New Music: XV Ft. CyHi Da Prynce, Vado & Erin Christine “All For Me”

X to the V liberates the first track off producer Omen’s compilation project, Be The Judge and from the sounds of this, we’ll definitely be looking out for the final product.

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  • badjuju


  • killakev92

    another dipset(vado) & goodmusic (cy hi)flow niceeee

  • kp


  • Gus

    Same Omen project with that Drake joint ‘overdose on life’?

  • JustSaying

    Cyhi and Isreal Spain are the best new rappers on the come up hands down. Do your fucking research ya bitches. XV is alright I don’t really see anything special, Vado is one of my favorites but he couldn’t get right with this beat, he couldn’t ride the beat like he usually does. Great beat though and Cyhi killed both them niggas


    year of the slime

  • Nah

    same regurgitated rap shit we are use to hearing! the producers still winning! rappers are still subpar and mediocre! @ justsaying u must have a very low expectation if u think cyhi and israel spain who? -sorry he gets no blog love r gonna be big .listen if cyhi’s boss is not getting his Platinum plaque anytime soon and releasing a new album (WTT )with Jay-z very soon what do u think that leaves the rest of the GM gang? back seat homey ! why? because they r a waste of marketing $$$$! they wont bring in that $$$bag for DEFJAM.And trust me THEY NEED IT RIGHT NOW.BAsically all i see is Mixtape rappers! i havent seen A real marketable dope rapper in a loooong time!

  • Belize

    Not sure about the beat, but not bad.

  • Jay $ BaGZ

    “Never been a virgin cuz i was always fuckin dope”

    damn right vizzy! this is a great way to start 2011

  • Young Mo Fo

    Everyone whose wondering:
    It IS the same Omen that co-produced “Shut It Down” on Drake’s ‘Thank Me Later’
    Which to me was the best produced and crafted song on the album. (Yes, I grew up listening to more than just RAP. R&B is important in learning how to actually put together a song, unless you are really good.)
    The same Omen who raps and produces with J.Cole, Elite and as a solo artist. I wanted to see production credits since I heard a few songs that said “..Omen”
    According to Omen’s production history for other artists, and his own information, it is the same Omen. This guy deserves a look in 2011 for some more production.

    This track is hot by the way.

  • Jay $ BaGZ

    wrong Omen. @producedbyOmen is not the same guy that raps with J Cole & Elite. He is the same guy that produced Shut It Down on “Thank Me Later” and he did Overdose On Life and a Ludacris record also.

  • Young Mo Fo

    @Jay $ BaGZ
    ^^F8ck my life.
    Well then that Omen producer still deserves a look.
    The rapper seems wacker to me now.
    Hey Rapper Omen you can thank that guy.

  • TheBeltwayer

    I like this record a lot but I hope they are crediting Big Sean for writing the hook.

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  • @nah

    drake and niki minaj are the only dope marketable rappers right now. both lyrical but know what to do to build a fanbase and are cashcows to the labels who own them.

  • I Don’t Rap


    I strongly disagree. Drake became marketable after a lot of changes in his music, sound and i would say style but he still looks pretty lame to me. Also dont forget that his marketing campaign bcame big after Lil’ Wayne’s cosign during one of wayne’s biggest music years ever. Just like when eminem cosigned 50 cent after selling nearly 10 million copies of one album or something like that.

    basically, everybody has their own style of marketing and while i don’t see Cyhi’s marketability pass his Kanye cosign i can honestly see Vado taking place as the new generations Cam’ron and XV once you listen to him past just his lyrics, is a rapper from a city that’s never been looked at really past Tech N9ne, he has a large underground following which is how i found out about him, from nerds to gamers to just listeners of hip-hop like myself, I think XV could be a big rapper like Kanye or a Lupe because i can play him for anyone and they automatically like his music. if he had a backing like Lil Wayne or Jay-Z more people would b in tune with his music and see wat he has to offer but if he keeps dropping heat like htis it wont be long until the world knows.

    i hope to see all three of thse guys on the xxl 2011 freshman list. maybe that’ll be the big break all three of these guys need.


