’10 Mixtapes: #3 Fabolous There Is No Competition 2: The Funeral Service

DJ Drama promised me in the ATL that it’d be worth the wait and he and Loso delivered. TINC 2 annihilates the pair’s first mixtape and helped bring Fab’s career to another level. Although he often gets overlooked, John Jackson has stood next to Hov as the most consistent voice in East Coast hip-hop for over a decade. Yup, time flies. But this tape brought Sport back to his mixtape roots. Riding the theme of the project til the casket drops, he spits deadly bars over menacing tracks like “The Wake”, “Mr. R.I.P.” and “Bring Death To Em”; playfights with Nicki Minaj on “For The Money” and makes a club banger out of a song called “Body Ya”. Yes, it’s death to the wack MCs. Let’s toast… grab shovel and bury these douchebags cockroaches.

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  • ARon

    this mixtape was decent but come on FNL blows this shit out of the water…losing hope in RR

  • LO

    Should be #1 #nuffsaid

  • ZoomZoom


  • Connect

    I Like Fab but as a mixtape this feels too commercial.

  • fuk waka


  • you knoda truf


  • Bermuda

    FIRST bermuda up in this bitch

  • Mohammed

    Not a bad mixtape. It’s decent actually, but they were better releases…

  • Post no billz

    Why do yall always call out rappers by their goverment? Seems a lil disrespectfull…

  • ARon

    j cole could rap circles round fab. fabs nice but cole is in another league. and im sick of tapes with unoriginal beats.

  • Connect

    @ARon I perfer J. Cole too but Fab is definitely one of the most underrated rappers of this decade.

  • ZoomZoom

    ARon says:
    Wednesday, January 05 2011 at 5:13 PM EST
    j cole could rap circles round fab. fabs nice but cole is in another league. and im sick of tapes with unoriginal beats.


  • Yung Silv


  • swins89

    and #2 will b young jeezy………too fuck predictable

  • herbsaac

    @connect is a fag. and i thought stans were bad.. How many of these names on the posts do you think are his? i would guess that 90% of the names whose posts defending j coles “friday night lights” mixtape are from @connect.. sad really.. he builds up like j cole has more than 6 fans.. but created 7 or 8 names on RR.. funny.

    But Freddie Gibbs >>>>>>>> J cole.. There really is no competition

  • ben

    this mixtape was ass! the hardest thing fab ever did was breathe. hands down. he could of went that route, but instead release booty albums and mixtapes.

  • str8jckn

    ARon says:
    Wednesday, January 05 2011 at 5:13 PM EST
    j cole could rap circles round fab. fabs nice but cole is in another league. and im sick of tapes with unoriginal beats.


  • Big Chump

    loso dope mixtape!!! im geussing rap radar is doing best rap albums of 2010 tommorow

  • Anonymous

    PS Nobody should take him @zoomzoom seriously…he is the dumbest dude I’ve ever seen on the internet..he is even dumber than jim carey (ya dig??)

  • Connect

    Your Pretty funny! Literally

    Notice how I state opinions/facts and not result to calling names. You have a Preference I have a preference.

  • herbsaac

    Oh wait @connect is J. Cole.. He is taking time off from wasting studios money and making songs that will never help his movie tv(unless its on bet trying to capitilize on the small amount of success he has had(kinda like the crackheads in keyshia coles family and the mom who is now on vh1 celebrity rehab.. keyshias coles mom is a celebrity.. wtf???) to try and defend himself on RR.. but ya.. J. Cole.. get back to spending studio money that you wont ever get and which you will constantly owe to them for the time you wasted.. :D:D:D:D:D

  • Connect

    @herbsaac Hahahahahahaha You should be on comedy central.

  • Dashing

    Good placement. I think it’s obvious that Ross’ Albert Anastasia will be #1 since that shit was almost as good as his damn album. Had 3 songs off the album tho. Wish that Diddy joint would have been on AA instead of being the one skippable track on Teflon Don.

  • flawda

    Fab ain’t no god damn NBA, dude is 10 plus years in the game and still can’t put together a album to save his damn life. J Cole mixtapes are better than Fab’s formulaic ass albums anyday, all Fab does is mike simp records and make formula music. Ole bootlegged Jay-z wannabe!

  • nyg718

    shit was trash n not better than coles smh

  • herbsaac

    flawda = connect.

