Ras Kass vs. Game (Round 2)

Although many wipe the slate clean for the New Year, Ras Kass and Game are showing no signs of burying the hatchet. Over the weekend, the rappers got into another fight inside a club. No details as to what happened, but they sent these tweets shortly after. Four years ago, the pair got into it inside another hot spot. You know how it get in the club.


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  • mac DIESEL

    GROWN ASS KIDS!!!! SMH!!!!


  • Nah

    l.a rasppers trying to make theirselves relevant again ! smh THIS IS STAGED! AND GAME S THE CULPRIT! GTFOH LOOSERS

  • Stan


  • Game needs to be on the “You Played Yourself” post


    yo how this site got the nerve to say nicki bodied… b b bodied kim on that hang it up flat screen bullshit it.. and call the wack ass interview on hot97 ether.. this nigga got his head so far nicki’s ass… nigga that black friday shit was ether .. fuck wrong wit u .. u forgot what hip hop sound like.. thats a body bag nigga.. get it rite… and forget about gettin somebody to help her write a club joint.. u stick to the fruity pop and keep yo panties in a bunch …. she damn sure dont need no advice for your ass…. beef and comp part of the game .. if yo pussy ass cant take the heat .. u in the wrong business ,,.. u dont stop dissin keep the foot on her throat.. till she bow down .. salute to the queen..

  • mac DIESEL





  • Lioness

    @GUARE …im with u on this one..kim did her . i think they could both really go in on each other…but nicki isnt better than kim in my opinion and u can hate all u want.

    they should have a comment section for the blackout and you played yourself

  • TheTruthIs…

    The Truth Is…

    GUARE … You …

    Played Yourself! SMH taking some hip hop bitch beef to heart HA!

  • @lioness

    Took the words right out my mouth! theres been a need of that comment section for the longest now!

  • townz

    ras kas is a clown lol

  • Squid Pro Quo


  • Black Shady

    Both irrelevant, but Game keeps punkin this wack nigga Ras Kass LOL

    by the way, Game been working on RED since 08 wtf lol

  • grown ass kids indeed! “git this money” i repeat…capitalized: “GIT THIS MONEY”
    cocking my head to the side like Ed lover, com’ on son!

  • Post no billz

    It looks like game is headed for ras kass-like obscurity… That red albums never seeing the light of day..

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  • Hahaha

    Who Tha Fuck is Rass Kass!??
    and what tha fuck has Game dropped in 2 years!?
    (other than weak ass bubble-gum singles & sell out tapes talking about pussy taste like cherry kool-aid?)

    Yall kids need to grow some balls and get back to making MUSIC!!!
    if yall wanted to fight, sign up for WWE!!!
    I heard NXT is recruiting lol

  • ELZ


  • Nah


  • Itz Yourz

    twitter done made eveybody snitches on there damn self. Game just admitted he assaulted this nigga on the shit. If kass was a real lameO he would press charges on his ass. And this isnt the first footage with game running. Suukkass Chumps the both of them! Put them on the the Dumb Shit Roster for 2011.

  • Game your next on my list if you dummies want to go to jail i will come and get u

  • Yikes…

    My dude couldn’t come up w/ anthing fancier than “2 piece.”

    He shoulda kept it Xtra west coast on the Tweet box & said they “squabbed.”


  • Master P’s Theatre

    Looks like Lil Kim is ghost-blogging on RapRadar. Lioness? GUARE? Nobody feels Kim anymore, she’s probably at home posting that shit herself (lord knows she can’t afford a PR team at this point in her career).

  • Master P’s Theatre

    As for Ras Kass – he might have had some slick lines back in the day, but it really doesn’t matter if nobody ever heard them. Try to get an average hiphop fan to quote one of his rhymes (without google). It’s not gonna happen.

  • justmyopinion


    *After Detox drop, F rap ya’ll can have it back*

    ^^^^^More reason I need Detox to hurry up and drop rappers on TWITTER more than the studio.

    We just spent TEN YEARS of rap beef; Jay/Nas, Ja/50, Yung Berg/Everybody, Nicki/Kim, T.I/Lil’ Flip, Clipse/Lil’ Wayne, D-Block/Rocafella, Jay/Jaz-O, L.O.X/G-Unit, Joe Budden/Raekwon, Joe Budden/Ransom, Young Buck/50, Game/50.

    AND am NOT about to spend ANOTHER ten listening to corny battle records. I love this art form TOO MUCH I fell in love with rap because it spoke from the streets told the tales R.Kelly, jodeci or Boyz II Men couldn’t tell. It spoke for the kid in the ghetto who was tired of not getting by, not being able to get his family out the “ghetto.” Rap gave that avenue out, any chance I get to defend “rappers” I do it, I let people know there is NO other occupation where young black men can grow to be MILLIONAIRES. I am not going to get into the whole “can we all get along” speech, but I am not working for my money to spend it on a rapper that choose to spend 8 months out of the year beefing then drop a single then an album 3 months later and its B-S THEN they cry about being under shipped NOOOOOOOO it’s you (the rapper) spend more time perfecting your craft and the consumer have no problem BUYING the record. What they fail to realize we work just as they do and especially in a recession we’re second guessing spending $10. But, I will say this from here on out, you want my $10 for an album prefect your art if not, leave up to me all these fools will do Soulja Boy numbers (no disrespect SB-but if you stayed out that hotel and in the studio you too can perfect your art-you’re a talented brother in your own right).