  • anon

    @JustSayin, ya you never heard of freddie gibbs? 2011 is gonna be his year. SMH if you still sleepin on the nigga

  • JustSaying

    @Nah I don’t just judge rappers off of one song and premature assumptions. I researched Cyhi and I listened to a lot of his material before I passed Judgment. Cyhi is a dope lyrical rapper. How can you say who’s not marketable when you haven’t signed any talent and you have no experience in breaking new artist? Drake and Nicki are marketable? They selling the most records right now, but someone had to give them a chance first right? Ok Wiz is marketable his first official single went gold already right? and Isreal Spain Who? You need to do your research on this guy, he has potential to be one of the Greatest he has two mixtapes on that are better than all of this mainstream bull shit. You better get familiar with Isreal Spain check this song out by him it’s just real life lyrical hip hop shit That nigga SPAIN is something SERIOUS. Oh yeah Tech 9ine is one of the best rappers out right now, he doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

  • JustSaying

    I’m a hip hop head I just give credit where it’s due, I’m in tune with the underground. I hope J.Cole does well. I pray Jay Electronica does well, Lord knows hip hop needs Jay Electronica. Sean Price is nice. Joell Ortiz is amazing, I like lyrics I don’t care where the rapper is from. Vado, Jay Electronica, J.Cole, Isreal Spain, and Cyhi are 5 dope emcees I will listen to on repeat because they bring that real Shit. Do your research. Don’t just listen to one or two songs and think you know an artist full potential. Dig deeper hip hop is strong just like it’s always been. Half of you niggas talking about marketable rappers ain’t bought a cd since 1998.

  • JustSaying

    @anon my bad my dude Freddie Gibbs Deserves to be in this Conversation. I looked that nigga up and he’s a animal on a different level. I listened to his lyrics and he on that hip hop shit that we need to push the culture forward, So Freddie Gibbs will be a force to be reckoned with in 2011

  • Bob McAdoo

    I pretty sure Gees Extortion will them in…

  • You can hit my name.
    Xv top my xxl freshman list

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  • Nah

    @justsaying ok so i listened to israel spain and i was not feeling that juvenile delivery on that song sorry. listen i grew up on BIg,nas,big l,g-rap,scarface and shit like that and when am saying marketable i mean raw delivery and that defies mainstream percepttion of what hiphop stands for …
    Once again noneof these dudes u mentioned got it! Nicki was tight from her jumpoff days she was bound to be successful because she filled a void! And if the eastcoast and the west coast rappers wasnt playing too much Drake wouldnt have catapulted into stardom. As far as buying a cd since 98 well my last purchase was Relapse and MBDTF !and cant wait to cop watch the throne!

  • Stack 13

    The song is nice, sounds a bit muffled on parts. At the end of the day in order to become marketable you got to put your product into the market. You can’t put Drake and Nicki into this group because they found their market and are working their five minutes of fame. Gibbs is nice; Cyhi kills (most rappers from the South and Midwest and West coast are always slept on), Vado not a fan just yet, but has some juice. Ortiz is a killa from way back. I am from the era of Biggie, Jay, Big L, The Wu, Face, Pun. Red, Em, Rakim, Nas, Pac, KRS One, even Uncle L, UGK, Black Moon etc etc….. I am talkin about when they way to get your name out was to get on Rap City on Friday afternoon and rip the booth apart. Right now everybody raps, and the music is getting over saturated with bad product, but it is like the hustle game if you have good product then the people will come and get it. Hip hop in its rawest form is not marketable it is the ultimate anti-industry form of music out. You need an Emcee and someone to make the beats, and the ability to murder a track. Put that on a CD and sell it to the people, get money that way, it kills the large labels to see small labels get it ie Suave House Rap A lot did back in the 90’s and early part of this decade…. To hell with the market that is what screwed up hip hop anyway. Phuck Cookie cutter rappers with cookie cutter ideas, Phuck em, bring back real Emceeing.

  • Segnon

    Fire! Another dope Omen track. He’s got serious beats. I’m checking for that album.

  • pissed

    Damn Cyhi is a beast.

  • JustSaying

    @Nah You think isreal spain sounds like Juvenile? GTFOH just like I said you listen to one song and then judge a rapper off of one song, go and listen to both of his mixtapes, you can’t say you like UGK and not like isreal spain. I think you just hating on what I said, I have an open mind I actually grew up on the same rappers your saying you like so I know I’m not tripping check out both isreal spain mixtapes this is the link for the first tape

  • JustSaying

    Second Isreal Spain Mixtape After you do your research and listen to ALL THE SONGS, then we can talk. When tupac died Nas and Bun B was my favorite rappers So I know great music when I hear it. Nas fell off and Bun-B fell off lyrically they don’t have it like they used too. Big L died prematurely he’s one of the greats. Scarface is the Godfather of Rap in the South. I know my music partner. I respect your opinion I think your closed minded. Listen to the words in the songs and listen to what they are about, or else your not searching for hip hop your just being biased. I know for a fact you will be eating your words very soon.

  • Production is D.O.P.E….