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  • illaDeuce

    this is a fucking joke, other than YN Drama and Enuff Fuck this panel… ALL OF THEM ARE ON SOME ARTISTS’ PAYROLL OTHER THAN THE 3 I MENTIONED. Eminem didn’t have album of the year, his raps were fucking insane, but the MUSIC needed WORKKKK, but everyone connected to shady inc. said he did… and then that dumbass comes in at the end and says Big KRIT is rookie of the year… C’mon Son.

  • Pusha T

    Yo, that eminem album was wack. there are like 20 albums better than that







  • Nucky Thompson

    I still think MBDTF was kinda overrated, but at this point, I am still spinning it more than Recovery. Having said that, this:

    At the mall there was a seance
    just kids, no parents
    then the sky filled with herons
    (I saw the devil) In a Chrysler LeBaron
    And the hell, it wouldn’t spare us
    (And the fires did declare us)
    (But after that, took pills, kissed an heiress)
    (Then woke up back in Paris)

    is complete garbage and almost ruined the best song on the album for me. It would have, if I didnt use Ableton to actually cut that part out. I mean damn, look at how hard hes reaching on those rhymes, and all for some nonsense.

    So my question is: Am I missing something here? Cuz with the rest of the lyrics hes speaking on some real shit with pretty consistent lyricism. And I realize he was trying to set the theme for the album, but its such an abstract theme hes got to realize it could do without. It just seemed like he tried WAY to hard to make that part work, when really it shouldve just been cut.

  • Kareem

    Morales is an A&R at Shady.
    Yee worked for Shade 45 all the way until like two weeks ago.
    Of course they said Em.

  • Word

    Didn’t watch the video yet but album of the year is BIG BOI SIR LUSICOUS LEFT FOOT….and its not even close

  • B.O.B.

    Real talk most of you bloggers here never experienced the golden era of hip-hop and when u think a Drake’s album or Ross album better than Ye’s masterpiece it shows yall don’t know what the Fuck you talkin bout…everybody has an opinion but talkin out yo ass wit certain comments…


  • Not Really

    ^really tho, the only thing even a little bit “golden era” about Yes album was the production on Devil in a New Dress and Dark Fantasy

  • Certifiedone

    That doesn’t mean anything. Oh just cause Yee used work for him she can’t like him as an artist, or his shit? That’s childish though. Ye’s album was disappointing. Production wise, lyrical wise, sales wise. I mean Drake is horrible but he’s more lyrical than Ye. Ye is as lyrical as John Cena, let me put it that way. Nowww, mid 2000 era, Ye was untouchable his albums were perfect, but now? Hell nah.

  • LO

    Album of the Year- Yeezy
    Most Improved- Ross, by a landslide i might add… if yal cant see that then god help hiphop
    Rookie of the Year- Only one name even came to mind……Wiz handsdown
    Taylor Gang or listen to Relapse on Repeat

  • LO

    ^^ Aye Nuckie
    I actually think that whole song represents a drug trip out…like a big hallucination which sets the theme for the album… sky filled wit heron saw the devil took pills ….could be reachin but its totally fun to visual what hes talkin bout

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  • Black Shady

    I love how the industry jumped right back on Ye’s dick!! SMH…..shamelessly

    Em, Kanye and Banks dropped the best albums!!
    Drake….what a disappointment. so many RnB joints on that shit….ugh
    Rick Ross was tough tho…I aint gon lie

    2010 was nice. lets just b happy we got some great albums

  • Damn i forgot drake dropped an album this year……

    thats how forgettable that shit was lol

  • meTHATSwho

    ROSS got the most play in my ride.
    Em killed it lyricly but songs over all were not classic
    Kanye had a nice body of work as well..

    its gotta be one of those three…

  • As A Man Thinketh

    The below comment sums is ALL up! But YN works in conjunction with Shady as well. They are co-owners of this site (which I am a fan of )
    illaDeuce says:
    Monday, December 27 2010 at 1:49 PM EST
    this is a fucking joke, other than YN Drama and Enuff Fuck this panel… ALL OF THEM ARE ON SOME ARTISTS’ PAYROLL OTHER THAN THE 3 I MENTIONED.
    I’m an Em fan but his album or ANY of his albums are not good as collective bodies of work.
    He has GREAT, undeniable songs…but the whole ALBUM…GTFOH…WTP and shit like that is filler.

    Ye, Ross and Drake had the best albums this year…period.

