• eddie


  • Sony Music Intern

    We’ve seen a lot of shit,

    yea like a career in blogging when u were 5 years old? lmao

  • Sony Music Intern

    naw naw am playin

  • Sony Music Intern

    or am i? BWAWAWAWAWA

  • Peekay

    File not found

  • J. O.

    File not found

  • Biggums

    file not found…Fail

  • Big Homie

    ^ fixed

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  • Belize


  • Cudder

    Catfish Billlllllllaaaaaayyyyyy!

  • phil

    Fucking Rawww!

  • money mitch

    “I’ll wear my alabama jacket.” “Aright cool, I’ll wear the same one but Houston”

  • reallyb

    this is dope

  • JustSaying

    Dope song, YelaWolf is underrated! I can’t hate on him because he is so consistent with fire lyrics every time. Trae went in on this one too, I’m starting to respect him as an emcee as well

  • no1

    yalawolf is the truth. Consistently drops good material.

  • Killa K

    Trae sound like a turd wit a soiled up pajama turd in his mouth. Fast spitta, gang gorilla, shut yo grill up before you get killed up

  • Good Song !!!
    News Vidéo Bishop Lamont is release

  • llll


  • This beats goes so fucking hard! The trumpet.. THE TRUMPET!!! yela is cool too

  • Devil


    The best rapper out of all the new cats…IMO

    BTW…Fuck Wiz Khalifa!

    POP THE TRUNK > black and gold

  • L-Dubb

    Yelawolf is pretty ill. Nice.


  • yelawolf is a hogg in the hook game… best doin it

  • dmfslimm

    if yall haters still aint convinced about yelawolf, you must NOW listen to trunk muzik 0-60. trae went hard too. the truth no doubt.

  • meTHATSwho


  • YM

    Nice instrumental, Verses with energy, hopefully 2011 is Yelayear!

  • B-Cat

    Yelawolf is more lyrical than people give him credit for. He’s coming y’all.

  • Word


  • YEAHBOY!!!

    niooce track

  • Pay Jay

    Real shit for real people

  • cmosa

    hell yes! catfish billy delivering a banger. SO GOOD

  • cmosa

    what I don’t get is that supposedly he’s about to release the video for this song, yet the videos for good to go & daddy’s lambo haven’t even been released yet. Label?

  • damn, catfish billy killed that track! the boi done flipped on em’

  • eskimo

    Melodic rappers like Yelawolf and Tech N9ne are the future of hip hop. Please go listen to Trunk Muzik 0-60 and Bad Season, specifically Yelawolf’s song “Trunk Muzik” and Tech N9ne’s “Come Gansta”. They show what hip hop is capable of when the rapper and beat are totally in tune.

  • James

    ^HELL NO!!

  • crm

    catfish billay!!!!!!!!! its just another day outside my door

  • crm

    channeling devin on the hook id say

  • this shit goes ham!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yela is the truth and Trae’s been the truth for years. New niggaz need not listen to this cuz u won’t get it. Go listen to drake or big sean.

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