Foxy Brown’s Moment Of Clarity

The decade couldn’t end without Foxy Brown getting a word in. This morning, she turned to her Twitter account to address a false single and report ran by allhiphop. Read what she had to say below.

Damn, I cant even mourn in peace without some bullshit being posted….If yall dont hear it from a MARCHAND (Inga, Gavin or Anton) its bullshit! Fox will be on Hot 97 next week addressing everything….and “The Massacre” continues!

Just got the call… still posting fake ass FOX news!! The dickridin’ continues! Since yall niggas wanna lie to the streets, disrespect my fans and post fuckrie….I’m addressing it all tonite baby! NO…I am NOT droppin’ a single called “rough whatever” Jan 1st or never!!

And contrary to the bullshit that was posted…”Christmas Massacre” is NOT supporting homegirl and dissin’ shorty! “Massacre” is……….the response to bitches thinkin’ its sweet insinuating my name in that beef! “Machine Gun Kelly” bitch!! I am the streets! I aint’ taking NO sides….FOX stand alone!

So allhiphop ran a bullshit story! I’m repped by the Marchands NOT Bernadette Brennan. Marvet Britto’s the ONLY woman…who at the helm spearheaded Team FOX. Just one mention of “Massacre” got the internet on fire!!! Everybody know Minaj is my homie! So yall already know what it is….

Let me correct all the erroneous shit written by allhiphop…. “If ANY of my lyrics are on ANY song they were STOLEN without my consent”. And everybody quoted in that fraudulent article will be hit wit a lawsuit immediately. What “label” are they talking about? My attorney and I are in the process of negotiating the best deals….although I know where I need to be! I’m appalled they callously used the death in my family as a promotional platform for their upcoming artist. FOX is NOT affiliated with Bernadette Brennan or anyone else mentioned in that ficticious article. NO single will be sold on itunes Jan 1st.

Lastly, I dont appreciate my fans being lied to. Nothing in that story was truth. Stealing a multi-plat artists lyrics w/o my consent…….is not only an incredible lawsuit but a disrespect to my craft, my legacy and my fans. If MARY J or LAURYN HILL recorded a session…… a studio while creating their album and decided to go with a hotter joint, who the fuck gives anyone in that studio the audacity to……experiment wit a seasoned artists music?? And throw ur unknown artist on MY song without my consent, on some secret society shit then…….w/o FOX hearing or approving anything, these bastards “Biggz I trusted u” had the fuckin’ nerve to put a fake press release out lying! I see I’ve been letting too much shit pass…….maturation FOX been too nice so yall must want GUN COCK! allhiphop….like Jay said “yall need to double check ur story”!

As for that bullshit press release… I’m furious! But I’m still grieving and I luv GOD for real, so I pray for revelation and he reveals….the snakes, haters, frauds! My lawyers informed itunes that this “song” is NOT approved and my lyrics were stolen. My mom just said……”Ing I always tell u, when a person shows u who they are….believe them.”

FOX “Christmas Massacre” (the massacre continues…) & my New joint wit BABY CHAM “Dutty ti Tingz” coming soon!! I never tweeted this much ever! But yall know how much I luv my fans so I hope I cleared up any misconceptions about allhiphop & “Massacre!”

Just wanna thank yall for ridin’ so hard for Boogie…Luv yall. U know the Team FOX saying…..”ANYTHING FOX I’M IT”!!!

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  • fstreet

    welcome back FOXY all love

  • This is some serious shit! She look’s damn good in that dress though.

  • iloveM.I.A.

    Maybe too raw for some…Moment of Clarity


  • She acting like the streets is waiting on her return…”maturation FOX been too nice so yall must want GUN COCK! ” *blank stare”

  • Money Mitch

    Sit down grandma and put the little debbies back in the pantry

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    @Stroydnaire REALLY U THINK SHE LOOK GOOD SHE LOOK A HOT MESS BUT WELCOME BACK THE Brooklyn’s Don Diva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • n8015301

    ILL NA NA NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HOOD

    i’d lick her pussy, why not?

  • Chi-Town

    wake me up when this shit is over! thanks in advance Rap Radar

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  • Word


    Nigga wat you smoking? You can see her gut and everything in that dress she look a hot ass mess.

  • phil


  • T-$$

    A whole lotta yappin and nothing with happen.

  • Jersey

    too much to read. I just don’t care….

    Lets see some billboard action, not this yappin…

    Nicki is the only one making it happen..

  • wickwickwack

    an email to AHH would have killed this …why wait all these days
    god damn somebody should write her press releases …

  • iloveM.I.A.

    Gem in the end….Illegal Life by $WonDough$

    I am not a criminal nor do I participate in criminal activities or do I condone criminality…..

    But this s**tRAW as f**k

    Yall will see one light in the end of the tunnel

  • coco loco

    her caribbean accent is so lame.

  • Belize

    Sorry Foxy, no one really cares anymore. Better rapper than most today, and that’s saying a lot. She needs to lose some weight though.


    @Belize City

    Foxy brown skinny and sexy!! … she looks so young
    just like ya mom
    Im her “friend”

  • isis

    Dear Inga—

    I love you. You are ill but you have a victim complex. Stop with all your antics. You are far better than this sis. Get to the gym. Get some Indian Remi on a regular basis. And get back to work bish. You say you the best. Prove it. Other wise- pipe down!

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  • justmyopinion

    @ Isis nice point.
    Only in RAP do artist do MORE whining than actual production of work. When was the last time you heard Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Corrine Rae Bailey……matter fact scratch that only mediocre artists (i.e rappers thats not selling) post videos/twitter feeds. I thought when I bought my first rap cd it was because I fell in love with the fact an artist is producing/rapping music not because they’re the most followed on some future social network. Get back to the music……….They ppl not buying records…..that’s a bold face lie….EM at 3.5 million records, people want substance. Blame all these corny rap blogs feeding into this crap. somebody right FOX a letter asking where’s the music…..stop the pity party. BACK TO THE MUSIC. Hate or love Rick Ross, while all these past artist are twittering/face “booking” he putting out music. SIMPLE.

    *thought twitter only did 150 characters*

    That’s why am not on none of those social sites a bunch of shallow friendless people…get outside meet a real person.

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  • Mitch 3K


    Co Sign

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  • The Hater


    I’m glad I ain’t the only one who feels that way…

  • Post no billz

    Wow,this bitch is retarded… She should be happy any site would even post about her wasshed up ass.. Shes a joke,why she still thinks shes relevant is beyond me..

  • i dont even take these people serious



  • prajnaimmovable

    hey is dat white skirt da only gear she got??????? i looked at several posted and she still got da mutha fukker on y ?????????????

  • Mitch 3K

    @ Post no billz

    Same with Lil Kim

  • Close minded

    I think she sexy and a real nigga like me can overlook that lil gut. I love that chocolate body. Minaj is sexy, Kim is sexy, Trina is sexy, Diamond is sexy, Rocsi is sexy, Lil mama is sexy and Bridget Kelly is the bomb! I could go on……. Lol

  • HOOD

    Foxy is a sexy lady, i don’t judge off of a little gut shorty like to eat so do i, i’d lick that pussy all night if i had the chance

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  • Soulja hurricane cris

    Hoe ass trick
    Ya herd me