Al Lindstrom 2010 Most Improved MC

There’s only 11 days left until the New Year, which means more end of the year lists are coming. Allindstrom asks YN, Angela Yee, Riggs of Shady Records, and others their choice for the most improved artist of 2010. Some selections may surprise ya. What’s yours?

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  • Mook

    Peter Rosenberg shut the fuck up. Sales has nothing to do with Eminem improving. SMH dude obviously doesn’t know rap. MIA of 2010 is a tie between Ross and Wiz. Ross because every album he and his albums get better. Wiz because he went mainstream this year without changing who he was as a person and still keeping the same group of fans…The Taylor Gang. Hell listen to Kush & OJ and compare it to his older mixtapes and you can definitely see improvement in his flow. Both Ross and Wiz have a great ear for beats aswell.

  • Reg

    I actually agree with mostly everyone on the list… idk about Budden though… there should also be a biggest fall off category, cuz I can List alot!

  • ceebo

    I think that charles hamilton is the most improved…he reminds me of the days of lord finess and the gravediggas…fuck u YN hahah…im gettin mufukkin moneyyyyyy… up in the masonic octagon temples lol

  • Mook

    Yea Angela what the hell she talking about Joe Budden? He didn’t improve he’s exactly the same as he was last year.

  • Reg

    Peter Rosenberg doesnt know Rap?? wow bold comment… and he’s speaking of this year, so essentially from Relapse to Recovery HUGE improvement…

  • Mook

    I agree with the improvement from Relapse to Recovery…but watch the vid again he was bragging out em selling out shows…album sales…nothing else. That has nothing to do with improving. That’s like saying since Kanye cd sold only 500k first week and LR/Graduation did more numbers then Kanye didn’t improve any…GTFOH clearly MBDTF is Kanyes BEST album to date and there is clear improvement…

  • notaurious

    Ross is hands down the most improved MC of 2010. His old stuff was garbage. Now I’m always interested in what Rick is gonna say. Every track he’s a guest on he dominates it or at least makes you feel his presence when he’s on the mic. He finally has dope rhymes to match his amazing production.

    Pusha T and Joe Budden have been the exact same for years. Both still amazing MCs.

    I can somewhat agree with Banks and Em cause they breathed new life in to their careers when no one cared. In terms of rhyme skill it never left more people are paying attention.




  • B.Dot

    Yea Angela what the hell she talking about Joe Budden? He didn’t improve he’s exactly the same as he was last year.
    i gotta agree. sorry, ang

  • WTF!!?!!

    @mook disagree there im a kanye faboy but his last 2 albums been trash it’s contempry PopRnB..

    Most Impoved…B.o.B,Wiz,Ross,Budden And Pusha T
    Most Fell Off…Kanye,50 Cent,TI,Tony Yayo And Drake

    C’mon Kanye,Em And Jay 2011 Step Ya Fuckin’ Game Up!!

  • Chi-Town


  • Santa

    Completely honestly, YN made some great points about Rick Ross. Im not a fan, but this time last year, it looked like Fitty had close to polished him off. Now, Teflon Dons already sold more than Before I Self Destruct in half the time.

    Wiz was a great answer too, I wouldnt have picked him as the guy to blow up like he did this year.

  • Santa

    and cosign @WTF!!?!! on the Kanye thing

    MBDTF has been out for a month now, can we stop dickriding yet?

  • I don’t know how people say ross improved when he’s still garbage as a rapper. In terms of actual rapping I can’t think of any lines or flows where Ross is just killing the competition. His whole appeal is his aura/charisma. Outside of the character “rick ross” and those beats, he’s shit. These beats are saving him something fierce.

    As far as those knocking Budden, I’m pretty sure you guys have not listened to MM4. While I probably wouldn’t say he was most improved, he’s definitely moving in the right direction and MM4 was really good. Wiz is most improved in the sense that he came out of nowhere and Kush & OJ was a really solid project.

  • wow smfh

    none of the artists mentioned in this put out a top notch album or a classic. The closest was kanye but how can he be considered most improved when he had so many features on his album. this was so wack….

    no love for curren$y? or david banner for releasing some quality music with 9th? black milk’s album was pretty solid lyrically as well

    these fools only talk about mainstream rap and thats what i dont like about this website.. too much fuggin mainstream. i still love the site because of how clean it is but we need more variety.. stop riding these mainstream artists so much when other dudes are spitting without recognition

  • wow smfh

    that being said.. ross was wack and still is pretty wack but he was so bad before that the only thing he could do was improve… still a fuggin joke tho

  • PPL

    Most have not changed a bit, only one I notice a real obvious improvement is Rick Ross.

