Jay-Z Brings Out Kanye For NYE In Vegas

Like we said before, the missus wasn’t the only surprise guest during Jay’s New Year’s gig at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas last night. Big brother brought out little brother along with Chris Martin for “Homecoming”. More of Yeezy’s set after the jump.


Update: After the show, it’s the after party.

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  • Its Me!

    Haaa! Looks like Chris Martin dont even want to perform.

  • Belize

    Dope! Seems like it was a good show.

  • Downgraded To Human

    50 n mayweather were there too

  • JimmyVoltron

    Theses dudes from Dallas opened up fro Wu-Tang…. click the website to get more shit and go to youtube for more videos

  • WORD!!!

    I’m Sorry….

    But They Need Lil Wayne Up In That Piece….

    That Shit Was Boring….Yo!!!

    The White Boy Didn’t Know What To Do Up There….

    Ha !

  • Mr. A From Tha T

    @ Its Me
    Yeah, but he from London man his newyear started early lol

  • who

    word must be retarded and rr late as shit. roc is in the buildin

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  • puerto-black

    a million for a show nad fucks beoyonce. Must be nice

  • BE

    Nice Bred III’s


    White boy Chris Martin look like he still havent gotten over that embarassing moment @ Yankee Stadium when black boy Jay camel was pulling him by the collar across the stage. Lol, what a sight! Heh. Only Hov can.

  • 18 year old with real talent

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    like a bunch of rich bankers and shit in that bitch! smh the hood/ normal folks don’t get no love.

  • priceless photo of 50 and Jay Z shaking hands like its all good, at that same party!

  • Chink Money

    Was Chris Martin high or something? Nigga didn’t catch the beat one time the whole song

  • Nucky Thompson


    The dude was headlining the opening show for the grand opening of a new casino on the Vegas strip. Id say thats a pretty good way to kick off the new year.

    All the new years vids on here are either big ass shows or vip at big ass clubs. Nobodys exactly kickin it at the neighborhood block party.

  • Chris Martin didn’t even know how his song goes…
    I don’t think he even listened to the album.

    Jay-Z on his Sinatra steez. Gangster!

  • Leave that Chris Martin dude at his Coldplay shows.

  • Dope.

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  • bang

    that suit is so retarded hov

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    the fuck he wearin?

  • Dr N Black

    Jay was classy, Kanye looked like a dude from The Beat street era….. Nice lil performo

  • Dr N Black

    Yeah u right, the Jigga & Curtis photo laughing it up> We know it’s nice to be wealthy

    Jay & Fif have no beef, they only have $$$$$$

  • L-Dubb

    Why is Kanye wearing leather pants with a matching Tupac rag with some skateboarding kicks with a Kohls denim jacket? Jordan shrug? And Hov must be working on an album, because he needs a haircut badly. Well I hope his nappiness produces great music as usual.


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  • Real Deal

    @ BE those aren’t breds. bred = black and red

  • Yenice

    @ BE

    kanye wearing Jordan III Black Cements not breds

    google it bro