’10 Underrated Albums: #4 Fat Joe The Darkside Vol. 1

We made magic at S.O.B.’s and then you all lamed out. Didn’t really appreciate the heatrocks that Joey Crack put out. You fuckin cocksuckers! To be fair, I’ve seen plenty of critics do the right thing and praise the first single with Jeezy “Slow Down”. Ha! But it’s deeper than that rap. How ’bout some hardcore? Cartagena cooks it up with Just Blaze (“I Am Crack”) and hustles with Cam and Pusha (“Kilo”). Plus he and Scoop DeVille flipped a PE classic on “No Problems.” Yeah I’ll also pass on the R.Kelly and Trey collabs, but the cinematic soul behind “Valley Of Death” more than compensates. Y’all owe hip-hop an apology. It’s not right but it’s okay, Don. Rock rock on.

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  • a very solid Joey album no doubt. Got my copy.

  • jigga

    you guys gotta be on this guy nuts …he had like 5 records other people done and his lp has NO replay value …..u guys opinion on hip hop fallin offf wayy off…

  • BS


  • Nathaniel

    …must be that east coast bias creepin’ in.

    well, maybe not. if this is underrated hot garbage, then mild waste will do. yeah… i’ll give you that. mild waste.

    oh, and it definitely wasn’t better than pilot talk II

  • notaurious

    I liked this album, Joe put out some good NY rap music.

  • gotta just be haters, this album was nice……and think the RKelly joint is one of the dopest. Like a 2010 Juicy (content-wise)

    i don’t know wtf yall lookin for

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Theres no doubt in anyone’s mind that Joey is good at picking beats , maybe a good hook here & there but thats where it stops .His best raps are mediocre at best , its funny when you think about it Joe would make a brilliant a&r his ear for beats is impeccable .So yah the album was dope but rapping wise it was a snoozefest

  • seemoregan

    I knew YN’s bitch ass would put this on the wrong list. It should be #6 on the ’10 Disappointing Albums, meaning we shouldn’t mention it.

    YN is in love with Fat Joe.

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  • jigga

    @ Your mother’s “friend
    joe picks great singles but lp sucks though….

    no ground breaking beats on here last ground breakin album beat was the incredible…. this lp is a snoozasaurus …. u comparing it to the weak state of hip hop not his body of work

  • iam2smooth

    this album was koo I liked it!

  • fuk waka

    i remember in last years list fat jose album Joey was in the ‘dissapointing albums’ list..
    this is year its Underrated..
    gooood to see YN doing this list almost thought he didnt bother this year…

  • Nathaniel

    it’s that same tired ass, void of growth/innovation/originality/creativity NY rap that has been dead. if it ain’t Jay, Nas, Ghost and Rae (i’ll admit rae’s shit is pretty 1995 too)…

    i really don’t even want to hear that NY shit. i’ll give Wu a pass. but all these other niggas. no. the records suck.

  • HOOD

    Fat Joe has a classic with this one, only faggots don’t like this kind of hip hop

  • Black Shady

    Im not even a Fat Joe fan, but I gotta admit he came correct with this album

  • GTFO

    This record was solid. Better than alot of records that actually charted and I don’t even like Fat Joe.

  • Word


    You southern heads think yall making ground breaking music down there? Yall dont talk bout shit other than how ,many whips yall got, bitches yall fucked, etc etc. Same shit. And then yall do it with WAAAAAYYYY less skill.

    Fat Joe suck though. And it wasnt better than P2, but dont try and make it seem like yall southern heads is pushing hip hop forward. Yall made it suck for the most part.

  • I co-sign this! That album was CRAAACK! *PUN INTENDED*

  • GetOffJoesDick


  • iHate

    Wasn’t bad, but not good enough

  • Nathaniel


    but we hot, though. y’all ain’t. period.