    ROY is Wiz, for the simple fact that he found a way to make himself relevant and has a hit record under his belt all mind you AFTER turning down Drake as his tour opener. He grinded and its paid off. Big Krit is cool but its tool regional right now for him to get any love in the East or West (not by everyone but by the laymen fan)

    Ross had the song of the year in BMF
    Ye broke the mold on the mixtape with Good Fridays (mixtapes are stupid and it gives too much content to fans who have ADD. Artists should just release a song a week, it gives you more leverage as oppose to dropping a body of work that will be forgotten in 2 weeks)
    Nicki went pop (and I’m not mad at her)
    Drake solidified his presence but the pause/semi colon rap needs to STOP (i.e. – going down/basement, lipstick red;firetruck)
    BEP – Keep selling records
    Em – what can I say, “Won’t Back Down” and “No Love” is vintage Em…lyrical, rapid fire and direct and this album was WAY better than Recovery
    Fab – maintained a presence

    peace y’all

  • big meech cousin

    yea can’t hate that teflon don album was tuff no doubt , recovery was dope too but a little more on the pop side , but seduction , almost famous etc was dope can’t hate on em , then we got kanye all of the lights etc was dope but i think he over did it on some songs but devil in new dress was pretty dope can’t hate on kanye either ………..

  • big meech cousin

    yea BMF biggest song of 2010 …….

  • Bryce Ayyy

    Top 5 albums..

    I’m the biggest Eminem fan ever but Ye took this year by storm with this shit. It was a masterpiece. Ye is still not the GREATEST MC, but he can spit yet that infused with his production and the theme was just…phenomenal.

    Ya’ll knocking Em’s “Recovery”? Nigga please…Em had one filler the rest was beast. Cinderella Man, 25 to Life, Untitled, Talking to Myself, Seduction, Almost Famous…Eminem ripped shit the FUCK up.

    Ross, his album was nice but to put his and Drake’s above Em’s? Come’on dog, seriously. Almost ALL of Ross’ songs sounded exactly the same production wise and plus he didn’t really have any type of substance or contentious songs on there. Basically just kicking bullshit the entire album. That shit gets old. The thing about a good ALBUM is finding a balance between “mainstream” success, while enforcing dope beats, rhymes and incorporating inspirational/contentious songs in your music. Switch it up.

    Drake’s album? Over Hyped and in many people’s ipod, underplayed.Waaaaayyyy too many features for a debut. He needs to hold his own and tell his OWN story instead of expecting the likes of “Jay-Z, Jeezy, Wayne and others” to pick up the slack. He was going for too many MAINSTREAM singles instead of just plainly being on some true shit. Too busy trying to make another “So Far Gone”.

    Listen to “Resistance”, that shit is an EXACT replica of “The Calm”. CeCe’s interlude…garbage. Fancy, was pop bullshit just meant to be another form of “Best I Ever Had” targeting the ladies with that bullshit tune that makes them feel like they the shit. I’m not depreciating women just saying that Drake’s direction with that was soooo “mediocre”.

    Best songs were “Karaoke”, “Shut It Down”, & “Find Your Love”.They were the best as a WHOLE song not just because of one factor that made you listen. The rest were only liked because of either the “Production” OR “The feature”…and that’s it, not as a full body of work because Drake wasn’t even spitting anything worth listening to on almost 11 out of 14 tracks..

    Kanye’s Album.
    Eminem’s Album.
    Root’s Album
    Ross’ Album.
    Drake’s Album.

  • skye

    kanyes album wasn’t that great it was ehhhh.
    recovery was too pop but better lyrics than kanye
    but in the end lyrics>production

  • Word

    Cosign @Black Shady and @As A Man Thinketh but im mad no one is even considering Sir Lusicous Left Foot as album of the year. IT didn’t have the sales but it was creative And great from start to finish. the traint pt 2, be still, hustle blood, every thing

  • Inside I’m ICE, Outside I’m LAVA!!

    This video is like Jay-Z videos, Jay always has light skinned chicks, & all these people are light skinned!! And the winner is…..Distant Relatives!!

  • Word

    Most forgotten and over hyped album.of the year is Drake’s TML. It was great for a week and then got boring

  • As A Man Thinketh

    @Word, you’re right Big Boi album is fire! It embodies the classic elements of Outkast, dope rhymes, dope MUSIC, not just beats but musicality…bass and basslines, drums, guitars and horns and skits.
    Not over the top skits but those funny joints like the Kast of old.

  • west

    In Music Industry Recovery = album of year
    kanye album production > recovery prod
    i can class recovery pop/rap

  • Lyricaly Em had album of the year hands down..but production wise I give it to ye..

  • Bangers N Mash

    Em hands down.

  • Bangers N Mash

    Why you think the shit is selling so much? Cause every song is good. Recovery sells because people want QUALITY. The shit delivers all the way through.

