• im so wet

    NIPSEY IS A BEAST.. gets my pussy wet

  • Big Homie

    a/s/l ?


  • aaa

    first song i hear from nipsey and im a new found fan … LETS GET IT

  • NewMoney

    damn this is dope. lyrics were on point

    second nipsey joint i like

  • Fredro

    tight and he’s actually speaking about something

  • townz

    hard, nigga spittin dat real shyt

  • nice stuff man, wow this made me want to download this mixtape!

  • wow

    ummm hook is kinda moment for life-ish?? aye hookman what up wit dat…
    nipsey did his thing on here but this sounds too much like a post so far gone record to me

  • wow

    matterfact this shit is crack fuck drake

  • im so wet

    big homie.. 19/f/detroit mich

  • Black Shady

    this is album material for nipsey. shoulda kept it for SOUTH CENTRAL STATE OF MIND

  • Hahaha

    @I’m so wet

    West Coast Babyyyyyyy!!!!!
    we doing fukkin WORK!!!!
    Nipsey got tapes for days, E-40 pushing those albums, Bishop got a whole Vault full of dope tracks, Dre got that Long awaited Detox coming, Snoop, Kurupt, Lady of Rage, Daz, Cube & his sons, WC, WOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!

  • Hahaha

    I’m not really feelin this whole Soft. Radio music tho…..
    what happened to Agreeive west coast!?
    I hope nipsey has some real shit on his album

  • Belize

    West coast! THIS is dope!

  • youngheard

    this is sumtin u can just chill to an reflect…i fucks w/ it…the whole marathon mixtape smashes

  • nah

    AWWWWWW he’s nice and they are blackballling him! Snoop move out the way your future self is here!

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  • L-DUBB



  • james

    this is a bonus track on The Marathon

  • james

    oh yea and Hu$$le is the truth

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