’10 Best Singles: #8 B.o.B. Ft. Eminem x Hayley Williams “Airplanes Pt.2”

Let’s pretend the original version of this song isn’t great. That the sequel isn’t even greater. That shortie from Paramore’s hook isn’t intoxicating. That Bobby Ray didn’t insightfully take you into his life and his struggles to make it as a rapper. That when Em cleared his throat, your heart didn’t skip a beat. That you didn’t crack a smile, nod and marvel at Marshall recallin’ his Rap Olympics days. That the song’s wordplay didn’t blow you away. Let’s pretend this song doesn’t belong on this list. You can’t.

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  • phil

    This wasn’t a single.

  • Stop

    Lol… Let’s pretend YN didnt put nas on the disappointment list

  • Haze SHK

    Agree @Stop

  • Ice Cold

    This song was one of my favorites in 2010, still listen to it now

    @Phil it was a single in some radio stations played part1 or part2, rap/hip hop stations played the one with eminem but pop/etc stations played the one with no
    Eminem down here in Atlanta

  • Ronnie-Moe

    LOL @ Stop

  • HOOD

    song is a classic

  • phil

    @Ice cold. It wasn’t officially considered a single. Some radio stations could play part 2, sure. Regardless, part 1 was the single. This isn’t a single list if it is for non-singles. Part one would reasonably be on this list, it was good. This was better, but was not a single.

    What’s next? Putting “Space bound” on the list just because it got SOME airplay without being a single?

  • kCudi

    The song never was a single. I don’t care if it was played in “some” radio stations. The song never hit the charts, an never got a video. NO SINGLE.

    Great song, though.

  • NIN

    b.o.b pop-rapper, hayley williams pop-punk singer, eminem pop-rapper

    wow great song… smh @RR

  • Word

    Lmao @ stop

    Part II is better than the original anyway. Better BoB verses and then Em verse was cool. This song was good

  • Scott

    stop complaining. If he would have put the one with no eminem up there (the real single) yall woulda been like “mannnn why didnt u put the em one up there or this ones good but the em ones better”. Its great music, so quit the crying

  • PrincePolo

    100 procent years single going to be B.M.F !!!! u know southrapradar , they like to put shit on top .

  • mikey

    great track

  • mac DIESEL



  • productofme

    @STOP cosign! haha

  • jacobjones

    Anything to slip em’s name it eh? Good song but not a single,

    Paul tell him to go outside once in a while and make some real news

  • plo

    let’s pretend eskay had good taste in music.

  • dsmith

    its nominated for a grammy so it was a single dumb shits and it did chart reached number 8 i believe!

  • AroundTheWorld

    Lets pretend the haters are right and pretend it wasnt a single and the radio didnt play it

  • Belize

    @Stop: Yup!!
    This one was better than the original. Real dope song. Glad it made the list, even if it’s not a single.

  • I.S.A.A.C.

    For those saying that it wasn’t a single….. it made it to #24 on Billboard (in the ringtones section lol… but still) AND they performed it on awards shows…. single.

  • Yooo

    Great song.

  • iHate

    Lets pretend this has a better place in this list

  • belly

    I’m pretending that this song didn’t suck

  • meezy

    Should have been higher.

  • Just The Facts

    This wack.

    I miss hip-hop.

  • ben

    this song is more gay than two guys blowing each other.

  • Toya

    The original track was a single and has a music video; part 2 featuring Em wasn’t. I love this song despite that because it sums up the struggle and frustration you have to go through if you really want something.

  • andre

    lets pretend that b.o.b gave a fuck about a hater on rapradar!

  • sohhh

    ima pretend this song was top 3!

  • maino

    does it matter if it was pt.1 or 2 same delivery same hook same beat. i heard both versions all the time in la.

  • Dick Tony

    let’s pretend this song isn’t fucking garbage and that the hook isn’t one of the most annoying of the decade…oh wait, impossible.

  • Airplanes Pt. 2 was a good ass track. Better than Part One.

  • Belize

    @maino: no, beats are different.

  • Coroner

    Doooooopeeee! But deserves a better place on this list!

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  • 12reps

    dope fukin track, but wasnt a single haha

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    Why is this not number 1…

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