Jay-Z Visits Charlie Rose (Audience Q&A)

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YN posted a clip of Jay-Z naming his ultimate cipher during his sit-down with Charlie Rose last month. But here’s the full version of Hov fielding questions from the audience.

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  • puerto-black

    If you like the Decoded, go get “Born to Use Mics:Nas Illmatic” by Dr.Michael Eric Dyson. Makes a great Three kings gift

  • Dr N Black

    At puerto black….. I gota get dat book. Goodlookin out homey, Michael is no joke on the vocabulary, he did justice describing Tupac in Thug Angel.

    Back to da subject; Jay picked a good team, but I’m tired of ppl bring “pc” when it comes to mentioning Eminem, forget Eminem!

  • Dr N Black

    ^^^being “pc”

  • D

    Yo B. Dot. You may remember I was criticising for your video player. You promised you are going to fix it. And I gotta say, thank you. Rap Radar video players works!

  • Stackhouse101

    It leaked Syllables good song old

  • ben

    new song with dre sucks.

  • ghgg

    it sucks!!!especially after dre finishes his verse

  • ben

    where is the new em and nas, topless?

  • moreffa

    who are these hipster cracker kung fu douchebags asking these questions

    this nigga sean really sold out to the man with this interview

    these people with the questions are the new niggaz NOW in Marcy and the rest of BK

  • Belize

    Nice interview.
    Song’s aight though. Theme is good, collaboration all makes sense for the topic and everything. Is that Ca$his & Stat Quo in it too? I’d venture to guess it was recorded around 2004 or so cuz Em’s kinda got an accent and it kinda sounds like his Encore shit.

  • LongLungz

    Nahright commentors are probly the most stupid.
    Probly since nahright is the most popular site naturally they wrangle in the most idiots.

  • LongLungz

    The song had a weak beat on purpose my gawd did u not listen to the intro.

  • JD

    syllables was pretty whack but HEY im still looking forward to future callbos between all of them to see if the can redeem themselves,i need a fucking “So Applad” type song from them.Not this funny guy business.WE ALL KNOW they can do better

    P.S:the topless song with em and nas we ok but eminems verse didnt seem like it fit? prob not mastered of final seemed like a freestyle witch is why nas killed him and com’on nas is a KING of hip hop better then Jay-z and anyone else but i think em might have him in that spot of the best but who knows

  • Belize

    Or after a few listens, could maybe even 02-03 be possible?

  • Em’s part on that topless track was a reference for dre..thats maybe why em didnt sound like he fit..

  • but that topless track is hard as FUCK!!!!

  • pro-rican

    Jesus the guy from (33:00) was crying over another man AND in front of his mother?

  • Dr N Black

    Why are ppl talkin some leak stuff wit Nas & Em on this Jigga post. I s my ipod broke or us RR messing up?

  • blaqscorpio


  • Dr N Black

    ..^^^^pardon the typo’s

  • iloveM.I.A.

    If Decoded….you will discover the Holy Trinity


  • D

    That women at 33:00 is so annoying. Just talkin and not saying anything. Good interview though.

  • iloveM.I.A.

    Mostly everybody WANNA BE so hard and tuff

    that people forgot to have fun with this hiphop shit

    Meet Braggadocio Rap to the epitome


  • Pap Smear


    Good lookin out, I remember that book & forgot to cop…just put my order in at Amazon

  • Dr N Black

    I went to YouTube to see what the hype was about with this Topless track and I see Nas went in. U can tell Em verse is made for the non writer Dre.

    I can’t see Em on a track with Nas, simply because I don’t think their style would blend, kinda like Hov getting on Renegade. Em has a deranged mind and Nas is poetically intelligent on the skills. No hate but truth.

  • Word

    @Dr N Black

    Yeah no hate, but plenty of bias.

  • Dr N Black

    Just heard Syllables, I think it’s wack but Jay verse was on point and so was Em’s. 50 sounded, eehhh, and Dre was………eehhh. Plus the beat wasn’t beastly enough. 2 starz out of 4

  • Dr N Black

    At Word, u seem to respond wit ya feelings hurt, and I see that behavior from u a lil more than constantly. Poor baby.

  • i like jay z cause he is a very respectable rapper but he danced around the question what kind of monies will he contribute to helping people of the poor community….etc…etc…etc…?nough said thou….

  • Word

    @Dr N Black

    Oh wow, i dunno how you gathered all that from 7 words but good shit. I guess thats why your a Dr. Its the internet, nothing here hurts my feelings. Thanks for the concern?

  • Belize

    Actually no, Syllables couldn’t be 2002, cuz Fif had In da Club references. 2004 seems reasonable to me.
    As for Topless, yeah, sounds very much like Em wrote it for Dre. Beat and arrangement ain’t real Em-ish, and although both he and Nas are legends, I can’t see them working together. Even Dre & Nas seems unlikely, but hey I’m not complaining. It would be dope if the final version was on Detox.

  • Donn

    I tried to post the link to the Syllables song but RR deleted, oh well…

  • Jess

    Jay Z is amazing

  • dainventah

    are you all idiots? it was a blatent leak from someone who even came out on twitter saying he was leaking shyt on purpose….eminem wrote that shyt directly FOR Dre and now you think eminem is goin against Nas with that weak shyt? Eminem even referred to himself as DRE like 3 times….God i hate the internet sometimes you peeps are a bunch of complete sheep and morons….wake up

  • Dr N Black

    Damn DainVentah, calm down. I honestly didn’t get that vibe from anyones comment. If I’m wrong, point it out!

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  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    b. dot thank you….fuckin awesome.

  • NF london

    funk master flex lost jay-z is sucking 2pac dick r.i.p 2pac fuck biggie

  • smokeyou

    some interesting questions. I guess I would probably end up asking something stupid also being in the moment but anyways thanks for the video rapradar. loved jay’s multiplicity analogy about good and bad music.

  • Mr.West

    this was great 2 watch! thanks 4 the post!

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  • MARK

    WTF, The Video stopped right at the 39:09 mark!

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    b. dot goodlooks ma’ dude!!!!

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  • st

    The version of ‘Topless’ I have go hard and it features TI and Nas. Matter of fact, the detox mixtape I have or the detox leaked tracks GO HARD! Especially Kush with the 2 Game verses and the Dr Pepper commercial beat with Dre. TI rips that as well

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  • Gordon B.

    The player used to be rubbish but seems to work smooth now so nice work 😉

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  • why do people say this “ive been a fan since”
    fuck outta here

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