  • ifuckinhatehaters

    @ the 2 guys above me

    The question was who is the MOST IMPROVED- not the best rapper, the most classics, the best mixtape, whos “killing the competition”, none of that shit.

    The only question is- Between this time last year, and right now, who made the most progress?

  • ifuckinhatehaters

    actually that was @ the 2 guys above “PPL” lol

  • Word

    Ross regressed IMO. I feel like Deeper Than Rap > Teflon Don overall song wise. I guess he sorta improved skill wise but i dunno.

    Kanye West, imean from year to year I guess he improved cuz 808s was ass and this was better soo…College Dropout was better though

    Banks, definately improved a lot. He gets my most improved award.

    Wiz, imean i dont listen to Wiz like that so I cant say. But Black and Yellow is crazy so points for that.

    Joe Budden, dude stayed the same. Which is great cuz he nice already

    Eminem, if you talking about rapping wise from relapse to recovery? Yes, huge improvement. Subject matter wise, imean his flow and voice is great sometimes (living proof) but a little too much sometimes too (need a doctor) so good improvement

    Pusha T was always nice, people are only just noticing it for some reason but dude nice though i feel like he runner up in my MIA list.

    Also, Big Boi should be mentioned…he improved ALOT…lyrically, made a classic album that was slept on…etc etc. Dude had a good album no one checked out. Curren$y also showed improvement but he was always good as well. 50 improved a little just because he focused on rap now.

    Cole improved also song making wise, dude always been lyrical so i understand leaving him out

    Biggest fall off? Wayne (never gonna be on C2 level again) Drake (mixtapes were waaaay better, he regressed) Nicki (same as drake) etc etc. No hate

  • Slegiher

    cosign pretty much everything @Word just said

    although I thought Banks, Budden and Pusha all stayed pretty much the same, but just got some recognition this year

  • WTF!!?!!

    @ Word Agreed Wit Everything But The 50 Thing He Concentrating To Much On Movies!!

    I Feel Banks Improved Alot.He Stepped Out From The Shadow Of 50 And G unit And Really Branched Out.
    Eminem Recovery>>>>Relapse Simple As Lyrics,Emotion,Flo,Delivery,Replay-ability(if Thats A Word Lol) He Improved Alot But Everyone Hatin Saying He Aint Cos It’s Em!

  • Itz Yourz

    Most improving….Steve Martin

    I figure if everybody else (ang yee, peter rosen) is saying dumb shit, im might as well too.

  • belly

    i’ll give u wiz, ill give u ross, but em, ye, joe, and banks…….GTFOH

  • WTF!!?!!

    Paul rosenberg Looks Like A Poor Dana White Haha

  • Blv


  • WTF!!?!!

    I Mean Peter rosenberg Looks Like A Poor Dana White Haha

  • ihatehaters

    most improved is rick ross

    eminem got worse

  • Mook

    To the people that are saying Kanye didn’t improve…you guys must have never heard “Gorgeous”…which is easily Kanyes best lyrical song to date. Period. Don’t let that distorted voice fool you.

    “Act like I ain’t have the belt and two classics… I ain’t got it I’m coming after whoever who has it…I’m coming after whoever who has it! You blowing up that’s good fantastic”

  • D-manded



  • Sleigher

    @Mook although I disagree completely about Kanye improving overall, Gorgeous was definitely a decent song

    So u know, the actual lyrics are “act like I aint have a belt in 2 classes”, as if hes a fighter and hes got the Middleweight and Welterweight title belts or something. The metaphor being that his production and lyrics are the 2 separate classes.

