Dirty Money React To First Week Sales

As extensive as my interview this morning was, Puff and his crew still have a statement to get off their chests concerning SoundScan. Hey, don’t ever underestimate a Bad Boy. Ha! Men lie, women lie… you know the rest.

“On Monday, the ‘experts’ projected that our ‘Last Train To Paris’ album would move approximately 65k units in its first week. Well, they were wrong. With the help of our fans and the tremendous power of Twitter our debut album skyrocketed to #7 on The Billboard 200 chart scanning more than 100k units. Also this week, our new single, ‘Coming Home’ broke through to the top ten on iTunes. This is an amazing start for a brand new group and for a debut album. We are so thankful!”- Diddy, Dawn, and Kalenna (Diddy-Dirty Money)

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  • davy don

    GOD bless u dirty money.

  • krissy

    i can’t stand diddy. or his manly looking twins

  • krissy

    twins as in his background singers.

  • Belize

    debut? Do they think anyone even cares about the two ugly girls always lookin retarded n shit? Everyone just calls em Diddy. Surprised at the sales too.

  • mikey

    good sales

  • Skeezymak

    Diddy bought half those albums

  • nah

    he copped 50k! lol

  • Fuck Ya Life

    It still ain’t nothing to brag about he still flopped.

  • CONGRATS! Considering the tuff climate ! hug a hater!

  • mac DIESEL



  • the other killa b

    nobody has the damn album in stock in sc

  • Tia

    How the fuck you “skyrocket” to number seven? If it looks like a fail…

  • mitsy

    The LTTP is Ah-mazing! A lot of new albums dropped and I’m constantly needing to hear Diddy and dirty money can sing!! To b hated on is the highest compliment!!!! Been missing Diddy this album is different and keeps you dancing! Thank u Diddy!!!

  • Tia

    This nigga been in the game for 87 years and has the nerve to call it a debut album… Takin two chicks and wearing matching outfits don’t make you a “new” artist, Puff.

  • Eyo

  • LukeCage

    “the tremendous power of Twitter”


  • jacobjones

    He has 3,100,000, followers on twitter, and he sold 100k , translation he tweets better than he raps!!

  • Word

    HDD said 87k at first now its 100k? HDD said FINAL – 87k, so where did 100k come from? Hmm, im sure some of it was bought to make the final sales look more respectable…but what them 2nd week numbers. 10k or lower, bet. But congrats for now though, 100k aint so bad.

  • Black Shady

    Diddy copped his own album…dont front

  • ben

    puff daddy is a retard. those bitches look like men.

  • original will

    that means aka i bought 35 k copies to help out LOL that Hello Good Morning video blew they budget way over you need to sell at least 200 k total which they might do to recoup that video but idk diddy been promoting his ass off from worldstar videos to going overseas to perform for the troops with a WWE Plug then the album is like the official music for the WWE Pay-per view coming up he had 106 on that shit for a week

  • bread215

    Damn its a lot of soundscan geniuses on here gtfoh but I wouldn’t cop that shit

  • jged

    who ever mention banks on here should be ashame, interscope lost alot of money in that album with all the promotion that diddy did to have all the delisional people here to call it good sales, u must be high

  • When did we get some many accountants, I could of swore there was a job freeze for the IRS, why so obsessed with the numbers, he is freaking Diddy, you could not even fathom his responsibilities, Sean John, Bad Boy, tights for Kalenna, its expensive out here, and even I knew he would do more than they said, his last album did, he always puts out something and he is a big draw no matter what you type, he is freaking Diddy

  • original will

    when did you have to be an accountant or soundscan genius to post your opinion of whats a failure and whats not

    you niggas is funny to me

  • plo

    sales definitely determine how good music is!


    …you corny faggot.

  • Its a sin if I don’t spit on this one. Diddy haters go hug high tension wires… Diddy killed it on this one. He gave what many couldn’t and dared many. That’s why u hate right now. LTTP is the most creative album of the year. 100k in d cold? Wow big ups Bad boy…

  • Pompypo

    100K is a good debut in today music indurtry so well done. People who hate because they arent selling like kanye, minaj, t.i and eminem are forgetting that they havent developed a reputation like those artists. For example B.o.B didnt sell much first week but hell sell more come the second album due to him developing a reputation of putting out good music.

  • Its a sin if I don’t spit on this one. #LTTP is the most creative album of the year… Haters go hug high tension wires. 100k first week in d cold? God bless Diddy its dirty money mothafuckas

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  • Ghost

    His album is pretty good. You are just hating on diddy for no reason.

  • Donn

    Thats what i’m talking bout, great album

  • Real Deal

    well he did better than yall album. oh wait a minute yall didn’t have an album. i guess that means you need to shut the fuck. that’s what i would do if i didn’t have an album. shut the fuck….up

  • plo

    the last 3 comments come courtesy of diddy’s faggy street team.

