Game Robbed On Christmas Eve

Looks like Game isn’t too jolly this holiday season. While last-minute shopping at the Westfield Topanga Mall in Canoga Park, CA on Friday,, he returned to his friend’s car and was relieved of jewelry and $75,000. Later, he took to his Twitter page and vowed revenge on the Grinch that stole his Christmas.

So, heres my day: tried 2 do last minute shoppin 4 da kids & valet stole a Louis Duffle out @avanterose ‘s car & we 2 chains & $75,000 short. So police come & guess who get patted down ? Yea, US !!! then they tell us da palmtree was blocking the crime scene on the tape.

Topanga Mall “Nordstroms” valet is janky as FUCK !!! They gotta a lil stealing ring goin, PARKS YA OWN SHIT from now on! They aint seen the last of us tho. Soon after xmas is over….IT’S ON you thieving mothafuckas !!! If u dont get a gift tomorrow THAT’S WHY & me or @avanterose couldnt do sh!t cuz both are dumb ass’s on parole.

Ole’ Yes officer, No officer ass n!ggas we was!!! Then after 4 hrs of no answers we drivin off & da most racist of all da cops gone say: “Thats a sweet ride man”. WHAT ?!? B!tch, investigate. Nordstroms talmbout the palmtree was in the way of the crime scene…….. Mothafucka please ! #WearAREshitat. $75,000 dollar lesson learned. Merry X-Mas to all & to all a goodnight.

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  • Word

    PLEASE! Lemme be the first to say LMAO and GAME LOST!

    Merry Christmas Sucka!

  • HOOD

    damn but where is that RED ALBUM AT??

  • thacrack

    How 50 cent stole christmas? LOL

  • XIserveIX

    ok, ok, ok. Yes, Game got mad screwed. BUT. That hash tag at the end? #wearAREshitat?
    No, no, no, no, no. That’s not right at all. The Game has some serious grammar issues :/

  • james

    damn still till this day i dont understand how ppl trust valet with their shit. maybe its just me but im not trusting anyone with my belongings

  • iTHINKtheGAMEsux

    So because he is/was on parole he doesn’t have the right to protest the lack of an investigation over the loss of his property? I swear people need to educate themselves on the law and stop letting these officers belittle them. What exactly does he think he is gonna do “soon as Xmas is over” Are the terms of his parole any less valid on Boxing Day? SMH. Go home Jayceon and work on two things, your grammar and the DEAD oops I mean Red Album.

  • Petey B

    Guess that tear is now real and not a tattoo 🙂

  • Sin

    same shit happened to crooked i

  • history

    Fuck the police

  • Petey B

    It’s a crime to steal and it should be a crime to be stupid enough to leave $75,000 worth of shit in your car.

  • Mojo

    No Game, its not called, and I quote, “PARKS YA OWN SHIT”—its called

    Or the short version—‘Give them the Valet Key, you know, the one that doesn’t open the trunk or the glove compartment’.

    My car has one, and I’ll use it. Especially the day I go full retard and leave the equivalent of the upper middle class salary in the trunk (see I gave Game the benefit of the doubt, I didn’t say backseat).

    dumb shit

  • FLIP

    Unless you on the way to re-up there’s no reason whatsoever to have 75 stacks on your person. And you stupid as fuck for leaving that shit unmanned in the whip! If I had 7500 dollars in cash, let alone 75,000 I’m strapping that shit to my chest like it was C4.

  • freedom

    God DAMN it’s almost 2011, there’s no excuse for being this clueless (leaving a “Louis duffle” with two chains and 75Gs in a vehicle you’re giving a stranger access to drive). I hope he learned a lesson this Christmas.

  • King Jugganott

    If I got worked for that much, a twitter would be the last thing on my mind. Of course he had to beat the thieves to the punch before they post the vids of his chain I suppose.

  • publicity stunt or just incredibly stupid?

    Fuck outta here.

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  • Post no billz

    That kinda sucks but its mad funny…

  • Ya boy G

    Was gonna laugh at the fact ppl leave 75k, a multiple g bag, and jewels in a 6 figure v…but ya said it. Did they steal the albuk too?..cuz ill take a bootleg! Least the kids got a good xmas.

  • Ya boy G

    Album*…b4 a stan says something dumb.

    Be merry bitches!

  • smdh/lmao

    “Especially the day I go full retard and leave the equivalent of the upper middle class salary in the trunk”

    “Did they steal the album too?”




