concert,Entourage,Album,Lots Off Collabs(Well For Em Its Alot),The Soup,SNL And Dont Forget He Just Agreed To Do The New Movie ‘Southpaw’..Plus he Has The Biggest Single Internationally Not Just Nationally!!..But Kanye Did Alot Too..In My Eyes Im A Kanye Fan Im A Dickrider Big Style Son i Been Following Him Before He Blew Met Him Twice Once After A Gig In Chicago And Once when He Was At 106 and Park..So im A Huge Fan But MBDTF Was Rubbish To Me It Seemed Less Hip Hop Then 808 Did! True Ther some Bangers On There Power And Monster But Apart From That It’s Not Even A Good LP..
    Overall I Think If Kanye Released His LP in June And Em Released His In November Everyone Would Be Putting Em As #1 Album Number #1 Man

  • Nathaniel


    that shit you said was hilarious. but in some ways i feel the same. i hope ye is happy now, he’s getting the respect and accolade he always wanted. that shit is temporary though… because “they” don’t really care/give a fuck about us. (c) MJ/2pac

    the sooner he realizes this and stops seeking approval, the better… and the more fulfilling life will be, lol. smh…

  • @ the One

    You must be delusional. But fine, let’s talk numbers.

    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – “…with first-week sales of 496,000 copies in the United States”

    Seriously? With how much you hype this guy up, him being the biggest “pop icon”, having all this influence, and being a hip hop “legend”, he couldn’t even go gold in his first week? And if numbers don’t fucking count, why talk about how “big” his influence is? How can he be man of the year (according to MTV) and not even go gold his first week? How can he be this mega super duper amazing great legend influence on hip hop and pop culture and NOT EVEN GO GOLD?

    Power – “The single spent eight weeks and peaked at number 22 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart”

    Runaway – “…was officially released to the iTunes Store on October 4, 2010. It spent six weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 12 on the chart.”

    So his singles didn’t do anything impressive, his album sure as fuck didn’t do anything impressive…I’m confused. What is so impressive about him? How the fuck can you possibly praise a dude for being a “cultural” icon and some influence on hip hop and pop and yet he doesn’t do big numbers?

    People love to say numbers don’t matter, bla bla bla. But they do. They don’t always represent what’s “best”, but certainly what’s popular. And when I’m constantly seeing Kanye stans with his dick in their mouths spouting how he’s some fuckin messiah of pop, an “INFLUENCE”, a god damn legend, and he can’t even fucking go gold in his first week sales, has two shitty ass singles that can’t even go top 10, what the fuck is he? He’s just another artist, that’s what. He ain’t doing anything outside the generic hip hop fan base. So in contrast, he ain’t shit. He isn’t an influence. He isn’t a legend outside of hip hop, unlike the Beatles or Aretha Franklin who are recognized as great throughout the world, and he isn’t guiding pop culture in any way. Fact is, his stans are ridiculous.

    Which again brings me back to my point, the only reason this idiot is recognized (or talked about) AT ALL is because of his MANY outbursts like the Taylor Swift incident or George W. Bush incident before that. He’s a fucking man baby who essentially kicked and screamed his way to name recognition.

    But you wouldn’t ever see that talking to one of his stans (or him, to be honest), because they’ll both have you believe he’s some fucking larger than life figure who does ground breaking work.

    Well, here’s one person who ain’t buying the hype. Here’s one person with a level head. Here’s one person who isn’t gonna let someone force feed me buzzwords instead of letting the work speak for itself.

  • @Black Wow lets be honest. Youre white and if not you still cant prove me wrong lol. So you actually believe a artist who sell more units deserve to win every award just for selling album? Go join the circus clown. Let be serious for all we know interscope could just bought most of the album. Please never comment again! You clearly arguring b/c your boyfriend em isnt number one? Recovery was and always will be apiece of shit just like your long ass story! So if you can actually listen to that whole album straight you deserve a purple heart fuck a award.

  • @Black Panther

    Dear n|gg3r (that’s you),

    I’m not white. I’m not a fan of Em (I never once brought him up, go back and read. Wait, N|gg3rs do know how to read, right?). I’m not arguing in Em’s favor. I’m arguing against ignorant delusional Kanye fans like yourself who think he is a larger than life, culture influencing, world legend, when he clearly isn’t.

