• Keith

    Haha. Get that money, Jay Elec.

  • See what getting signed to Roc Nation get you… valholla.com

  • HA! where the haters at Jay Elect??? http://www.ValhollaIsTheFuture.com

  • Knawledgeborn

    Already sold out thanks hov

  • Belize


  • T-$$

    By sold out you mean he expands his name/brand and get introduced to a new audience right?

  • Kofi

    “The greats have always been the people who gave you of themselves, as opposed to just giving you a product.” – Jay Electronica

    I’m happy for dude and I will be buying his album but making a statement like that then changing your song for a Mountain Due commercial is a little contradictory.

  • Mitch 3K

    I remember back in the day when people would get clowned on all day for doing a sprite commercial, now its all “Get Money blah blah blah”

    Eh, not surprised tho, hip hop sold its integrity years ago, hope his music doesnt start to suck as a result……… But, he hangs out with Jay now, I expect t see “Brand New Jay Electonica Tampons” in stores soon


  • pissed

    No hate here…Id rather see Jay Elect. getitin paid by Mt Dew then some wack rapper with no substance. Get that paper Jay.

  • flawda

    Niggas who yell that sell out shit, are broke mfs plain and simple. That old saying, “misery loves company”. Selling out is compromising your values in order to obtain material wealth, there is nothing selling out about this, were you niggas listening to what the dude is rapping about.

  • Word


    To most dumb niggas, you sell out whenever you try to reach out to other audiences. Most niggas wanna see this nigga just do one thing and thats it.

  • dashing

    No more Rap Radar reference in the verse…

  • E. Dot

    Nigga been signed to Rocnation for a few months and he got a mountain dew commercial already. Where you at J Cole?

  • GTFO

    Get that paper Jay Elec and feed your kids. Don’t listen to these broke “corner store rap” Haters.

  • mac DIESEL



  • veesky

    @kofi I understand what you’re saying, but the main point in that quote is “…as opposed to just giving you a product.” It’s not like he’ll be exclusively slinging soda now, or strictly making superficial ringbone rap, he’s just expanding his reach while also getting a piece of the pie, word to The Jeffersons. He can still give us plenty of himself, and broaden his horizons as well. Growth and progression

  • JustBusiness

    This is the perfect move. Hate all u want, Jay Z is a hell of a businessman.

    Not only did Jay Elect get paid for the commercial, this shits gonna be played hundreds of times a day for months. Shit, Im still seeing that Drake sprite commercial constantly, and I cant remember the last time I even heard “Forever” on the radio. Add that to the fact that Jay Electronica is completely underground and has an unorthodox style, and u get incredible mainstream AND crossover promotion. Beyond that, u can take the responses to the commercial and determine who your target audience is gonna be, cuz Ill tell u right now, the typical target rap consumer (suburban high schoolers) is not gonna be the bulk of Jay Elects fan base.

    There could be absolutely no better way to start promoting a newly signed, mostly unknown artist. Congratulations Mr. Electronica, u seem to have made the right decision.

    P.S. If Jay takes the “oversaturation” route with Jay Elect, especially after letting Cole work on his own for so long, it should be really interesting watching the paths their careers take. 2 guys with similar skill sets, same company, same assets, but different promotion- which one works better?


  • BLACK777

    I would never hate on my brother Jay Electronica, so just suffice it to say, at least they didn’t edit out the “BLACK GOD’S” Part. HaHa

    Peace 7 and get that money Mr Electronica!

  • BillyClint


  • Tyguy

    I love this.

  • KC Baboso

    YES! he’s been promising a mountian dew commercial since christmas 2007 then again Christmas 2009 and in 2010 we finally got it! Hip HOp is back!…… *Wait a cotton pickin minute* (pun intended)






  • ColoradoKnight

    Congrats on the success, but I’m just not a fan a of Jay Elect. His voice and delivery doesn’t stand out to me like a J. Cole or a Blu if you will.

  • ihatehaters

    @JustBusiness i agree


  • KC Baboso

    My initial reaction was upset to be honest. i’ve been a fan of JayElect since hearing dimeyth and that was back in like ’07. but now that i’ve had a little look at it more critically at least he didn’t spit corny mountain raps. after all “twas the night before the comin’/ sugar plum candy coated lines for the dummies’…. I’ll bet YN is mad at the “if u want the turmoil” edits though woulda been funny if he said rapradar on it

  • haha

    People are reading ABSOLUTELY too much into a freaking MT. Dew commercial! LOL…at the fact that people are trying to say that Jay-z is making the decision on how J Cole and Jay Electronica’s careers are gone to be marketed differenty to see whose turn out better because of this commercial! I swear you people give Jay-z too damn much power.

  • JD

    im a HUGE FAN of jay elec

    but this commercial is a HUGE illumanti factor if you read into that kinda shit
    like i dont belive in that bs
    but some of the shit in this commercial is markings of that shit everywhere!
    lol jay-z is a funny guy

  • I’m just glad brands are letting individuals that love the culture be involved. Would you rather see commercials with artist you have no love for? Money is going to be made, so why not make some of it? He maintained his integrity. He is still the illest rapper out. This was an idea created from individuals from the hip hop generation who saw a way to let one of its prophets shine. Respect is due for that.

  • JustBusiness


    I didnt say Jay was necessarily marketing them differently so HE could see who works out better, I said that I, as well as some others here, should take note of the trend and may be interested to see how it develops. Although if u really think a major label executive doesnt make those kinds of decisions all the time, youre laughably naive.

  • Definitely a good look for him, but trust and believe that commercial will get edited.

