• hell yeahh

    thats why their “Man of the Year” and “Rookie of the Year”

  • Goldie

    Fire! Rozay wrapped up 2010!

  • Waddduppp

    See what the source predicted im rolling right now!

  • Moe


  • GunnGunner

    People need to stop saying its “The Sauce” thats the mother fukuing SOURCE the birth of this shit. Word that cover is dope

  • Waddduppp

    Ross x Wiz burnnnnnn onnnneeeeeeee

  • john macabee

    Sounds like Wale wrote some of it.

  • bang

    not GOOD enough…..

  • MinajBangher!

    Yawwwwwwnnnnnnnnn….Same old boring Ross formula! by the way…. fuck the SAUCE!WHAT?!!!

  • Mitch 3K

    @ Gunngunner

    Its forever tainted as the magazine that use to sell Master P his Mic ratings and Let Benzino try and jump start his career for over a decade with 20 page advertisements for groups no one cared about

    I take the source as serious as the national enquirer, lol

  • lp

    Dear, Santa all I want for the new year is a Andre 3000 album, mixtape, full length song hell maybe even a new interview..something Dre damn.

  • allen

    Rozayyyyyyyyyy bringing back real hiphop..

  • Biggar

    Nice flow by Ross. why Wiz aint get a verse though?

  • i realy dont get it dude takes a name off a drug dealers tells fairy tales dude was popo forreal claiming to be a g his babys mothers are realy hos 50 showed he could do any thing to his kids and you be saying thats da blackman off the year you be smoking and this beat aint org either how many times you can flip 1 sample im sad lol

  • ihatehaters

    good shit rozay but ugh wiz hook was off key , should have got someone else

  • Thank Me Hater

    The following line sums hip hop up for me if u like this shit:

    “I’m through as a fan no disrespect to music I’m talkin to u as man/how the fuck is u flossin a Benz listening to this nigga Rick Ross dissin Em/ Jim Jones dissin Jay/this rap shit done gone a different way” -from a real lyricist Royce da 5’9

  • Dj Skittlez

    Nice track

  • L-Dubb






  • fuk waka

    did i just read some1 sayin rick ross brining back real hip hop?????? smh

  • Weed= LAME

    I guess if ur the type to smoke you would like this … you idiots need yall own music so hey, more power to you .. in the meantime, i’ll listen to Lupe and broaden my knowledge of the world

  • D

    so much better that 9 piece.

  • backhandin your dad

    na its different than ross’ same song hes reduced/reused/recycled 10 times … doesnt mean its not trash tho

  • iHate

    The Sauce sucks
    @GunnGunner: -1 internet for ya

  • Belize

    Not bad on Wiz’s part, but it really don’t fit the po-po.

  • JD

    this sounds like the 1st V was wrote by wale and the 2nd by kanye and the hook sounds like so neyo lmao

    still blazing music nice tho


  • It’s always funny when people hear of artists aligning up that they wanna say “he fell off since he signed with, or so and so must be writing for him now” etc –

    Ill track, Wiz was a bit off with the singing, but i’m feeling this

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    this nigga keep rappin like he fuckin tony montana or someshit… nigga cut it out.. .. nigga u aint movin bricks nigga.. u movin records.. cut the bullshit..

  • mac DIESEL



  • iHate

    ^ All Caps is cruise control for cool

  • your pusha


  • @damm

    So. Very. True.

  • Mr.G

    LIve FROM MEXICO city ROSSS is Dope!!!!

  • I’m glad i read the title of this track… reminded me my chic wanted shades for Christmas.

  • bigjay2501

    this shit is nice. dont know what yall talkin bout.