Power 105.1 Breakfast Club Ep. 2

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The Breakfast Club’s back at it and in their second webisode, DJ Envy and Angela Yee analyze Charlamagne’s behavior since making peace with Diddy last week.

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  • no idea if this was staged or not, but this was funny as fuck!

  • J.Boss

    Damn diz shit iz staged, if I never staged, I know diz is…#corny.

  • 8888786876

    Heavy on it huh? good we are too now lean back dont cry bout it we aint hearing you so be silent. http://www.thablackyoutube.com millions more billion on oh and over 500,000 females all the time holla! RR you were warned now you will see its not a game let go to war.


    lol at not knowing if this was staged or not, youngbloods I tell ya!

    so anyways, thats crazy that they kissing Puffy’s aSS

    CthaGod got fired from that other station, gueSS he aint tryna get blackballed now.

    N!gga puttin his foot in his mouth

  • Freddy Long

    It was staged guys. *white nerdy voice
    Watch the whole video…

  • Smh at peeps not reading the whole statement. I said “idk if its staged or not” which shows there’s the possibility of it being fake. Even though the way they did it was staged, there was definitely some truths to it. They won’t go on a tirade trying to derail a big artist anymore cuz I’m sure management got on them about it. Same thing when stephen hill at bet got mad at waka, but then next thing you know, smile for the camera. Read it thorough next time, folks



    Niyemortal let me give u a piece of advice ……………

    Are u ready ?!?!?!?

    Drink bleech !

  • @Unlyricalbotox

    lmao go back to school, youngblood.

  • Beezy

    Hmmm… making light of the situation after Diddy made you look like a puss…

    …and this, kids, is what we call “damage control”

  • @Beezy

    Co-sign. Of course its mad goofy how it was done, but they are definitely trying to save face.

  • Jersey

    Yee could get it..

  • JAYE

    Charlamgne’s dancing >>>>>>>>>

  • jay

    Diddy = Illuminati


    Him and Jay run NY.. got to respect it.