• Eric Valent


  • Mook

    Rappers really need to get off Kanye Dick! He starts using Auto tune heavily and everybody wants to use auto tune…he releases free music every week and now everybody wants to release free music…now you got these dumb fools copying his trademark album artwork smh…

  • Sav

    Weak. These used to be funny way back, but the last 3 years or so have been trash. Give it up Skillz, you lost it.

  • reality


  • Sealey

    kanye deserves us to allow him to post a rant on his blog about these kats stealing his artistic concept


    Man I remember back in the G when this shit used to be anticipated………… miss them days.

  • Post no billz

    Late ass mufucka.. Shoulda dropped it last week.. No1 cares anymore…

  • Belize

    It’s aight, but he left out Em, biggest comeback of the year and had most records sold. smh

  • Belize

    lmao @Post no billz

  • L-Dubb

    Nice beat, really good lyrics, substance on point. Good job overall.


  • justmyopinion

    @ Mook & Sealey

    Apparently, you guys are new to the whole Skillz rap up…..He didn’t “steal” Kanye idea it’s all part of his rap up series.

    *pisses me off when people ASSume things, ask questions first*

    Note to self, that’s why after Detox drop, F rap ya’ll can have it back too many so called “hip-hop listeners” that don’t know jack. Alway criticizing rappers. Don’t like what you hearing don’t listen. That’s the problem EVERYBODY’S a rapper these days. “oh listen to MY song….listen to MY album.” Enjoy the art form, hip-hop/rap is the ONLY art form where listeners criticize EVERY song R&B (true R&B not a SO SO DEF/Bad Boy remix), Jazz, Classical and Country listeners embrace the song for what it is.

    You dudes need a role model.


  • i wait for this at the end of every year

  • wickwickwack

    this is great but waaaaay to politically correct

  • Eyerone

    va stand up. as always, he delivered. what makes me sad for skillz tho is that people wait all year long for “the wrap up” when skillz is capable of making records like “Imagine”, “Dont Act Like You Don’t Know”, “He Don’t Own Me” all year round. then, the HIBERNATE on anything dude drops until its time for the Wrap Up again. i know he kinda set himself up for it, but it hey…just my 2 cents.

  • I don’t like that he uses slow mellow tracks for this now. The first couple rap ups were the best. Also liked when he’d beast on a popular track of that year.

  • Itz Yourz

    Well after the listening to the wrap up..seems 2010 was wack. Hopefully we are more prosperous and less destructive in 2011.

    Does skillz does anything but this? I rather wait for papooses wrap up (his 2009 was on point)…pass that torch.

  • yo is watch the throne really coming out in a week ??? http://www.rap-up.com/2011/01/02/kanye-west-watch-the-throne-coming-in-one-week/

  • Itz Yourz


    ^do – thrid sentence. My bad

  • Hahaha

    STFU. you the one on kanye’s dick!
    autotune isn’t creative AT ALL! nor it’s his Idea you stupid fuck!!
    same goes for the artwork and free music, everybodys been dropping free music sine kanye was in diapers!

    and this shit WAS pretty boring & weak.
    wheres Em & Dre!?

  • Black Shady

    lol we only hear this nigga ONCE a year. fuck outta here lol

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Damn I didn’t know he still did this, I stop caring in 05. Shit was pretty boring tho, it seems like he don’t even care for it anymore.

  • AnuKiNSkywalker

    sry skillz but its getting played out

  • crooked

    wow people are so stupid kanye didnt start the free music every week thing people have done it before but the person that really got it moving was crooked i with hip hop weekly from april 07 to april 08 he did it for a year kanye did it for like 2 months

  • Theloneus

    I may have heard it wrong but did Skillz just call Wikileaks snitches? If so then shame on Wikileaks for releasing this video:


  • reallyb


  • Word


    Nice double entendre. Skillz AND Skills getting played out…you can be hot ass trash water and make a hit and niggas would call you great. Look at YM and Flocka

  • fuk waka

    was waiting for this….

  • still best rite now!!

    yea..i only check for Skillz once a year lol

  • lenox

    and not one line about Eminem, are we talking about the same year i just lived thru???

  • i said YERR

    i dont wnna hear all u haters say “em stans” … this idiot didnt mention EM .. what a fool! i agree w every1 tho the beat was wack and he put it on itunes? LOL u really think ima cop this crap, AND it was LATE! come on son. see u next year skillz

  • Venom

    Does this nigga have a “1 song per year” deal goin on ? It seems he only drops them yearly rap up joints and then he disappears out the blue !

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  • SIkeee

    to that watch the throne comment.

    I doubt it….

    Jay looked drunk.
    PLUS what single?
    What Promo?
    I mean….MAYBE.

    but sounds too sudden and random.

    but to the song…

    its ight.
    but not mentioning Em doesnt make sense.

  • j.


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  • puerto-black

    Its ok

  • illie

    haters always hate smh..this was DOPE

  • NUFF RESPECT Skillz Finnessed it as he always does he covered everything within the year worth mentioning in detail. Seen nuttin but haters with negative s–t to say comments & all that. Blow it out ya ass funk fakin pop rap lames!!!!

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  • SMDH @ casual 106 & Park hiphop listeners who said Skillz only does one song a year: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-world-needs-more-skillz/id397349984 (less than 3 months ago)

  • Bucky

    Skillz good job homie…

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