  • herbsaac

    Aron = flawda = connect

  • herbsaac

    nyg718 = aron = flawda = connect

  • Connect

    @herbsaac Name your top 3 rappers right now?

  • herbsaac

    Big boi(really big boi and andre are tied) Method Man and either redman or kanye west..
    ( i dont know where the hating came from on this website for redmans cd reggie. it was a concept cd (and redman actually stated this).ala heartbreaks and 808’s and waynes rock cd.. which RR loved.. but maybe they expect more from a true legend who isnt a gayfish and who didnt sell out his life on everything after the carter 3(the beginning of the sell outness yet we still hold out hope for carter 4 “the bomb” becaue of everything pre carter 3.. what a twisted web Dwayne Michael carter has weaven)

    But if you were to go all time.. 50 cent would have to be in there for The cd’s power of the dollar and get rich or die trying(just too many good songs.. i mean listen to the words and pronuciations on “slow doe” for a reference form power of the dollar).. out kast stays.. and Red and Meth would tie for thrid..

    Then its the rest

    But up and comers would be Gibbs, Yelawolf, prolly wiz khalifa or kendrick lamar and then not cudi drake or j cole who had to get co signed to become anything relevant.. Drake = lil wayne co sign to get the masses on his coat tails.. Cudi = Kanye west butt boy.. and J cole equals Jay-z’s first slave!!!!!!!

  • Connect

    Right Now :
    1. Lupe fiasco ( Word play crazy)
    2. Kanye West ( Lyrics not the best but creative and production kills competition)

    All Time:
    No order; Snoop (flow rediculous) Nas (Best Lyricist of All time) Pac (Passion) Big (flow mixed with lyrics)

    New Comers:
    You already know what i’m going to say.

  • ESCO

    lol I see the subliminal shot at Nas again here.

    “stood against hov as the voice of Hip hop in new york for a decade”

    yeah no nas, or jada, or styles, or 50 etc. have


    you a fucking bitch elliot, everyone knows it.

  • Connor

    This tape is dope, therefore deserves the number 3 spot. nuff said.

  • “John Jackson has stood next to Hov as the most consistent voice in East Coast hip-hop for over a decade.”

    key word consistent. thank u. Loso been there steady, 10 yrs runnin.

  • The Real Truth

    I’m a fan of Fab, Ross and J Cole here is how I see it…..

    Fab been rapping since 97 08 and to be honest, he has gotten just a little bit better, his growth in albums isnt that big and this mixtape was good, but NO WAY CLOSE to the first one and that makes it a fail, but its a top 5 mixtape this year

    Rick Ross since his first album to now, its made me question him if he has a ghost writer, thats how much better he has gotten, his mixtape was good, but its only because of those 2 singles BMF and MC Hammer, take that off and its average, his new mixtape is better…..

    J. Cole since i have heard him has gotten so much better, and he actually talks about stuff…. “Too Deep For the Intro ” is one of the tightest songs I’ve heard in a while and thats not even the best song on his mixtape, I still listen to his mixtape over any album that came out in November, December…. besides HFM2 ……. I think FNL is the best mixtape and better then this…..

  • bigjay2501

    Livin Good Loso>>>>>>

    this mixtape was crazy!

  • Belize

    Only good thing bout this was the cover.

  • ARon

    youre insane if you think fab can outrap cole. which proves you are a fab stan. fab uses the corny ass Supa Dupa flow with weak punchlines. yeah fab is def underrated but cant compete with cole

  • herbsaac

    Aron = The real truth = connect = flawda = nyg718

    All the same guy.

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  • This mixtape was bananas

  • Jaymalls

    Herbsaac is a fool… lol!
    Cosign on that though! Cole shouldnt b mentioned in the same sentence as Fab!

  • The Other P

    Mixtape was dope. I went & copped Fab’s EP off the strength of this mixtape.

  • Ya Boy

    Yall some haters!!!!!!! This was one of the hardest mixtapes of 2010 if not the hardest. J. Coles Friday Night Lights was nice too but this was just as nice….

  • Brock

    I realize that Fab has been holding NYC down for a minute but this is the top 10 of THIS YEAR. Friday night lights will murder this tape hands down.

  • jdot

    Fab shit is okay but its not even close to Friday Night Lights. SMH