New Video: Wisin Y Yandel Ft. 50 Cent x T-Pain “No Dejemos Que Se Apague”

[vodpod id=Video.5144085&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Fif and T-Pain are accomplices as Wisin and Yindel pull out a robbery and a high speed chase with their latest motion picture. Directed by Jessy Terrero.

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  • Belize

    What the fuck does that mean? Shame on you Fif, workin with these Mexicans.

  • Big Homie

    ^ Puerto Ricans

  • shame on you wisin, workign with these americans.

  • ^^Wow racist? Respect his hustle just b/c they have many joints together.

  • 50 KILLED IT!!!!!!!

  • who can’t tell a puetro rican from a mexican? LMFAO you can tell these niggas live in the middle of no where

  • LongLungz DUH

    Lil B is the best!!!!



  • wtflol


  • ITS OK…


  • LongLungz DUH

    Lil b taught me to have self confidence i used to b shy and nervouse, but now, now i feel like a Pretty B!tch.

    Yup b jealous

  • Hahaha

    Hahahaha WOW that was the most Ignorant shit I’ve ever read…
    if you’re gonna Insult, do it right…smh

    and enough Wisin bullshieeeeet
    keep that shit at Reggaeton Radar!!!

  • Belize

    Puerto Ricans, whatever. They all the same to me.

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  • da don d

    fuck @Belize pussy ass nigga disrespectin races

  • Ernest

    Ohh my godness god!!! Kill me, KILL ME NOW!!!

  • confurious

    @Belize ur the greatest man! cant tellem apart either!

  • Pat

    Niggers are all the same to me too.

  • Honkey are all the same to me too.

  • Belize

    @James: exactly. Pretty much all white people tho. Lil white kids, white women. thanks @confurious.

  • i love this video they all should work together again pretty….i love this….

  • ZoomZoom


    LIL B>>>>>>>>>> THIS

  • confurious

    @belize u chink or jap? lol

  • Cool video!!!

  • Belize

    @confurious: lmao, I’m not Asian. Creole.

  • OhSyx

    Finally fif not makin corny raps like she twirkin, she workin…this is the fif I wanna hear

  • A million things run thru my mind

    some dumb ignorant asses on here

  • E-Hustle

    Damn, 98% of yall fools in here are retarded and racist. Anyways, video is good, the beat is straight, and the verses are on point. Good song, though I felt it drags on a little too long. 1st time 50 & T-Pain been in a video and did a song together. Shit was good.
    Too bad I don’t know what them dudes are saying though. lol!
    I might have to download this on iTunes to support my boy Fif.

  • @Belize

    U are a ReTARDed FUCK!!!!!!!!!

  • mac PREMIUM

    50 Cent killed it,Wisin did as well…why would 50 cent get on a song with reageton stars? they are the biggest regeton stars known by most of the hispanics 50 getting on this song would grab the attention of mexicans, puerto ricans, any hispanics that dont really listen to rap or hip hop. They have already made a song together called mujeres in the club and it was hot! every mexican was bumpin it..and it was helpful for 50 to regain some fans…..50 gonna do it big with his next album. you cant say 50 didnt kill it…and as for the spanish…all the mexicans/purto ricans/hispanics that dont know english r like what da fuck is this nigga sayin…so dont even complain lol

  • AlexRmF

    pretty good, but Mujeres en el club was better… also, the video it’s almost an ideal copy of “The Town” even the scene when Yandel meets the girl again at the laundry service

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