  • tye

    Celebs that get robbed i Love it.
    + xmas = thieves
    How to catch a thief by hitchcook.

  • uptown

    Who the fuck leaves 75k cash in their car? Dumb Fuck. He shoulda been in the studio trying to come up with a hit anyway. Damn, you know you fucked when you can’t get no love in your own city. I woulda have at least thought his “Blood” gang ties would keep motherfuckers as soft as the valet service off his ass. LMAO, if you can’t handle them then we know yall ain’t ready for real gangstaz. need to work on that dead… oops my bad i meant red album

  • Android

    OUR>ARE though. Ni99as were M.I.A during english class.

  • jeeeeeezzer

    what a dickhead

  • PrincePolo

    500 bars gonna be about thieves …

  • backhandin your dad

    yeah im not buyin it

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Game Robbed on Christmas Eve…I’m So Appalled.

  • Devil


    He even capitalizes the mispelling! LMFAO
    This nigga can’t even spell OUR and you want to know why he got robbed 75G’s? lol

  • The Z

    i cant understand shit this dude says

  • meh


  • boston-morgan

    I don’t feel bad. I’d risk my lame valet job for that… that’s a 3 yr vacation, no taxes.

  • Black Shady

    Fuck this nigga!!!! you just got played LOL

  • 21 Year Old Boss

    Yall niggas sound BROKE ! … 75gs aint no real money. It’s easy to leave it in the car. Yall should be clowning the LAME ASS who stole the property smh .. Broke niggas always wanna hate on people with some major paper. Fckin Losers …

  • Who would dare rob a big bad blood member who shoots people and kills them on his records i thought fo sure everyone was scared of the game NOT

  • Able Danger


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  • plo

    “i’ll just put these diamond encrusted chains and stacks of thousands of dollars in this non-conspicuous LOUIS VUITTON DUFFLE BAG”

    “and i’ll leave it here in plain sight for this underpaid valet to be alone with while i go somewhere else”

  • Brahsef

    @21 Year Old Boss

    When you don’t think 75 large is real money, you’ve lost all sense of value and will end up broke someday. Most people don’t make that shit in a year. It’s a lot of fuckin money no matter how rich you are.

    You flaunt it, you get jacked. That’s how life works.

  • DefJux

    @21 Year Old Boss

    Where u stay at, mark?

  • Mr.West
  • ripper

    Real men know not leave any type of cash inside the vehicle. This dumb ass kid Game is stupid as fuck. How in the fuck you r going to leave cash and property inisde your vehicle on Christmas Eve. Dont you know people r fucking hungry on these streets due to the recession. Stupid fuck…

  • meh

    @21 Year Old Boss

    LMAO at ur name and LMAO at ur comment. Enough said.

  • Slill_Slim_Shady

    ahahaha the “gangster” was robbed ahahahhaha!!!!

  • tq

    well jayz lost $30 million and that didnt hurt him (shrug)

  • justmyopinion

    ONE QUESTION: Where is the R.E.D album? I don’t care about rappers rendezvous I want album dates.

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  • nah



  • Belize

    That sure sucks.
    Dman po-po’s.

  • Coroner

    Who the fuck’s got 75.000$ in cash? Damn at least leave this big money at home in a safe!!

    And that would be the reason that the RED Album ain’t come out yet… that was stolen too? XD

  • casper21

    serves them right for leaving jewelry and that much cash in a car. GTFOH

  • Android

    @ able danger. I dont know if its sarcasm or what , but YOUR>YOU’RE.

    @21year old Bawse.
    STFU! You, trying to e-stunt and make claims over the internet is the same as me saying I have $60 billion, building a mega-yacht,
    Parking it in Monaco,.16 pateks and a a380. JUST STFU!!! You have 0 proof. 21year old boss with plenty money? Yeah? Prove it! Smh e-flossin. You live UNDER your moms house. Work part time at a department store, hav an overweight girlfriend, she’s cheating on you with your brother. The laptop youre typing from is your cousins, who your friend likes and will fuck this new years eve, she needs it back for school. So back to the library for you in January. The car you drive stopped production 20years ago. The waitress always spits in you food and that baby with the high cheekbones isnt yours. Please kill yaself. #We dont believe you…..