  • original will

    gotta go with Banks becuz Banks hasnt had an album or a sinlge out since 2006 and for him to come bacc with a mixtape song that was so hot that i turned into a single that also certified and damn near everybody rapping a verse to it

    like Banks making a comebacc selling anything 500 k is like if Chingy or J-Kwon or Rich Boy just popped up and sold 500 k shit not happening

    dude is the only artist where most of features are coming from old enemies(Joe buddens, Jadakiss, Lloyd, Even game mark ass was trying to ride the wave until Banks slapped his handshake out the way) that tell you dope when damn near all your enemies are trying to get you on a tracc then he got cosigns from Ye, Em, I heard Nas was going to be on one of his records

    like how has ricc ross improved dude went from 500 k with top 20 singles to 500 k with no top 20 singles how is that improving

    Banks had no deal what other artist with no deal do you know in this time of day signs with a big label name like capitol after 4 years of silence improvement has to go to Banks or Kanye becuz they both came bacc from silence with two big ass bangs with Power and BBB and Rotten Apple and 808s is what they left on so it would have to be out of those two when you got a G-unit song playing in the south without young bucc or 50 on there you doing something right when you got Kanye West Saying G-unit on a Song and quoting 50 cent Nigga is doing something big

  • original will

    these artist had the hood on smash for a week or two at the best Kanye and Banks had at least one song every week with everybody bumping that shit every week with a new hot song and now they got niggas doing a terrible job swagjaccing their promotion

  • Irony

    ^kinda ironic that they jacked the weekly idea from Crooked I

  • mac DIESEL



  • Bank was stupid to drop his lp on the same day as kanye and nicki! Thats if he actually care about sells then he is dumb. B/c who dont love extra money lol!

  • wow smfh

    i never agree with any of these bullshiiiiit lists. “most improved” is a dumb concept anyways because in order to have a significant improvement, you had to be trash before.

  • j blaze

    Agreed wit a lot that was said here. But how yall gonna sleep on Curren$y??? If anyones inproved its deff spitta. I just became a fan this year. So when i picked up sum of his old i can understand why i sleept on em. Hes on his grind now nd has deff inproved

  • Cosign @Word & Original Will

    Banks has stepped up so much in terms of Production choices, Lyrics, Prescence. Shit, even the clarity of his voice has improved from the gruff stuff from like 03 to 09. Plus, even though mad niggas was dickriding the whole weekly thing, the only other series of significance mentioned was Blue Friday.

    Side note: I know niggas is going to talk about the Crooked I series. Long story short, let’s just not…..

  • casper21

    People bigging up Ross’ improvement make me wonder. He very likely has better ghostwriters than he did on his first record, but if ya’ll saying his flow and rapping ability improved there must be someone else in his ear guiding him, because nothing about Ross is authentic, so thinking this is all him is likely naive. not to disrespect ross fans here, just being realistic.

  • ^^ Ross was always a good writer, it’s just that the catchy songs were gettin the most attention —

    ORIGINAL WILL SAYS… like how has ricc ross improved dude went from 500 k with top 20 singles to 500 k with no top 20 singles how is that improving

    u just answered ur own question, he sold records without true hit songs that the radio plays over and over or hit billboard.

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Niyemortal



  • original will


    radio played them shits and it was in clubs shit just didnt chart high then not only that every song had one of the biggest video budgets Ive seen from the stacey dash and biker Gang video to ashton martin video ross had some promo banks did shit without promo

    Banks BBB hit 500 k it didnt touch top 20 either

    everybody reference Crooked I Crooked I is one of the most underrated rappers funny thing is this guy is so nice but i gurantee if you ask 10 niggas from the coast who they top 5 on the west is right now at least 8 of them not going to say crooked i niggas on the coast dont even know shit about crooked i

  • Belize

    most improved emcee? I think the good ones make effort to stay good, so that’s kind of a dumb question imo.

  • @Mac

    not a stan, just calling it how it is. Before when Banks used to rhyme, it was like he was mumbling and shit, but his production value has improved. There were a lot of times the Blue Friday Drops were better than the GOOD Friday drops. The article was about most improved, not the best. Cant deny Banks made a comeback this year.

