’10 Mixtapes: #10 CyHi Da Prynce Royal Flush

CyHi Da Prynce has been dealt a good hand. Not only is he signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music, but his latest mixtape, Royal Flush proves that he’s not bluffing around. Da Prynce’s majesty lies in his clever wordplay. He does this throughout on tracks like “Sideways”, “Hero” and “So Original.”  Another key component is his subject matter. Want drama? Well, he’s got a “Bunch Of Rounds” for that ass. For all the Playboy bunnies, live “Like A Swinger”. And for the lifestyles of the rich and shameless try, “Living Wonderful”. Then after 16 tracks, he tops it off with his verse from ‘Ye’s “So Appalled.”  Too late to fold now.

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  • JaeSays

    Fuck Rapradar. You’re opinion is now null and void.

  • $50 says Friday Night Lights is #1

  • GTFO

    @ Errol I think Kush and OJ will take #1. FNL will take #2

  • lostOnez

    no way…who in real life knows about this album?

  • Jace

    How about download links for these? please

  • Bobby D

    Damn, This mixtape should def be top 5 of the year. CyHi has been killing songs this year and this mixtape is no different. Hes one of the most talented rappers in the game right now and hes not fake as fuck like some others. He real, down to earth, and has nasty skills. The So Appalled track speaks for itself!

  • Jzik

    This was actually my favorite mixtape from 2010. CyHi definitely has some skills and should be a force in 2011.

  • swins89


  • K Roc

    #1 and 2 should be More About Nothing and FNL

  • Word

    The way this site been judging shit…i’m sure Gucci Mane The Burrprint mixtape will be number 1 and Cole FNL aint on this list. Did Flocka put out a mixtape this year? That might be number 2.

  • Word

    But in a world where YN and RR wasnt full of shit, i’d imagine FNL, More About Nothing, MM4 would be Top 5…by default, they might put one of Ross’ tape on the list regardless. Trap or Die 2 on this maybe? That tape was good. Hmmm, what other tapes? I didnt listen to Kush and Oj..not a big Wiz fan. No Genre by BoB was okay but I dunnoo if its Top 10. Mann imma just wait and see

  • Stop

    If nipsey ain’t here I’m hunting for bdot

  • wes

    Should be top 5. More about nothing, fridaynightlights, mood muzik 4, in my zone should be up there too

  • this mixtape should be hire…and NO waka flacka

  • this mixtape should be higher…and NO waka flacka

  • Rahlo

    Kush and orange juice better maked this list. taylor gang or……u know where im goin

  • Young O

    Mood Muzik better be #1 or I ain’t fuckin wit this site again

  • Jzik

    My List:
    1) Kush and OJ
    2) Royal Flush
    3) Friday Night Lights
    4) May 25th
    5) Finally Famous Vol. 3
    6) Trap or Die 2
    7) Boss of all Bosses 2
    8) More About Nothing
    9) Smokee Robinson
    10) There is No Competition 2: Funeral Service
    11) Albert Anastasia
    12) Mood Muzik 4

  • Jai

    Laws 4:57 better be on the list cause it was better than this mixtape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • edouble

    Kush x OJ, More About Nothing, FNL, MM4, Krit Wuz Here, There Is No Competition 2, T.I. Fuck a Mixtape, Cyhi Da Prynce royal flush was a great mixtape, if you haven’t heard it hit up livemixtapes..

  • y’all got quite some lists here. Definitely enjoyed a lot of those albums. Wanted to let everyone know that my site Da-what.com just posted our Top 10 Albums of the year list as well. We got a couple overlaps and a couple that yall left off. http://da-what.com/2011/01/02/top-10-paid-albums-of-2010/ Check it out and let us know what you think! All comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance for your input!

  • JustSaying

    Cyhi is nice, I don’t understand why people even comment on rappers they haven’t researched. The kid can spit. I miss hearing records with clever word play and Cyhi took me back to those days when I loved hip hip hop

  • I agreed with @Jzik

  • BigAnt !


  • Belize

    doper than that!

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