    P.s. Maybe you all should start WRITING again because memorizing lyrics did not work.

    *After Detox drop, F rap ya’ll can have it back*

  • snitches

  • BTKilla

    @Master P
    “drink lysterine brush my teeth with amphetamine so I can sound fresh and say dope things in between”. And no I didn’t look that up. Ras is a legend to real hip hop heads. He has some classics and his new album had some fire. Many people may not know him but skill isn’t measured by popularity and he had more skill than game can dream about.

  • pissed

    Both them fools over 30 fightin in clubs, & talkin sh*t over Twitter over some stupid beef from 4 years ago…they BOTH need to be in the You Played Yourself section together. Sad because Ras has always been nice but he lets BS like this become what he known for these days.

  • BTKilla

    @pissed cosign. Wtf is Rass doin all this little kid bullshit for

  • Able Danger

    This is some serious TWEEF!

  • Peekay

    only hit these 2 will get. For all of Ras’ smarts he does some real stupid shit.

  • Belize

    @Niyemortal: co-sign. I don’t get the whole kanye shit.
    Damn are these niggas bored or still trying to keep their names in the news? smh

  • King Jugganott

    Game is funny. LOL

  • slick

    my assumption is ras got his ass beat again cause he said punch and run. that means you got punched. he aint twit no information of the beating he put on game just the beating put on him

  • Donn

    And Dr.Dre been working on Detox how long??
    And Game been working on Red Album how long??


  • ripper

    I hope Dre 2 piece Game’s ass and drop him ASAP. This dude Game makes the West looks so fucking weak. What the fuck u fighting for!!! U r a grown ass man. If u really want to fight someone, u should’ve hit 50 Cent when he kiss’d (supposely makeup/truce photo) u on the cheek years ago. Game=trash

  • Tweef.

    I love my city & my state, but damn. We been soft ever since Jay came through & knocked over the palm trees.

    I’ll give Game his Twitter beefin, because that’s his get down. But Rass, like someone mentioned, is a legend. I still remember meeting him over a decade ago, off of the strength of the ‘Won’t Catch Me Runnin’ & ‘Remain Anonymous’ single. I’m talking late-mid 90’s when he was signed to Patchwerk with a nigga named Voodoo, but anyhoo.

    Yeah, Ras is too mature for this. But, that’s just an assumption, so whatever…


  • Hahaha

    WTF does Dre gotta do with this you Moron!!??

  • D

    Ras Kass’ Nature of the Threat > Hip-Hop

  • still best rite now!!

    betta to squab it out then shoot it out rite? then why yall mad when they knuckle up, fkn hypocrites

  • Hahaha

    Get Back to Rap you Mayweatherin’ too much!!!

  • Donn

    Someone brought up how long Red Album been delayed and Detox. No need for name calling God



  • fuk waka

    OK some1 tell me who the fuk is Ras Kass?????
    i cant be even botherd to google the guy

  • @BTKilla…cosign

    “Let the pen stroke so the track have a heart attack”…Ras is a legend. Game’s got him on albums and production but verse for verse, Game’s not even in the same league as Ras. All depends on preference.

  • crazy8888s

    @Nah your grammar makes our society look bad

  • Everyday Hussle

    So rappers actually fight each other instead of video blogging and niggas is mad??? I dont get it

  • Truth

    Ras Kass who the f^^^ is that some underground Oakland ni^^^ boooo get hiz old azz out tha club this jigga boo got’s to be at least 58 years old ninja go take care of your grandkids smh.

  • yo_daddy

    Ras is ill and the two of them don’t even fall into the same category but whatever…how many times is Game going to cheap shot this dude? That shit is lame as fuck. Anyway does anyone know who the girl in pic is? Great legs!

  • visto

    @ yo_daddy that’s what i’m sayin who that chick in the background?! lmao

  • Purdiee

    The game is 6ft 5, this means he will fuck the soft chinned fucker up

  • yo_daddy

    @ visto I found her dawg her name is Rayhne Naldi some writer chick. Im trying to marry this bitch but she won’t message me back! LMFAO http://twitter.com/rayhnenaldi

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  • K

    Why this nucca Rass Kass remind me of Lafayette from TrueBlood LMAO.

    “Faggots been breeding your cows, raisin’ your chickens, even brewin’ your beer long before I walked my sexy ass up in this mother f***er” – Lafayette aka Rass Kass