’10 Disappointing Albums: #5 Redman Reggie

If you’re confused like me about the status of Redman’s career, you are not alone. Reggie quietly dropped a few weeks ago and if you missed out, you aint missing nothing. After scrapping the Reggie Noble 9 1/2 concept, this album is an attempt to show EPMD’s protege’s growth and range. No “Sooperman Lover” tunes. No skits. But sadly, there’s very few good musical moments like the last song, “Tiger Style Crane”. The lyrical punchlines are mostly big misses. But the even bigger question is: Where’s the funk, Funk Doc? The musical backdrop provided by a gang of guest producers is bouncy club dribble. There’s even the occasional use of autotune and a Faith Evans-assisted tribute to MJ (“All I Do”) which is just plain bizarre. I still don’t know what to make of this. Please don’t make me listen again. Bring Redman back!

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  • U shoulda known this shit was gonna be str8 garbage, sad 2 say…And I fux wit Redman heavy. He’s one of my Top 20 (I can’t have a Top 10).

  • ZoomZOom


  • iHate

    I didnt listen to this. I heard some songs on the internet and… nothing to say. It’s sad.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Dont blame REDMAN blame LA REID.

  • GTFO

    Didn’t bother after hearing that one single. Didn’t even sound like his old self.

  • donrico

    sadly this album was very dissapointing…..as a longtime Red fan, its hard to listen to weak punchlines from him
    Red: if you dont have it in you anymore, its cool, cuz you have more than enough material to keep touring for years

  • Close minded

    I think Meth takes it more serious than Red does nowadays. Red said in a interview that Rapradar posted last month that “album sales don’t mean shit, it’s about tourin.”

    Red is probaly contracted to put out an album, but he knows he will get love touring, especially with Methon Man.

    Meth needs to seriously make an album cause he is a very dope mc. Meth should be mention when we say Jayz, Em, Pac and Big, especially Big. I was listening to “The What” and Meth murked Big easily. Meth kilt Bring the pain, the new album he made wit his Wu ninjas last year, he had the best verses on BO2, he murked the freestyle session with Whoo Kidd and when Joe Buddens came at him, Meth showed niggaz on that Dj Enuff freestyle interview that Buddens can’t see him.

    Basically I got more faith In Meth than I do Red, but I will not shit on Red cause he got classic albums and stage wise he is a beast. Red know what he doing to stay afloat-Touring. Hip hop ain’t hip like it once was.

  • Peekay

    I agree. The album was so uninspiring, a huge disappointment. he can do better.

  • seemoregan

    I actually liked the track with Faith!


    i actually like th album and i played it for a lil bit.. i was rockin a couple of joints.. the intro was dope.. that tigerstlye crane was rockin .. lites camera action was dope as well.. there was acouple of shit i like.. so this my opinion .. in the mean time.. ya keep playin that nicki minaj shit.. and some how got the nerve to diss my man redmans album.. p.s. that ghost face album fire..

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Stopped checking for Redman years ago , his schtic got boring a long time ago

  • NIN

    ‘9O’s Reggie was dope …
    “new” Reggie iz wack !

  • Moe

    To me, the album wasn’t wack…it sure could have been a way lot better than it was.

  • casper21

    This isn’t a real album, I didn’t bother listening to it cuz I heard his interviews describing the project as more experimental and knew it wouldn’t fit with my tastes. But remember, this was gonna be a mixtape back when they were recording BO2, so don’t take it too seriously, he’s just fucking around trying some new things, if your really looking to judge Red at least wait till his next album, most likely BO3 next summer.

  • dezzieM.O.E

    as a smoker, he should’ve known NOBODY LIKES REGGIE! (pun intended)

  • Word

    I didnt bother lsitening to the album. I was never a huge Red fan to begin with

  • Boston George Cape Verd

    i 2nd the “Dont blame REDMAN blame LA REID”….but still i cant believe that the guy who made Muddy Waters, would make this

  • happy new year haters!

    Most def not a traditional redman album, sadly I couldn’t fuck with it coped gfk instead. I think red didn’t wanna waste heat on a defjam release, I got a feeling red already got a new home.

  • I didn’t like the album becuase the new stuff was fucking wack but I fuck with Redman’s music. I want the old Redman back.

  • Belize

    old redman is never coming back. thought we all knew that…

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  • lilrizq

    redman’s album is on the “disappointment” list, and waka flocka is on the “underrated” album’s list???? lololol, red’s album way better then waka flocka garbage. guess i know what type of genre of hip hop rap radar supports…smh.

  • Yea I can honestly say this album wasn’t anything how I expected him and method need to hook up with rocawilder and get something going again ASAP.!!

  • tha ruckwilder

    Dunno if hes making new one… BO2 was a mix tape too. So sad. But the Reggie alb was still ok, a few good beats, a few experimentals. Thats ok, u dont have to stick with the mainstream. Red is (was) my no 1 mc, point. No Mef, no Biggie.