  • call me crazy, but I would say its Fab. That TNIC2 showed me a whole diff level of MC’in that i thought he had in him but never saw. he pulled out crazy flows and actually made a tape with a consistent theme from front to back. he was also on a number of big records this year too and made a big enough impression wit the mixtape for the label to make it an official release

  • Post no billz

    Im gonna throw tygas name out there he was trash before and now dude can spit…

  • @post no billz

    Tyga has definitely improved but i still think he’s not the most improved

  • Word

    Tyga been nice since his mixtape Black Thought last year so I wouldn’t say he improved


  • wow smfh

    if waka or gucci rhymed a complete sentence that actually made sense than they would have been mentioned as the most improved by default

  • SIkeee

    Ima have to go with Wizzz or Maybe Banks, though we’ve known what he can do…

    Fuck it…Ima go with Ross.
    YN had a great point. haha

    Their should be a biggest fail list @ whoever said it.
    BIggest Producer of the year list, etc etc.
    Best moments etc. yeah ya get it.

  • mmkayy

    imma have to agree wit Riggs sayin Lloyd Banks……..and YO YN ross dont have flow homie lol

  • NewMoney

    i got banks for MIMC
    banks was dropped from a major. didnt have a single or album out since 06
    then out of no where he sold 500k off a single with no major label support.
    he had like 15 new tracks every friday for free plus a dope independent ny album

  • Chris

    Tech N9ne. Yall sleepin on him. Lyrics-wise, he’s always been crazy great. But now he’s improving as an artist, getting recognition. He’s gonna appear on Lil Wayne’s “Carter IV”, Travis Barker’s “Give The Drummer Some” and “The Outlaws’ “Perfect Timing”. And that’s just SO FAR. Who knows, Dre might even get him for Detox!!. And his own album “All 6s And 7s” is slated to have Lil Wayne, Nas, Cee-Lo Green, Eminem (maybe), Nicki Minaj (maybe), Marsha Ambrosius, Raekwon, Kanye West (maybe) and Hopsin (hopefully). Yall gon’ hear about Tech N9ne EVERYWHERE next year! Wake the fuck up!

  • wow smfh

    lol look at all the maybe’s you just said… yeah right bud

  • Its a biitch tryna read past the 50th comment


  • Timothy Adems

    I co-sign that Rick Ross. His improvement is mind boggling. I would also put J. Cole in that lineup. If you listen to the come up and then you listen to FNL the difference is clear.


  • MinajBangher!

    Rosenberg doesn’t know rap????The dude who made that statement needs his blog pass revoked!Em is clearly the most improved just off of the Relapse to Recovery change.He def stepped his game up from 1 album to the next thats a fat!Ross na,still just as wack as when he first came out and Wiz is WAYYYYYYY Overated!Its a shame that hip hop fans are delusional nowadays!Kanye????Please!!!Shady all FUCKING DAY!!!!!!!!!!

  • still best rite now!!

    why RR blocking my comments?

  • My most improved has to be Rick Ross, cosign YN. Before Live Fast, Die Young I wasn’t even hearin Ricky other than EVERYDAY I’M HUSTLIN’ x4 lol… But he opened a lot of ears and came with so much energy. Then, when I thought DIAND was over and ‘Ye was gonna let the beat ride out… In comes Ricky to shut down the song, Lines like “I never needed accceptance from all you outsiders/ Had ciphers with Yeezy before his mouth wired/ before his jaw shattered climbin up the lord’s ladder”
    and “God bless the man i put this ice over/Gettin 2pac money twice over/ still a real ni**a red Coogi sweater dice rolla/ I’m makin love to the angel of death/catchin feelins never stumble retracing my steps”… I didn’t think Ross had it in him

  • I agree with Drama about Kanye, in terms of where he was with 808’s (still a great album, but born out of negativity) and last year’s bullshit… to where he is now with MBDTF… HUGE improvement, he stepped his game up and did the album he’s always wanted to do IMO.

  • Thank Me Hater

    Man yall niggas and this rick ross shit are killing me!! So hip hop as a whole has gone from adoring Jay, Nas, Pac, Pun and Em to loving Rick Ross with his same ole stop and go flow, Wayne who is completely unable to tell a story(all he has is punchlines), Nicki Minaj who can change her voice and cadence so that’s why yall think she’s tight, and Drake who uses the same voice and only rhymes two syllables at the end of his bars? “do yall listen to music or do you just skim through it?”

    So from Jay, Nas, Pac, Em, Pun to Ross, Wayne, Nicki, Drake

    WOW!!!!! DECLINE!!

  • Thank Me Hater

    Fuck it….Slaughterhouse, Lupe, Jay Electronica and J.Cole are the fucking future

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  • your pusha

    it has to ricky rozay most definately

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