    Gucci, Waka, Soulja, Wayne, T.I, Curren$y, Rick Ross, Roscoe Dash, T-Pain, Cee Lo, Big Boi, J. Cole, Big Krit, Yelawolf, B.o.B., Bun B

    ^this is the south. varying popularity, varying so-called “skill level”, varying lyrical capabilities, varying everything… but guess what, my nigga.

    NONE OF THESE NIGGAS SOUND LIKE NOBODY ELSE ON THAT LIST. this is the beauty of the south. this is why the north is sucking cuz it ain’t no variation. then niggas get mad at Jay-Z and Nas cuz they ain’t still making RD and Illmatic.

    logic. get some.

  • It was solid at best. Truthfully.

  • Squid Pro Quo

    YN better say nice things about Joe’s album… Macho still ready to smack the shit out of niggas. You know how it goes Elliott.

  • Nathaniel

    and you might have some niggas with some lil clever lines up there, but ya monkey asses STILL CANT MAKE NO DAMN GOD RECORDS. bars, bars, bars. this is music, my man. music. fuck a hot 16. tf is that?

  • proof


  • puerto-black

    It was a solid album. in the year of minaj and flocka, ny niggas NEED shit like Fat joe, vado, sean price. shit

  • Big Chump

    i liked that trey songz record he had

  • Word


    None of them sound alike? What? Gucci and Waka sound exactly alike the fuck is you smoking? Cole, Big Boi, TI, Cee-Lo, BoB, Curren$y and Bun B are the only talented and creative niggas you mentioned. Rick Ross makes the same shit all the time (BMF=MC Hamme=9 Piece=Made Men) Wayne dont do nuffin but punclines. Roscoe Dash? The Fuck? T-Pain? LMAO! You serious?

    Once you southern heads expose yourselves to other forms of music from other regions, then yall wont be a laughing stock to the rest of the world.

    Hit records my ass lol Soulja flopped, Gucci Flopped, Waka too, Big Boi too (he shouldnt have) BoB too (but he gold now so its all good), Bun B, Curren$y. All them niggas flopped minus a couple so yall not even pusing records down there so what the fuck? All them hit records and yall cant sell OR stay out of jail so whats the point.

    All of the south dont suck but yall mentality suck. Yall just wanna make hits, but dont wanna say shit. Fuck it, either way I listen to a little bit of everybody from every region. Yall just listen to yourselves forreal.

  • puerto-black

    cool and dre are nasty for flippin the espn college gameday theme into a Fat joe/trey songz single

  • The problem with this album is that there was too many collabo’s (aka the Fabolous Syndrome). If Joe can actually put out something with there was maybe two or three appearances max, then I would actually respect it. This would’ve been better as a mixtape.

  • UptownDC

    Im waiting to see what number ATTENTION DEFICIT will be…..

  • been Around since the 70’s

    Haha Really?? I Liked It But I Don’t Think It Was Underated i Think Too Much Collab’s It Ruined It Jus Like Ross And Drake’s LP Did

  • @93090tilinfinity

    @UptownDC are you stupid? Attention Deficit came out in 2009

  • Nathaniel


    Gucci and Waka don’t sound shit alike. can we be serious? Waka shit is crunk, Gucci’s is far from it. the only similarity is southern drawl, not even subject matter. Roscoe Dash don’t sound like nobody. Soulja created a whole style. (nah i don’t like it, but it ain’t about me.)

    no, these niggas ain’t selling a lot of albums. but who is? Jay? Em? Ye? c’mon, nigga. virtually nobody. and what is this “flop” shit, when all these cats are getting hella show money and owning the culture. so much so, that y’all niggas up north sellin’ your souls to our sound just to attempt to make hits. WACK. what are we arguing about here? “preserving the culture”? <—-that statement in itself has always meant "keeping it east coast" …well guess what. we run shit. period. indisputable fact.

    hell, i don't buy a lot of the shit that comes out. but a whooooollleee shit load of people are fucking with it, and niggas is eating and expanding their brands. and Ross can keep making the same record over and over, niggas is riding with it. *shrug*

    it is what it is, brotha.