  • Jacob

    Wow a wannabe hasbeen and two ugly cunts backing him 100k that still sucks

  • gudda gudda is the best rapper alive!!!!!! ym$$ fuk everybody on this site yo word!!

  • M Vance


  • If you really want to put these sales into perspective, think about this: Diddy announced this shit in Febuary 2009, 4 singles, and tons of videos later, the final release date ends up being in December of 2010. His album came out 2 years after it’s announcement. This nigga has Lil Wayne, Drake, Grace Jones, Justin Timberlake, Wiz Khalifa, and everyone else under the sun featured on it. This nigga went on a crazy promotional run for this, from AMAs, to David Letterman, to Chelsea Lately, to SNL, to 106&Park. After all this, he managed to do 100k the first week. He might eventually go gold, but platinum isn’t happening. And I know by now, more then a million dollars was probably spent on this album. NOW to REALLY put this into perspective. R. Kelly, was barely on any show at all to promote Love Letter save Soul Train, and he didn’t have a big single from it period. He pulled over 100k the first week, with not even half the promotion or delays. Lil Wayne pulled 100k, while he was in jail lol.

  • EHHH

    First its NOT a brand New Group, ITS AN ALBUM BASICALLY BY Diddy stop making ish sound like its beter than it is

    Plus 100k is cool but think of the money spent o videos and shit

    100k times $10.00 = 1 Million dollars, minus production costs wat is it???

    Tired of ppl jucing numbers.

  • 21 Year Old Boss

    LOL .. it’s always been amazing how broke people take pride in criticizing successful people. It doesn’t matter if only 10k people bought this record. Do yall even realize how many people 100k is ? Did it ever pop into yall brain that he actually LOVES music and does it for fun ? He makes most of his money from Sean John and Circoc … GET A LIFE ! BECOME SUCCESSFUL ! I guess you broke niggas aint got nothing else to do but hate … CONGRATS DIDDY ! I didn’t buy the album but I’ll Never hAte on you

  • @21 year old boss.. Thanks for ur comment..its amazing how people can start beefing the third richest man in hip hop…he’s been on top three for God knows how long…he is consistent in making cash…he’s a cash lord let’s see how long Jay z and 50cent can stay on that list. As for #LTTP u can jump in a lagoon. A 100k sales can feed his haters 3rd generation… Hate it or love it he’s making money from #LTTP. Diddy forever..

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  • ihatehaters

    @21 Year Old Boss CO-SIGN



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  • fuckfiddycents

    ^^^ diddy aint the third richest man in hiphop. He is way above 50cents. His only competition is Jigga. His album aint dat bad I just felt he shoulda allowed sumone else rep his so-called movement.


    bigg rome is for the kids; diddy sucks period

    you can quote me
    omp productions

  • casper21

    ppl running these hip hop blogs got some interesting numbers, don’t know how they got 100k, hits daily double only saying 87k, and their track record for accuracy dates back a while.

  • fuckfiddycents

    ^^^ U are an idiot!! Billboard has the most accurate stats. They work hand in hand with the RIAA.#sogetyourshittogetherlames

  • chrissy 2653

    DiddydirtyMONEY FIRST ALBUM I BOUGHT IN YEARS! My kids buy new shit But this i had to get Love frm. CHICAGO!

  • Wayne

    Call me a hater. Record sales cant be real. No way LT2P did 100k in the first week. GTFOH.

  • Diddy haters go get a job he can produce ur future….the album is one of the most creative of 2010.just shut up dat hating mouth

  • Rock D. Magnum

    There is no doubt in my mind that Diddy had someone purchase 35k+ albums with Diddy’s own money in an effort to keep the low numbers from making the album look like the piece of garbage that it is…I heard the album in it’s entirety and it is a BLATANT but poorly executed rip off of Kanye’s 808’s & Heartbreak….Diddy has proved with this album that he is nothing more than a dick rider that recycles material from other artists and tries to pass it off as his own creation. Even appearances by Lil Wayne couldn’t save this album from sounding like shit. I wish I could buy every remaining copy of LTTP and set them all on fire to help rid the world of such garbage being passed off as music.

  • Well

    Yall that wanna call ppl haters and such need to get off a dick. No one his hating his bread and dont assume some one who vocally doenst like shit is broke. To each is own calling some one a hater is like being a hater ur self. Dick Riders.

  • CTE

    Dope i guess.

  • RunGame

    This nigga Diddy bought enough of his new single on Itunes to get it into Top 10 status…..I’d bet the bank on that.

  • sway-z

    Ya’ll can say what you want, it’s proven that this nigga can put together an album, just because people on here ain’t fucking wit it don’t reflect on the rest of the world. “I hate that you love me” is the shit too, by the way…

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  • Dylaan


  • will congrats diddy even though i didn,t buy or download any songs yet….nough said thou…i will buy cd or download from zune marketplace okay…

  • Jim

    Diddy had to bu at least 30,000 albums, this group is corny and you know Diddy is rapin’ those 2 broads

  • i dont know about u but hes sexy an cute just hope off haterz.