• Belize


  • Black Shady

    but Cassidy already did it like 5 years ago lol!!!

  • Too much with the Mary chopping. I like it but that shit is annoying

  • Ice Cold

    @black shady lmao!! “nigga ask about me”

  • Haterz

    Niggas stay listening to BS Its a hot joint Cassidy had something like it

  • L-Dubb

    This joint was creative. The beat really made the joint though.

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  • T #teamearly

    Do you haters even listen to the lyrical content? Freeway Is on of the last great artist that has kept it real for hip hop. The hook is simiar to that other joint but better SAID in this song . results= Great Jam hands down. Many wish to have that lyrical talent then hate on a ninja cause they dont.

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  • Lil homie

    @low all day homie u cannot be on the site


    so dope

  • ThisIsHeat

    After u see the light

  • ThisIsHeat

    Get elevated

  • thisisravenstwn

    That shit is hot. Fuck wrong w you niggas ears mayne?

  • dope track. glad to hear freeway back and i love how they flipped this sample

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  • diggin it freeway is the shiz. much better than that 6’7″ shiz by light years.

  • Keith

    Ya! He shouted out teachers.