Mac Miller Heading On “Incredibly Dope” Tour

Mac’s back. And starting next week is embarking on his Incredibly Dope Tour. Check if the name holds up when it comes to your city after the jump.

January 13th –  Epicentre San Diego, California

January 14th – Troubadour West Hollywood, California

January 15th – Glass House Pomona, California

January 16th – Velvet Jones Santa Barbara, California

January 17th – SLO Brew San Luis Obispo, California

January 19th – The Catalyst Santa Cruz, California

January 20th – Slim’s San Francisco, California

January 22nd – Aracata Vet’s Hall Arcata, California

January 23rd – Wow Hall Eugene, Oregon

January 25th – Peter’s Room At The Roseland Portland, Oregon

January 26th – Fortune Club Vancouver, BC

January 27th – Upstairs Cabaret Victoria, BC

January 28th – Garfinkles Whistler, BC

January 29th – Vera Project Seattle, Washington

January 30th – Stubblefields Pullman, Washington

February 1st – Kilby Court Salt Lake City, Utah

February 3rd – Fox Theatre Boulder, Colorado

February 4th – Marquis Theater Denver, Colorado

February 5th – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Fenruary 7th – Sunshine Theater Albuquerque, New Mexico

February 9th – Drink College Station, Texas

February 10th – Warehouse Live Houston, Texas

February 11th – Ace’s Lounge Austin, Texas

February 12th – Tree’s Dallas, Texas

February 13th – Kamp’s Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

February 15th – The Bottleneck Lawrence, Kansas

February 16th – Old Rock House St. Louis, Missouri

February 17th – University of Illinois Urbana, Illinois

February 20th – Club 27 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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  • Rock D. Magnum

    This dude is one of the reasons I don’t listen to hip hop as much these days….He’s a 5 foot 2 twerp of a kid who would get his ass kicked by any 10 yr old in the projects if they went 1 on 1……It’s like letting Richard Simmons put a mixtape out and go on a “tour”….

  • Slip

    Kid looks like he has downsyndrome

  • Jrok59

    Yall niggaz hatin hard!!!! Mac goes in , pop a gucci tape in , you haters!!!! Now thats the nigga KILLIN the hiphop game! And NOT in a good way…

  • SprayLlamas

    He aint that bad of a rapper (prolly better than some currently on the radio), some of his songs on the KIDS mixtape got some dope flow. He does look out of place to be a rapper though.

  • i said YERR


  • ET

    He a sucka for reals “mac miller getting confronted in NYC for stealing beats.” Dude look like a deer with his headlights when getting confronted about not giving someone their credits on a track they produced and lied and fabricated it. His crew is a joke they ain’t gangsta acting all hard. BOO WHOOO

  • J

    i have the KIDS mixtape….decent nothing special…still interested in seeing if he grows his style.

  • JoeezyACH

    damn man niggas is sooo bent out of shape. “He does look out of place to be a rapper though” wtf is a rapper suppose to look like?? Gucci? Jay Z? Nas? nigga its 2011 rap has no face or color get with the fuckin program!

    Rock D Magnum….if you dont like it, dont listen to it…maybe if u had skills to rap or do something productive you would b out touring or someshit. got damn! nigga talkin about he would get whooped if he was in the projects…he aint. He never said he was from one..let it be man thats all.

  • Belly

    Looks like wiz opened the door for corny rappers

  • Devil

    This down syndrome looking mofo should jump from the tallest building with Wiz ‘dope head’ Khalifa.

  • j diggsta

    mac come on! come to boston!!

  • Dream On

    Man all the hate for someone thats getting recognized is wack. What does it matter if he were to go to the projects and get beat up? Who the hell goes to the projects to build there rep up anyway? Why does he need to look a certain way for him to be “accepted”? … if Mac is so lame, why aint any of you hatin on him trying to get out there and show us how its supposed to be done and how an MC is supposed to look…sit down, shut up and go listen to your favorite Brick Squad album, you lame ass people. Let the KID keep doing his thing

  • prajnaimmovable

    cumon now, yall did’nt know he is kiz wackamuthafukaz fukk boi ??????? u beta azk sumbodi ! but i wonder who’s on top him or kiz ?

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  • plo

    incredibly gay

  • Belize

    lol @the tour name

  • JustSaying

    Why the hate? Good luck kid

  • ha!

    macs bringin back hip hop while gucci and waka fuckin kill it …… shit ima start mumblin on a track and say the n word every 5 seconds maybe ill make it big

  • Mike B

    This fuckin kid never closes his mouth! Ever. I used to hate that shit in school when I was a kid, the little retard-esque kids, almost droolin, steady with their mouth open. He’s one of them. Every picture, and every video.

  • Mac’s wack…wouldn’t waste my time or money.

  • delawhere?

    lol you niggaz hate on mac. the boy may be white but he deff sounds a lot better then most of the dudez out there. oh and yeah wiz might have opened the door for him but you tell me the last song wiz released without talking about bud.

  • Nahomie

    not one date in his hometown, Pittsburgh, HaHa, lame

  • alldope795

    maaaaaan 73 bucks for a ticket?!?!?!
    hook a mothafucka up!

  • KiDCuDiMAN

    You got to look a certain way to be a rapper now? Fuck you guys. Mac aint talkin about being in the hood.. he is just making music to chill to. and if you ask me he has one of the best flows outta anybody, including gucci and flocka.. so fuck you haters.

  • R

    Macs got FLow he can Spit better than some of ur favorite MCs Haters gonna always Hate Yall havent even heard his mixtape & still talking Shit

  • Shy Killa

    Shy KIllA CAS…187 WEST repPiN’