• SINcere

    HOT HOT HOT LOVE IT! THAT’S HOW YOU MAKE A REMIX… YOU GET SOME REALLL SOUL! Nice shout out to the original queens of R&B

  • Donn

    They sampled the song “LOVE, NEED & WANT YOU”. Its not actually a real feature
    But this joint go hard, i love this joint just as much as the original. But yea, research, its a sample

  • ok

    good music with some meaning wow thought this would be wack

  • Belize


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  • KingT

    LOVE,NEED,& WANT YOU is not the same words as this song it is a COLLABO

  • KingT

    LOVE, NEED & WANT YOU words r not the same this is a COLLABO

  • klassy. kollabo of the year

  • the One

    Wow! Great re-mix !! I really thought this was going to be garbage but I got chills when I heard miss Patty’s voice. It’s about time!!!!!!!

  • the One

    Awesome Re-mix!! It couldn’t be any better… Patty gave me chills, good to hear her voice again on something current.

  • Big 110

    I don’t know about yall, but I just nut. That’s what’s up. GREAT MUSIC FOR THE SOUL.

  • Chan

    YOUNG LLOYD! killed it on this one. Can’t wait for Kind of Hearts.

  • this track is dope stuff and i love the way lloyds team hooked it up great job!and i always enjoy listening to patti labelle 1 of the greats…nouf said thou..

  • Aunt Karen&Uncle Barry

    LLoyd WE are SO Very Proud of you nephew….Keep on Keeping on with you head held high…Ms Patty new what she was doing when she did this remix with you. You of all the R&B singers in the world, she choose you! Stay true to yourself and your Dreams BabyBoy! Just now you’re Grandmother & Grandfather as well, ALL of your Family is praying for and Success…This is just the beginning LLOYD…U R about to BLOW UP…Just remember who you are and what you stand for! Moreover, of course remember who to give ALL the PRAISE and the GLORY to Jesus Christ him self! We will continue to keep you and your dreams in OUR prayers…We LOVE YOU…May God Bless You and Patti…and MS. PATTI Kudos to you for recognizing talent when you see it. Please continue to be the “WIND Beneath His WINGS” love you all the way from Plano TX, to U LLOYD. Uncle Barry & Auntie Karen & Jordan & Lauren

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  • LOVE! <3

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  • the best i’ve ever heard keep up the good work young man