    It’s pretty pathetic that you’ll attack an artist (Eminem) based purely on the color of his skin to try and “get back” at people who disagree with you who are of the same color. That is absolutely asinine in this day and age. Never once did I attack Kanye for him being black (nor will I ever, that’s not why this argument started), but thank you for showing how uneducated, unintelligent, and pathetic you are for having to resort to that kind of racial bigotry in an argument that doesn’t even warrant it.

    As for Recovery, again, I’m not an Eminem fan. I don’t know why you’re even bringing it up to be honest. But I don’t hate Eminem. Why you would HATE or DISLIKE an artist because his music doesn’t appeal to you is dumb. It’s what a dumb person would do. See I don’t HATE Kanye despite me thinking he’s an arrogant little prick who needs to have a reality check. I don’t like his music, or his stans, but I have no ill-feelings toward the guy. You, on the other hand, you racist no good uneducated waste of oxygen scumbag of a human being? I could honestly care less about you.

    Please get yourself an education, or at the very least a conscience, before that stupid ass impulse to be a moron (or a racist) catches up with you one day.

    By the way, I was born in Brazil and moved to Boston for college. Now you can insult Brazilian people too.

  • Tru


    That “can’t even go gold” statement is irrelevant, so get off it, numbers don’t lie, you’re right, and they serve as a visual representation of popularity, you’re also right…

    But since when did “Going Gold”, become the cut off limit for being good? Jay-z didn’t touch anywhere near 70,000 in his first week this year with whatever he released, and although you haven’t said anything against him, according to your “Go gold or go home”, standard Jay-z sucks ass, and if that’s what you’re saying you’re stupid.

    Eminem is trash, straight trash, I used to mess with him, but I’m tired of his same shit, “oops I fucked up, no wait stans I’m better now, lemme rap about it with relevant artitst to show you”… So the guy cant cleverly put words together… So can I…

    And after reading your post I saw you make an album of the year statement… Yes Black… This “Nigg3r” was reading, the whole point of this was that “MTV” voted him man of the year, now unless you’re the “MTV” spokesperson, and you’re just posting things on here about kanye sucking to pull our pubic hairs, shut the fuck up about it… Kanye is MTV’s man of the year like it or not… And if you don’t, I’m sure kanye can pull one of his many MTV astronaut trophies to plug your ass and all the bullshit that spills out of it…

  • tr


    hahah, I can’t believe you wrote an essay. Just enjoy the music, it ain’t that deep.

    It’s basically a toss-up between Ye and Em but the thing is Em put out Relapse last year.

    And smfh at you thinking that numbers define quality of music. If you seriously think he kicked and screamed his way to the top, you gotta do your homework and check his credentials.

  • @Black Youre full of shit and yourself. You didnt have to say anything about em it was already imply. What artist came up second place? Who had the highest selling album of the year? So you cant tell me this isnt connected. Wow you need to get a life since you can type a story of why kanye is bah this and bah that! Stans love to bring up the units sold and quote jay-z. And quit lying live in yo mom basement ha! So it is what it em stan.

  • King Izzy2West

    its funny how u snub kanye for not having a #1 single on BILLBOARD but yet, Billboard named My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy overall ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!! get the fuk outta here stop typing long and pointless comments that prove nothing at all. its haterz lyk u that can’t ever appreciate anything

  • the One

    @ Black
    I suggest you find another board to comment on like Teen beet or Sweet 16, I don’t know what the new pop websites are but you need to find one of them as I truly believe this one is just way to advanced for your Juvenile opinions and views within the hip hop music business. Now as for your racist remarks, that just shows who is really behind that keyboard!!! I’m thinking no actually I know that were dealing with some small 3″ dick white boy or non black kid who’s mad that we always get our shine even when we coming from the bottom like Kanye did we rise like a fucking Phoenix !! You best believe this bitch we always rise and there is nothing you can do about it!! Just accept that bro!! We the ones fucking your sisters and mothers and for you your wife !! Deal wit it kid we da best!! Cause if you can hate on Kanye that strong then you have to be a hater and a racist!!!
    Bow down bitch bow down!!

  • KIDD

    Even though i love em, i got to give it to kanye.