• Wow


  • dope

    shits tuff i like this type of wayne shady still the goat tho

  • This is definitely more than just 2 years old. It must have leaked a “LONNNNNG” time after it was recorded. Like 2006 Weezy. I know the differences in his voice from 2006-to-2007-to-2008-to-2009-to-2010 from front to back because they’re like night and day. Because this Weezy is…..never coming back. Pretty nice track.

  • Belize

    Dope. ^^^^^I know what you mean bruh.

  • Donn

    He spit his verses over. He’s less animated. Fire as usual



  • wow


  • op

    this came out in 2007 …Empire leaked it and it was on The Drought Is Over 2 …great song though

  • ifuckinhatehaters

    thsi is from o7 but still fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

    carter 4 niggas

  • You Can Hit The Name

  • i said YERR

    stfu @dope … yeah the tracks ill but mad old

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  • SIkeee

    hahaha EXTRA OLD!! I hope wayne see’s this on the net and realizes how much he has well…..basically dumbed down, fell off.. etc. etc.

  • RAM

    this verse is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ancient

  • Word

    See THIS is the Wayne niggas need. Where are all his stans? This Wayne can rap yet all the stans are gone? Come on son. This shit is HARD! Wayne need to listen to this and realize how much he fell off lyrically…what happened to his voice? Its so high pitched and annoying now.

  • yeeeaaa man I miss this Wayne. why does his voice sound so fuckin gay now as opposed to this? R.I.P. good-rapping weezy

  • ZoomZoom



  • Black Shady

    this is the lil wayne from the HUSTLER’z MUSIK days!! i fuckz with that wayne

  • Queefbat

    No lean/high laugh means pre 2008, like Carter or even Carter 2 era. Wayne at his finest! Hheeaatt

  • Sin

    early 07

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  • it,s called he doesn,t get high anymore that is what happened to his voice he still sound,s just fine though….nough said thou….

  • dovis
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  • I wonder why they waited 3 years to release the mastered version? Not really feeling this track the original is way better by Jr. Reid they should left it alone.

  • Nigga, shaddup! This shit is dope on dope!