• King Jugganott

    LMAO @ Kokane…..man, these Left coast niggas is clowns. This shit sounds like the soundtrack for a cartoon character.

  • pap-game

    This Shiiit Iz Crazyy I Like It

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  • ben

    husalah is the biggest rapper on the westcoast right now. i like nipsey, but i dont know one person who fucks with him.

  • ?Kokane? Wow i guess the name jack ass was already taken lol. He wont never blow if he hang around lame name after a illegal drug the west is fucking wack!!! I feel better now.

  • YM

    Great track, yelawolf would be dope on some remix…

  • Kokane been around for yrs.. I’m from the east and I know that….

    “Bosses don’t pay for pussy”

  • Belize


  • Stop

    Nipsey on point with this… And he took shots at dre lol

  • Hahaha

    @King Jugganot
    what, about Kokane!??
    you fucking jealous, hating ass niggas don’t like any music but retarded shit.
    keep that weak shit on your own coast faggot!!!

    @assasin knows the deal…

    WEST COOOOOOOOOAST muthafuckaaaas!!

    P.S. name a singer that can fuck with kokane
    (besides singers on the west & Devin the dude)

  • Hahaha

    you stupid cunt..Kokane is already known on the west.
    and he doesnt wanna blow cause he’s loyal to his music and doesnt wanna join bitch ass major labels.
    stay mad cause your weak ass coast doesn’t have any good singers…
    thats why yall pussies waiting on Detox & ask Nate Dogg to sing on hooks for yall Lames that can’t make a decent single!

    WEST is the BEST

  • U made cause the west suck? Poor baby let me rip you a new azz hoe! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! WEST COAST IS A PIECE OF SHIT ! AND WHO THE FUCK CHECK FOR A WASH UP RAPPER AND A SICK AVERAGE SINGER? WACK AZZ ALBUM LIKE DETOX HA! REALLY TOOK HIM AWEEK TO MAKE! EVERYCOST>>WESTCOST! KOKANE LOOOOOOOOOL!!!!

  • ?MAD?

  • honesty

    naa husalah is not hot on the west no more bro….but nipsey aint the only one on the west bro he dope but he need to quit with all that shit like he the only one

  • King Jugganott

    LMBO @ Hahaha…..nigga you funny.

  • King Jugganott

    Nigga Kokane sound like a fucking wineo. Joke nigga track. LOL…”The UntouchaabooooLL”. Ole Hip Hop Count Blackula Track. LOL got the organs and shit like 94 on some shit. LOL

  • Mississippi Fella

    I’m from the wack ass south but I even know Blu holding down the west coast by himself

  • this sounds hype also i am exploring my options here okay…

  • hoffa

    whos popping on the east right now thats new again? oh yea nobody.lol ni**as cant make songs on the eastcoast. u ni**as let clowns like funkflex rep ya? disrespect the dead but when he was alive he was quiet.. u eastcoast clowns snatch our style, gang bangin, our slang but wanna disrespect? jim jones juelz wiz soulja boy tone trump waka etc dickriding westcoast swagger 100 but we wack? fu*k outta here

  • you are infact a fag

    who the fuck ever is dissin kokane is on krack. Koka has been around since the early 90s at LEAST . I own a copy of “Funk upon a rhyme” which is possibly one of the most underrated hip hop albums ever , if not only cause of its unique way to blend the funk with the rap. KOKAFUNK FOR LIFE!