    “You’ll still be connecting the dots with smoking holes in your fitted”

    Nahhh you wont be hearing that on TV anytime soon

  • CTE

    My nigga hip hop is creepin back into mainstreem i guess it a cycle.

  • Post no billz

    Lol @ jay elect selling the white mans soda.. Fake nation of islam ass nigga..

  • Ghaddamn

    ^Black people arent allowed to drink Mt.Dew? Fuck man… I had one with lunch…. WHAT AM I NOW??!!

    If only u would have told me earlier!

  • devante

    that roc nation working hard to get jay elec out there

  • Post no billz

    ^ its called sarcasim fuck boy.. This is the same rapper that was talking shit about the coprate white devil wants to own the black man.. And once they cut him a check he does the dew..

  • LOKO

    Jay Elect look fat and uncomfortable in this commercial.

  • Ghaddamn


    Its amazing that u still dont get this: THERE ARE NO “WHITE” or “BLACK” COMPANIES.

    Mt. Dew is produced by PepsiCo, which is a publicly traded company (NYSE: PEP). In case u still cant figure this out, that means that ANYBODY, no matter what color, can buy stock and “own” the company. If, like a dumbass, youre just naming it a “white” company because u assumed the cheif executives were white, then unfortunately youre wrong again; theyre mostly middle-eastern.

    Learn something about making money instead of acting like an ignorant racist, and maybe you would already know this.

  • ^@Ghaddamn True just a mad hater.

  • Kanye east

    Jay electronica hates whitey

  • BLACK777


    Ummm.. I hate to break your bubble but most of the Companies in the US and global companies around the world are white owned. I’m an auditor and I conduct audits for a lot of these companies you talked about and I can assure you that the boards of directors, CEO, CFO, CAO and the HOMO’S are White and White dominated. The only thing an equity owner/ share holder has right to is profit distributions (That if the company decides to even declare any form of distribution). If you’re not an investor with significant control, a sophisticated investor, or a seasoned investor that has a gigantic equity stake in the company that can call shots and influence management then you technically don’t own the company. The vast majority of those persons who can do those things are WHITE, THUS, there is such a thing as WHITE OWNED COMPANIES!

  • jayohh

    i dont get it.. why yall faggots talk shit? what youu guys want jay to say in the same bubble and not to expand? hes gotta get that paper causee hes talented.. wtf u niggas want him to take broke like yall? nawww fuckin sorry asss people hating just because they envy somebody with talent SMH fags!!

  • ..and then Lebron

    …Hey! He stole my marketing plan!!

  • Ghaddamn


    Once again, the chief executives DO NOT own a company; the stockholders do. And the NYSE is colorblind.

    Nobody is excluded from ownership. Anybody that wants to invest can do so, and anybody that wants to invest heavily can do so as well. If your underlying point is actually that u want a redistribution of wealth along colored lines, then sorry, I cant indulge u; Im black and even I think thats ridiculous and wrong. I worked hard for my money, starting at less than 25k a year, and within a year (if all goes well) I will be a millionaire. Its taken almost 8 years, the last of which came during a recession, and it was almost entirely thanks to stocks, bonds and securities (no mortages, thank god).

    In other words, we live in a (relatively) free market system. If u want money, u can go make it. If u dont have much, be smart and it will grow, and with it, so will your influence in the market. But u cant bitch about who has the money when u do nothing to get it into your hands.

  • Ghaddamn

    Since so many people seem to be laboring under the impression that the CEO owns the company, why dont I just forget the beauty of our free-market and post this link as a return to context:


    Its the PepsiCo executives page (refresher: PepsiCo owns Mt. Dew). Id say its a bit of a mischaracterization (even under our false assumption that these people are the owners) to call it a white company when theres nearly as many officers of middle-eastern descent, not to mention several black and hispanic people.

    …and at the end of the day, I still cant figure out why the color of these people even matter. But thats an argument for another time; I have shit to do tonight.

  • BLACK777


    No sir you are egregiously mistaken. When you say the word “ownership” as in owning a share of stock you technically don’t own the company but you actually own a right to vote on a few minor decisions and you own the right to collect distributions from the company when the company declares a distribution. Ownership doesn’t become real or material until you own a substantial amount of stock or you (personally) can influence the daily and major decisions of how the company is operated.

    Let’s stop bullshitting on the internet, if you have ever been to a shareholders meeting you damn well know that most of the people (shareholders, executives, and management) in the room are WHITE. Furthermore, you damn well know that all the big shots or influential share holders who possess most of the votes because they own a large majority of the corporations shares of stock are WHITE.

    As black men we have to stop it with this passive mantra “we are the world” and racism doesn’t exist bullshit and come to grips that this society and the worlds is run and operated by white people under the ideology of white supremacy.

  • still best rite now!!

    i bet RapRadar wish they kept the name drop lol

  • Mr.G

    Jay is the future. He also got a sexy wife!

  • i like the commercial alot cause all he is doing is to help market a brand of soda that mostly teens and aldults alike like drinking that type of beverage thats it….nothing less more i think he,ll still be relevant in the game of rap…nough said thou….

  • really stop the BS

    The only people making a big deal out of this are the idiots because he is doing nothing more than what countless other artists have done in the past, present and future. This is no big deal and plenty of conscious/lyrical artists like JE have done commercials for corporations and will continue to do so he is not the first nor will he be thae last!

  • Ill

    This is real ill in a good way lol!

  • AnuKiNSkywalker

    bravo bravo Jay elect Best rapper in the south right now