’10 Underrated Albums: #3 Ghostface Killah Apollo Kids

Like they always do at this time: Def Jam drops a Ghost album at the end of the year with lil’ promo push. Not even a fuckin’ video yet for the first single “2getha Baby”. Damn shame. But it’s OK, the joints knock anyway. On his 6th album at L.A.’s house that Lyor built, Tony recruits some lyrical heavyweights for his soulful trip. He shines with Busta Rhymes over a Roy Ayers classic (“Superstar”), rides with his Wu brethren and Redman on “Troublemakers” and blacks out with Black Thought on the hard-body “In The Park”. Black hoodie rap continues with the sizzling “Starkology”. Although overall not on par with his undisputed classics, Wu-Tang’s warrior delivers yet again. Go find a more consistently capitivating catalogue, I dare you. Thanks, Brother Starks.

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    ah yo that album really do got bangers though.. a couple of them tracks mean as hell.. if any of ya really still hear and enjoy some fuckin hip hop.. thats one you put in and leave it in for a while .. u might wanna rock to that one fora while..


    i got a epic fail though.. put that damn lil wayne rock n roll bullshit he drop.. i know he ya hero and shit.. but call a spade a spade man.. stop frontin .. u know that shit was wack …. ya gotta start keepin it funky.. stop the fronting.. when the shit is wack the shit is wack.. i dont care how much of a fan u is .. that album was trash..and let it be known ..

  • Ben

    I copped, its dope. I have been on my west coast shit latley. I’m tired of all this East coast bias. Post some Husalah!

  • If you told me that Ghost was going to be the most consistent MC in Wu ten years ago, I would’ve shook my head in disbelief. I have to eat my words though, time and time again as much as I think he’s going to drop a brick I’m pleasantly surprised on how good it actually is. No promotion ro video single? Who give a eff, fans of true hip-hop should be listening to this instead of anyone on YM.

  • yesssir

    @ Mista S!D

    of course hip-hop fans should listen to Ghost’s album regardless of the Def Jam promotion. YN is just saying it’s fucked up that he’s putting out real, classic albums and Def Jam does not support him one bit. It’s a god damn shame.

  • puerto-black

    Top 5 dead or alive Wallabee kingpin

  • been Around since the 70’s

    Thank This Was Put On This List,The Album Is Crazy Good..If You Love Hip Hop You Love This Album Nigga’s And Bitches..

    Anyways Seen As We Doing Worst Albums,Most underated LPs why Not Do Top 5 Overated LPs Of 2010 YN Or Bdot If You Looking!!! Do It Haha..

  • Word

    I have not yet listened to this album. But I will now.

  • happy new year haters!

    GFK always comes thru, its a shame his label can’t pull in an audience over the age of 20 or else this woulda been at least gold.

    Most over rated or dissapointing album of 2010 has to be Bun Bs Trill OG. I’ve fucked with bun since the menace soundtrack dropped, ima big fan and that album was sugar water, pimp c wouldn’t of let him drop that, and shame on the source and whoever else gave that album a perfect or near perfect rating.

  • slimshady

    Ummmmmmm…… Kanye?

  • Word

    Hey RR yall should post like a sample song from the album with each of these album posts, just so people can see what yall talking about and why the album is underrated or why its disappointing etc etc. Just a suggestion.

  • been Around since the 70’s

    @happy new year haters!

    I Think Number 1 Has To be Drake’s LP…But i Personally Thought Kanye’s LP Was Terrible He Released ‘Power’ And ‘Monster’ And I Was Like This Nigga Back To The Late Registration Collage Dropeout Day’s The Shit Like ‘Runaway’ ‘Blame Game’ Leaked And I Was Like Wooooohhh Nigga This Sound Too Much Like 808’s..But I Bought It Listened To it Once And Gave It To My Girl Shit Was Strictly RnB Not Hip-Hop

  • ZoomZoom


  • iHate

    One of the best album of the year

  • happy new year haters!

    @ been around since the 70’s
    I whole heartedly agree.
    I gave mine to my sister and she appreciates that album way more than me. Kanye’s album had more hype than heat (in my opinion) but I still fucks with a couple tracks, his featured artist went in for the most part.

  • Slim

    I copped, and very dope. $5 on Amazon folks, cop that real!

  • Monsta Don

    AMEN to this pick. Apollo Kids is a very nice addition to Tony’s catalog. Time and time again he comes thru.


  • I copped that album last month on my shopping trip. I didn’t downloaded this album becuase Ghostface Killah want to get this album.

  • If you don’t have this album y’all need to get off your ass and go to the retailer and pick up this album. Best album of 2010.

  • Curtis75Black

    This is straight, not great though. Peeps should listen to it. “Troublemakers” is crazy, “In The Park” – straight homage to Hip Hop. A nice addition to the catalog.

  • Belize

    Wow, one the first things you guys got right… -_-

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