  • Nathaniel

    and nah… the south as a whole BEEN bumpin EVERYTHING. the way we react to y’all up north niggas is only a result of all the mud slinging our way. it’s a reaction. in the 90’s kast etc sought acceptance from the east, with respect. but in 2010, it’s fuck y’all if you don’t like it. you attack the style cuz you can’t understand it, calling niggas ignorant, bama, coon, sambo and all that shit.

    but we can’t be that ignorant, you dig? cuz all these niggas is caked up, sitting on nice money (that will continue to grow even if it ain’t from music)… and we create the trends, whether you like em or not. we took the wheel, whether you like it or not. i’m just waiting on a young NY upstart to come through and redefine the sound up there. shit ain’t changed up in the rotten apple since 95, nigga. coke, hammers, pies, cake, hustle, gat glock on the block shootin and stabbin and robbin and spitting the best bars. and everybody (accept these vets) talk about the shit THE SAME WAY. NO REINTERPRETATION. stop whining and Quit Hatin The South (c) UGK “Pimp C”

  • Word


    What do yall run? Nothing! What makes you think yall running something? Radio plays? Okay yall dominate that. Ringtone sales? Okay that too. While yall dominate that, the rest of the country gonna dominate in everything else that gets more respect than that. Most Critically Acclaimed of the year? Kanye MBDTF. Best Selling Hip Hop album? Em recovery. Most Respected Hip Hop Icon, making more bread than anybody in the south combined? Jay-Z. And they all have hits like the south, but with more respect and acclaim. Yall run nuffin. Awards? LMAO yeah right.

    What are yall running? Ringtones and Radio. No album sales, no critical accalim, no respect. Yall can succeed in souther hip hop music while the rest of the worlds artist succeed in MUSIC in general. Em and Jay doing stadium shows. Yall niggas performing in high school gyms and local clubs.

    And the only people I see bumping half them southern niggas music is high school kids. You in high school? Nobody I see in college bump that shit down south except Ross, Cole, Big Boi. And I doubt grown ass men wanna hear Roscoe Dash and Soulja Boy ass (13k sold by the way, dude aint relevant) Buuuuut. Imean the south did its thing, but people waking up now. It was fun for a little bit with the crank dat shit and the you a jerk shit that yall started, but people need to grow up at some point.

  • Word

    Even if it aint from music? What else yall got going besides yall so called “music”.

    And look at you…you think the North is just NY. The North is the NORTH. Stop singling out NY, I aint even from there. See how close minded and boxed in yall are? You dont even realize that when you mention the north you always go back to NY. It aint just NY. You dont see me saying ATL this and ATL that right? And yall just so boxed in, as long as yall getting money yall cool. Thats what lifes about to yall huh? SMH. Just make music for money instead of making music thats SPECIAL. Ross dont care how many BMFs he make as long as people keep buying it cuz thats all thats importan to yall. MONEY! I aint saying be broke, but damn. Money aint everything boy

  • Curtis75Black

    Highly underrated. This is solid !! He came with it. Too many sleepers though.

  • JBreeze

    Usually i don’t come to the comment sections on raprader. i mainly stay on smoking-section & realtalkny…

    But @Word that is some of the REALEST shit I’ve seen typed up today. I live in bk, ny and it’s true about the south mentality with getting money and that’s it. That’s not to say ny rap is running shit either cuz it’s kinda played out now-a-days, and the last “savior” vado, is starting to see that buzz fade away a bit.

    I actually bump a lot of joints from the south, but the creativity is at a all time long. The onllllllyyyy guys i can say trying to change that outlook is Big K.R.I.T, Cole, Jay Elect & B.o.B.

  • Belize

    lololololololololololololololol. Yall are cracking me up!!!! Fat Joe, Gucci Mane and Small Gayne all had bad albums? What a surprise! :O smdh

  • Thomas

    Extremely underwhelming.

  • Belize

    this album is cold

  • 2welve

    this album was SOOOOO Dope! good look – YOOOO JOE!

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