’10 Mixtapes: #7 L.E.P. Bogus Boys Don’t Feed The Killaz Vol.3

Moonie and Count warned us, but nobody listened. Instead The Chi-town duo teamed up with DJ Drama and released their third installment, Don’t Feed The Killaz Vol. 3. From the very beginning, The Lower End Professionals plant their Midwest flag firmly (“Chicago Niggaz”) before “Going In For The Kill” on La Roux’s screeching vocals. The core of DFK Vol. 3 is where L.E.P. truly shines, with cautionary tales like “Frontline,” “Heavens Door”, and “Ginger”. But even killers have heart and on “Lust For Life”, the tandem celebrate seeing another day. If real G’s move in silence, then DFK Vol.3 needs to be played louder.

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  • Jai

    GTFOH!!!!!!!!!! This is laughable NO ONE know these guys………..& the mixtape wasn’t that good

  • FreddyM

    Wow. the ho above this comment has no idea what she’s talking about.

    L.E.P. has been getting play. Also since when is *popularity* a necessity to make great music? smh.

    Secondly, you might not like the tape but its made for the streets. Them cats are from the streets of Chicago, and thats what they talk about.

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  • Yung Silv

    this was trash

  • Coroner

    Fuck That! This mixtape was dope!

  • LoverofHipHop

    This was a dope mixtape, very solid. Not sure why all the hate for. And these dudes visuals for them were dope as fuck too. It is ok to like some new guys outside of the normal group of rappers that the hipsters approve of (ie WIz, Curren$y, Krit, etc).

  • That fucking mixtape was mufucking dope.

  • Sincere973

    These guys are my fav new rap group!! No lollipop, bubblegum BS with these guys…They rep the CHI to the fullest! I would actually put this at #2, and Freddie Gibbs at #1 for Mixtape of the Year

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  • me too

    neva heard of it

  • Nate

    Straight Trash! They must have payed to get on this list cause they were below average MC’s that got by with solid not great but solid production

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  • Tasha

    People hate so much, LEP is the truth and yall haters just hate cuz they came from nothing to something, and yall cant do that cuz yall don’t do shit. All that garbage that’s out right now, ill buy LEP mixtape any day instead of Soulja Boy week ass or any other rappers that call themselves rappers. Smh

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