  • Belize

    Em’s album
    Lloyd Banks’s album
    BoB’s album
    NaS & Jr Gong’s album
    The Roots’s album (both)
    Kanye’s album
    Big Boi’s album
    Bone Thugs’s album
    Ice Cube’s album

  • roger

    people wouldnt buy recovery if it sucked dick, they liked it cuz it was quality…. the only thing i didnt like about it was the production of some songs which made it sound pop, if he had some more hardcore production it wouldve been so sick!

  • Pusha T

    ^^^^^^^^^^ FOH, people bought relapse and that is one of the worst rap albums of all time

  • VerseCutta

    em is a corn, he has no classics, his technical skills is top notch but for me em just doesnt deliver.

  • B.Dot

    em is a corn he has no classics
    stopped reading after “no classics”.

  • i said YERR

    loll yall sayin Em’s album was pop? DID U NOT HEAR KANYES? … fergie feature? come on son! … 9min love songs GTFOH …

  • D

    Sorry RapRadar staff, but Em’s album was average at best. MBDTF is way better than any album this year.

    Recovery just didn’t live up to the hype. Shit, even I thought it was gonna be dope after hearing that Just Blaze did some tracks.

    Sad truth is, even though Mr. Mather is more talented than anybody in this game, his album was not even a top 5 album. Pilot Talk was better, Thank Me Later was better, Roots were better and even Ross was better. And I’m talking about major label releases.

    Other than that, I think the only album who could come close to Kanye’s was Shad’s TSOL. That guy surprised me.

  • Nucky Thompson


    I know what youre saying, actually I think its supposed to be describing his “beautiful dark twisted fantasy,” but my point is it just came out terribly. The rhymes and the imagery both were incredibly forced, and with a theme that leaves as many opportunities as a fantasy world, I would have hoped he could come a lot harder than that. Plus, like I said earlier, it really doesnt match what he was talking about in the rest of the song at all.

  • D

    Oh yeah, how can I forget Big Boi and Distant Relatives. That was fire. Better than Recovery too. And who ever says Kanye’s album was just ok, clearly got some problems in his life, or just doesn’t know what’s quality music.

    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has the potential to be remembered as a classic album.

  • ^^ I agree with that production comment..recovery’s production kinda licked..imagine Em on that devil in a new dress beat wool shit would be OVER!!!!!!!

  • D

    And LMAO at those people in the vid. Recovery?? Come on, did ”radio personalities really got that stupid. Angela Yee, I’m sorry, you are very entertaining on the radio but please don’t , just don’t.

    Funny that they asked A&R of Shady about this.

  • D

    Did anybody listen to Shad? Don’t sleep.

  • Stackhouse101

    Ok i think i like recovery better don’t get me wrong MBDTF is the fuckin awesome.
    U have to remember Kanye album has 13 songs and recovery had 19 songs on the album thats big difference. if u take the best 13 songs on recovery, recovery is better than MBDTF i think.
    Plus recovery had 3 features Kanye had way more features. Its hard these days for an artist to have a whole album to himself and still sell. Artist have to have alot of features to sell well.
    if u would take all the good friday songs plus MBDTF equals like 20 songs or something then i think its better than recovery.MBDTF production is better but eminem lyrics are better But overall i thin k eminem album is better Numbers don’t lie

  • Skeezymak

    2010 is ems year, Em outsold Kanye in his 25th week, vs Kanyes 4th. Even with all the critics overhyping Kanye. The number speak for themselves, fuck niggaz, Kanye is second though.

  • mmkayy

    neither……….i prefer ‘K.R.I.T wuz here’

  • CaniBlog?

    Its hard to argue everyone has their own opinions and connections with different albums songs lyrics depending on their situations or what they were going through when they heard certain songs. For me personally I enjoyed Drakes album the most out the bunch it came out right at the start of summer and it definitely was the soundtrack.

    I think its all about how you can connect with the albums fuck the critics they don’t know what it likes to be riding around, windows down, system bumping hot summer days, its those moments that make albums for me. So after Drake albums I’d have to say Teflon Don got the most spins in my car during the summer now winter time, well that one belongs to Ye.

  • Android

    GTFOH YOU FUCKING IDIOTS. Recovery was garbage. Terrible. Mbdtf won. Ye on Gorgoeus is better than anything Marshall ever did. You cant not feel those bars as a YBM. TD won too. Way better than some rnb crooner (drake). Foh Eminem(now) sucks. ANY one song on MBDTF is>Rec. Ye spittin real black shit> whoopie cushins and stickin dicks in circles.

  • MinajBangher!

    RECOVERY MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!That Trick False album is where it should be….in the trash!!!!GTFOH!!!!Kanyes album WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY overated.Not as good as you think it is!Motherfuckers just hating on Em because he came back and shitted on the whole industry!!!!Facts are facts HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHADY runs this shit!!!Get over it HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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