  • bhikku

    This guy… He has made a few good records, but, oh my god, between his constantly on-again, off-again sniping at G-Unit and Jay-Z, the star tattoo, his overbearing neediness, and his absurd notion that somehow, he’s as relevant (and will sell) as much as in 2005, (and now of course, this latest bit of fuckery), he really is starting to seem like Yung Berg to me.

  • BTW, Youre A Dumbass

    @21 Year Old Bitch

    lmao shut the fuck up loser. Everybody here knows youre broker than a bitch, cuz no matter how much money u got, $75,000 + jewels stays the same. Thats a small house, a new Viper, 3 years at a good college for your kids. Bill fuckin Gates doesnt even throw away $75k. And NOBODY that actually has money got that way by letting little retards run the oldest scam in the world on their ass. Quit posing and go find the sun, e-thug.

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  • Hahaha

    btw, why are we hearing about this NOW? it’s almost New years! hahaa
    anyways, Yall hating ass niggas are broke!! why dont you sit in the corner fantasysing about the jews you COULD have


    man that nigga lying like a muafucka… they probably took like two grand worth.. which still hurts but comon son .. u aint foolin no body .. 75 grand nigga.. nigga please

  • jacobjones

    Glad eveyones sticking it to 21yearoldbitch lol. yeah 75k aint a thing true true, thats pocket change, hear come and rob me valets i dont need it.

    Mcdonalds are paying their head fry chefs to much

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  • He looks like Kid Cudi in this picture

  • fdsfdsfdsfsdfZCdsfvs

    Heavy on it huh? good we are too now lean back dont cry bout it we aint hearing you so be silent. millions more billion on oh and over 500,000 females all the time holla! RR you were warned now you will see its not a game let go to war.


  • yo

    I dont get why people keep givin game a hard time. These piece of shit low lifes that couldnt get a job that paid well are to blame. Game should be able to leave HIS shit in HIS car and be able to count on the valet that HES paying to not touch it. They should be fired and thrown in jail if theyre caught.

  • Joshua


  • 21 Year Old Boss

    When I say its not any real large amount of money I mean it in the sense of its believable and reasonable that he can have it inside of a Duffel Bag … Its not like he was walking around with millions of dollars. You can spend 75 thousand dollars quick while you at the mall. Shit, a Louis Presidential can run you 12gs by itself. My point is, why yall tryna make fun of GAME when he aint do shit wrong … CLown the lame ass people who aint man enough to make they own money but they wanna take from another mans family. thats wack and real men don’t steal shit, we make our own money

  • Fan of no man

    “Ole yes officer no officer ass niggas we was!!!” that’s some gayngsta ass shit to admit.. Clown

  • 21 Year Old Boss

    LMAO … Yall left some funny comments, I appreciate the humor , being broke causes people to get frustrated lol … I see a few other folks up here agree with me though, but I don’t expect poor people to understand … oh well, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy New Year to all yall. No hate in my blood for anybody.

  • Do wop nigga

    This dude tryin to pull a insurance scam or some shit

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  • Certifiedone

    Yo to the ones saying “nigga you hatin cause you broke” that’s some dumb shit, we hatin’ cause Game was, and is a clown. @21 Year old boss So you said 75k “aint no real cash” but then you spouted shit about hating on someone with major paper? You can join Game under his plastic christmas tree to whine about cash YOU wish you had.

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  • Real Talk

    see this is an example of my frustration with game. He comes off as this ficticious gangster rapper blood killa rapper and still manages to get robbed of jewels by a valet at a mall. the credibility of this guy is hilarious. And to twitter it on top of that? I actually tried to liike dude, if he was a regular rapper fine, but to play it off all gangsta, mistakes like this tarnish your fake gansta persona. Zero Xmas props.,and no there wil lbe no g-unit reunion.

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  • Oh Jayceon. It’s “OUR.”

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    looks like the cat got the bitches tounge took her for a spin and down he comes with a grinny grin grin, watch out radioactiveman, HE SHOULD HAVE THROWN ALL KEYS to someone with a little bit more respect. HORNY and down he comes. KARMA = lookin after ya

  • my faviorite part was sweet ride what bitch investigate

  • WUDidDup

  • WUDidDup

  • hungry people thur gotta be careful GAME we all just human beingz

  • Rev

    Did they steal the RED album too? im still waitin on that shit


    You niggas need to look up the word “robbed” in a goddamn dictionary. The nigga had his things stolen from a parked car, its not like somebodey put a pistol in his face and said gimme your shit….

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