’10 Underrated Albums: #5 Curren$y Pilot Talk 2

Curren$y’s been flying high all year round. And in November, he ascended to new heights with the release of Pilot Talk II. If you were one of the few to actually find the actual disc, Hot Spitta lived up to his alias on tracks like “Michael Knight”, “Flight Briefing”. He solidified his gangsta (“A Gee”) and explored new surroundings (“Real Estates”). But even with the diverse subject matter, Curren$y stays true to his stoner core and is golden on “Silence”.  Hopefully on his next outing, Spitta will draw a louder response.

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  • I actually bought this at borders lol only place i found it at besides amazon

  • GTFO

    Good album. I was happy with my Amazon purchase.

  • Yeah I got it from FYE & they only had one copy, cant wait for Pilot Talk III


  • Btw what was 6-10??

  • B.Dot

    top 5 kid

  • Nucky Thompson

    Personally I preferred Pilot Talk 1, but both were definitely sleepers. I would say Spittas consistent, but hes actually a lot better than he was just like 2 years ago.

  • Yung Silv

    my favorite tracks were highed up, airborne aquarium, fashionably late and famous. definitely a dope album

  • I highly agree. I copped this and I must say, it’s better than Pilot Talk I to me. Shit is still a cold ass album tho. One of my favorite of 2010.

  • Oh, and guys, I found mines at Best Buy. Both copies. They only had 2 when Pilot Talk I was released and about 5 when 2 was released.

  • Nucky Thompson

    ^thats one of the things Ive noticed about both Pilot Talks- everybody has completely different favorite tracks

    my personal favorites on #2 were “Famous”, “Hold On”, and “Silence”

  • Is it a stretch to say I actually like ALL of the tracks on there? Like, I can pop it in and listen to it all the way thru without skipping a track. VERY rare these days.

  • ZoomZOom



  • GTFO

    I hope Big Remo – Entrapment makes this list. That was a solid effort.

    Also there were a lot of mixtapes that dropped that i feel were better than albums.

  • @ZoomZoom

    lmao…. so let me get this right…. Mack Maine was writing Curren$ys rhymes while Curren$y was writing Lil Waynes?

    Wouldnt it have just made more sense for Wayne to get his lyrics from Mack Maine then? And why was Cash Money recycling so many lyrics?

  • @ZoomZoom

    and while were at it, if Mack Maine is such a master lyricist, why does he suck so incredibly badly?

  • seemoregan

    Both PT1 & PT2 were dope albums. Best albums this year.

  • Tha’ Bean

    @ZoomZoom How can you even dare say that the worst thing young money done was get rid of currensy but waynes loss was taylor gangs gain

  • About time I’ve been waiting for this list to start

  • NIN

    Pilot Talk I & II > Recovery #nosarcasm

  • Thomas

    I never had problems finding major label releases at my local (in MD) Best Buy. Not sure why yall big city folk have a hard time? *Jordan 92 shrugs*

  • j blaze

    Pilot Talk best album out this year!! PT2 is my shit 2 tho

  • Nathaniel

    i guess y’all niggas who had trouble finding it ain’t from the south. i had nooo trouble at all @ best buy. they even had that muhfucka in the new release section. now, if you lookin for some fuckin vado… you WONT find it. believe it.

  • Word

    I agree. Album was def. slept on by the general public. Im sure Pilot Talk 1 will be higher up right? Imean, it WAS better than Pilot Talk 2.

  • Word

    I agree. Album was def. slept on by the general public. Im sure Pilot Talk 1 will be higher up right? Imean, it WAS better than Pilot Talk 2. But P2 was good too.

  • Word

    My favorite tracks was Michael Knight, Silence, Hold On.

  • Boston George Cape Verd

    great album

  • Big Chump

    Album mad nice, can bump it anytime

  • I love both Pilot Talk albums.

  • Post no billz

    Yeah both pilot talk albums were some of the best of the year imo…

  • tr

    You should add a steaming link to your favourite track. That way we’ll have a first impression as to whether we actually wanna check out the album.

  • Belize

    dope album

  • boum boum

    Great Job Spitta “Lames catch feeling…”

  • j.

    i would tell anybody 2 get hip curren$y, he just makes good music

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  • this is the shit i dont give a fuck album off the year… SPITTTAAA !! SUCK A DICK AND DIE IF YOU DONT LIKE THIS NO HOMO