New Video: Redman x Ready Roc “Big Spenderz”

This is just sad. Although the name of the song is “Big Spenderz”, Redman cuts a few corners by filming himself and Ready Roc for the song’s visual aid. This is defjammable despicable.

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  • Damn big spendin on the tour bus? No wonder he made that list. I’m disappointed reggie.

  • This has to be satire, right? Maybe something like Redman did on MTV Cribs a few years back? Damn, they couldn’t even afford a cameraman. Fools put a Flipcam on top of an Ikea dresser and performed from their chairs. Couldn’t move around or nothing lol. They look like two teenage boys bored on a Saturday night, didn’t have a ride to the mall and shit so they made a rap video.


  • LukeCage

    This is some Lil B shit, B.


  • King JuggaNott

    Uggggh. SMH

  • Yup

    Look like two 16 year old nerds from jersey filming in their bedroom. Sad Mr. Noble

  • Razzie


    Shit…Lil B’s video look 10x better than this garbage, AND he got someone to hold the camera for him…smdh

  • Razzie

    Shit looks like a submission for America’s Funniest Home Videos

  • This shit is mixxie.

  • 040Sid

    Man I feel bad.. Redman is a legend, but no one buys his album.

  • Belize


  • Man y’all taking this too serious… Reggie n’ Roc are just having some fun with it yo.


  • ToiletSpatula

    rapradar and all u other materialism dickriders need to stfu.

  • Berlin Slim

    looks like a audition tape for KeenanCahill’s next video, featuring Redman

  • adizzledee

    big spnn—was tight , the raps was smooth 7 the song was poppin / its nice to see an artist change it up ! ….in my opinion REDMAN got another hit !

  • levell

    I think y’all missing his point… “Big Spenderz” what he saying to me is ppl be frontin… Luv Red his music is refreshing.

  • it’s a hot track got to get the cd today

  • catchagroove

    It’s a joke. Stupid MFers